Amdro Ant Block – we tried it (Winner announcement inside)

We had a chance to check out the AMDRO® Ant Block® Home Perimeter Ant Bait for ourselves- and for a few of our neighbors.  I was happy that we weren’t spraying a pesticide into the air, and very curious to see the granules that are designed to be carried back to the colony and queen- which means the ants are not alive long enough to get inside of our homes.  I don’t know about you but summer=ants and it makes me feel so dirty if we have ants in the house.  I hate it.  (Remember, I mentioned this when I first introduced you to AMDRO a few weeks ago?)

Now, since we live in a rural area, and houses are not close together, I did spread some AMDRO love with a few neighbors, but also a good friend up the road a bit- they struggle with ants each year in their home and Lisa was more than happy to volunteer to party with me….so she and I spread the AMDRO granules around the perimeter of her home and now we’re in the wait and see mode…and both of us are feeling very optimistic that we’ll be waiting a long time…for nothing!!  We’ve both read great things about AMDRO’s home perimeter bait is at killing ants before they get into our homes and we’re feeling like our houses are armed in a new way against the little armies of ants who insist on invading us year after year.

Very quickly after we spread the granules, we noticed ants approaching.  It’s like they had a signal or something.  AMDRO apparently tastes really, really good to ants.  It also apparently works really well ON ants.  We haven’t seen any right around the perimeter of the house since.  Neither have our friends.  I’m feeling like the reviews are right and we’ve found a solution to a pesky problem! I found the pricing on the products available in our local Home Depot to be comparable to other similar products, and I like knowing something will be effective without costing extra money.


  • AMDRO Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait kills a wide range of ant species around the perimeter of the home so they do not come inside.
  • The bait allows foraging (worker) ants to bring the granules back to their mound before taking effect, resulting in the entire colony, including the queen, being destroyed.
  • Following application, AMDRO Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait works within two to four weeks, killing the queen and the ants in the colony.

AMDRO has a large product line of pest control products to meet just about any needs- kind of application, pest type, plant type.

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The winner of the $50 Amex Gift Card from AMDRO is…………

Sandy W, for Twitter follow as evietressa!  

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  • I have been dealing with ants for the past month or so. Maybe I should try this stuff!

  • I’m totally going to have to try this- we have a bug guy & everything but the one thing he can’t get is our ant problem that flares up in ONE spot of the yard/house every summer.

  • We have some fireants out in our back yard that I am currently waging war against. So far they are winning.

  • We have such a bad ant problem here! We do spray the perimeter, but if this works as well as you’re saying, I’m thinking this is what I need to start doing. Thanks for letting me know this even existed!

  • That is awesome! We’re currently fighting an ant infestation in our bathroom. BLECH!


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