8 Tips for Bringing Baby Swimming (#Giveaway)

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Summer’s pretty much here (although today is definitely an exception in CT) and with summer comes lots and lots of water play for people of all ages, including babies.  Babies swimming need to have a diaper on, to contain any…um…messes they may produce while in the water.  No matter what kind of swim diaper you use, parents, PLEASE use one. They serve an important purpose.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s discuss some important things.  I know that you probably have chosen a super cute bathing suit for your little one, and probably some cute shoes to protect their little piggies from hot sand, concrete, etc…

But there ARE actually other things to consider when preparing to take your baby swimming.  It’s not just about looking adorable (they look adorable all of the time, I know. Trust me.  There’s not much cuter than some babies in little tiny swimsuits squirming around.)  but it’s also important to keep our little ones SAFE in the sun- both in and out of the water.

#1 SUNSCREEN.  Buy it, use it, use it again and then use it some more.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  I grew up in the 70s and 80s.  I used sunTAN lotion.  The sun’s rays didn’t do so much damage to us as it will to our kids.  Protect their sensitive skin.  We only get one go with the skin thing, so let’s do what we can to protect it. (My helpful tip is to get into the habit in late spring of putting sunscreen on your kids while you get them dressed for the day- reapply as necessary but at least you’re off to a good start.  If you make it part of a routine, it may not bug them much).

#2 HATS Find a hat your baby will wear that keeps the sun out of their eyes.  We don’t like having the sun in our eyes, why would they?  Hats are also an adorable accessory.  If your child won’t keep a hat on like one of mine did…put the sunscreen right on their head (my kids were baldies).  Have you ever had a sunburn on your head?  It will drive you all kinds of crazy and be hot, itchy and painful.  No need to inflict that on the little ones.

#3 PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH and remember that #1 and #2 are just as important for mom and dad as they are for baby.  Modeling the right behaviors goes a very, very long way.  (Note to self- work on this).

#4 TOWELS Bring at least 2 towels for your little one.  Wet towels can be chilly and little ones don’t warm up as fast as we do.  Even if you just keep a smaller towel to dry them with, and wrap them in the larger one.

#5 BABY SPOT- Make sure wherever you go- pool, lake, ocean, beach, etc…bring  a large blanket for baby to play on, or a pack n play for them to hang out in – try to provide some shade, too.  An umbrella, placing their area under a tree are both great ways to do this.

#6 BABY TOYS– Listen, if you are at the beach, your baby is almost, 100% certain, going to eat some sand.  It’s kind of like a rite of passage.  But the sand may bore him or her after a few minutes, so be sure to grab some age-appropriate toys to keep your little one occupied.  A pail and some empty cups will occupy most kids for a very long time.

#7 BABY POWDER (and by powder I mean cornstarch) — this one is a BIG parenting secret.  (Look at me sharing these big secrets today!!)   Powder helps get wet sand off of your feet.  It makes the entire process of leaving the beach far easier.  I’m sure half of it will end up on the floor of your car, but I’ll let you solve that problem on your own.

#8 WATER- Just because baby is playing in and around water doesn’t mean s/he is getting enough hydration.  Be sure to keep those fluids coming all day long!! (this goes for parents, too)
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  • Introduce them to the water slowly in a calm part of the pool

  • sunscreen and floaties!

  • Sunscreen and tag team… have someone else to trade off so you can enjoy a bit too! :)

  • Hold them close to you so that they trust you and always smile and be happy then they wont be scared.

  • Have fun with it!

  • LOTS of sunscreen

  • My best tip is use lots of waterproof suncreen to protect baby, and we alway use a floatie that has a roof to help protect.

  • Make it fun – bring a lot of toys…

  • use cloth swimmer diapers!!!

  • Introduce them to the water at the youngest age possible. This way they will not be as scared of the water later. And NEVER take your eyes off of them while they are swimming when they are toddlers even if they have floaties on.

  • my best tip is to let them have fun, show them how to swim and splash and play

  • Always use lots of sunscreen and stay within arms reach.


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