30 Days to Sanity (I’m not perfect)

Listen, guys.  I won’t lie.  I’m really not perfect.  I mean, sure.  I am awesome, and all kinds of awesome at that, but apparently, I can’t do it “all.”  I’m sort of realizing that doing it “all” is maybe not possible, and  thanks to Stephanie Marston from 30 Days to Sanity, I’m coming to accept that and not stress myself out.  Its ok if I don’t say no to everyone who asks me to help – and I don’t have to explain to anyone.  Nope. Not me.

Broken into three main categories, Marston’s 30 Days to Sanity offers a Parenting center, which offers 3 different podcasts helping us to raise amazing kids with confidence (3 part series).  As a mom, but mostly as a woman who grew up without a lot of confidence, this was what grabbed my attention first.  Sure, I have stress and need to find a balance between work and family (since I work at home, this kind of blurs an already blurry line around here), but I’ve not been a confident person for much of my life and I want to have any tools I can to help me raise my kids to be confident.

Along with the parenting center, Marston brings Stress Management , and a Meditation Station.  This isn’t a reinvention of the wheel, but what was refreshing to me is that Marston actually offers a way for us (you know, the non perfect folks who can maybe realize they can’t do it all, all of the time) and helps enable us to say no to others and maybe even yes to ourselves once in a while.

Want to ask a question?  She’s got a forum right on her site.  There’s a journal section of the site as well which allows you to interact and record your own journey on the way to sanity.  (I’m not fully sane yet but my 30 days aren’t up quite yet…)

Probably not surprising to you but I was a bit surprised that I spent a lot of time with the Stress Management podcasts.  I was thinking it would be all kinds of stuff that didn’t apply to me since I work from home, or maybe other topics I didn’t relate to, but most of the podcasts in this category seemed to speak – no, SHOUT, to me, and I mean directly to me.  Marston speaks of the importance of taking time for yourself (I’m sorry, but this is one I am awful about…) and committing to yourself, saying no…and offers tips for self- care. Yes, we moms need to take care of ourselves, too, not just everyone around us.

Earth shattering revlations, these are not- but the advice given and topics discussed are actually, in my mind, something that’s doable.  Its all well and good to promise to make lots of time for yourself but when your planned time for yourself is interrupted by small people who are sick and in need of constant care, alternating with a surprise new mountain of laundry, well, its kind of hard to keep that plan…and often, it ends up pushed aside for the needs of others.  Marston offers some good, sound and doable advice.

Joking aside, I really truly am glad I checked out 30 Days to Sanity.  With the way our culture is and how busy people’s lives have become, I think we ALL need reminders now and again of “sanity” and what that really means in our day to day lives.  Definitely something to look into!!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the 30 Days   to Sanity Campaign and received access to the webinar and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”[ad#glam between posts]

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  • hmm, i wonder if 30 days is enough time for me to reach sanity! 😀 I know i would need to spend a ton of time with the stress aspect myself!


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