A paid study for folks with Depression

Listen, I’ve not been super “chatty” about some things in my life, although I’m feeling like I want to start sharing things with you.  I have suffered with depression off and on for most of my life.  It’s a “side” to my anxiety diagnosis, but it’s there, and it’s real, and it isn’t fun.  It isn’t a picnic.  Anyone who has lived with depression or loved someone with it can understand what a rocky road depression is to travel down.

Right now, my depression isn’t in the forefront, but as with many things of the mind, it fluctuates.  I know that some of you have struggled and lived with depression, in whatever form and for however long, and that is why I’m sharing this study about depression – because many times for me depression hit when finances were not great, and the thought of possibly helping someone else and getting paid would have been a good thing for me! 

If you do suffer from depression, please call your doctor.  Please.  Don’t go that route alone.  There are ways to get help.  

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  • I hope the people that do qualify can get the help they need :(

  • Courtney- I have a few people I’ve spoken to that I interact with in person not just online and they have been compensated for some of these. I’m sure it depends a lot on various factors and if you are a good fit. But it is worth a shot!

  • wow thanks.. i wonder if those things actually pay- gonna check it out


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