>10 Tips for Saving Money during Back to School Season

>Times are tough.  The economy, quite frankly, stinks.  But kids still need to go off to school and they need the right supplies and tools to do so.

Here are This Mama’s 10 Tips to Save Money for Back to School:
1. Make a list BEFORE you go.
2. Check fliers- lots of stores will price match identical items- extra stores means extra trips and that adds up in gas costs (and your time!!)
3. Check your stock at home first
4. Buy at a warehouse club- BJs, Sams Club and Costco all have school supply aisles.  Don’t need that much of it?  Invite a friend or to to split the cost and the supplies with you !
5. Check for coupons to print or in the newspaper
6. Ask family and friends before purchasing new- maybe your cousin Sally still has that random calculator that little Timmy needs for 5th grade math- if she’s not using it I’m sure she’d be glad to pass it along!
7. Look for the best quality for the best price.  Sure, those folders are .10 but if they don’t last long, you will end up spending $1.00 on 10 of them before the new year- maybe getting a more durable folder now will save in the long run.
8. Shop online, and NEVER check out until you have done a few google searches (or swagbucks searches) for a discount or a free shipping code!
9. Get a labelmaker or some sticker labels for items- you can save all you want but if your child loses their stuff, its going to cost you to replace it.
10. Check Craigslist- or Freecycle- people may have overbought or found an old box of forgotten and unused spare supplies and they don’t need it anymore.  You don’t know until you check!!

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  • >Great tips to keep in mind. I always forget to make a list. Thanks!


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