Rock Candy Life Eco-Friendly Shower Curtain (Giveaway)

We need to redo our full bath.  Sadly, the only step we’ve taken is to remove the hideous wallpaper that the previous owners put up and I have a shower curtain and coordinating hooks that I’m all set to put up — but refuse to until the rest of the bathroom is redone.  This is the curtain and hooks- aren’t they gorgoeus?  Now we just need a toilet, vanity, tub and tile for the walls and floor plus a medicine cabinet so I can put the curtain and hooks up!!

Rock Candy Life makes eco-friendly shower curtains and hooks- in gorgeous prints that are fun and whimsical but sophisticated enough to go in any bathroom!  I love the colors in our curtain and am really happy that this curtain has enough whimsy to please the kiddos but works well for adults as well.  I just wish the bathroom was ready for us to USE the curtain.  Sigh.  [click to continue…]

C.R. Gibson


Every new mother has dreams of documenting their child’s first years in a memory book.  I for one made a great effort with my first baby.  I would keep the baby book in a handy place so that I could easily run over and document the day’s achievements during naptime.  Yes, I even documented his sleeping and eating patterns during those first days.  Why, I don’t know, but it is funny to look at now.  His memory book is complete with samples of napkins from my baby shower and a scrapbook type photo album inside.  Oh no, I wasn’t going to become one of those cliche women who don’t document a single thing after their first baby.  After all, how hard can it really be?  It just takes a few minutes a week.  Besides, I have some gorgeous photographs that I would love to include inside for memories.  Well,  I’m not too proud to say that I failed.  Miserably.  When  baby #2 was on the way I was on bedrest and spent endless hours researching that perfect, beautiful baby memory book.  I ended up spending a lot of money on a nice, but not fabulous, baby book.  I started out strong.  Documenting my pregnancy, the family tree, the birth announcement.  It’s not that hard to find the time when your baby is a newborn and sleeps all day.  However, as the months went by, I completely forgot about the baby book.  It is so disheartening to me that I don’t even know that date that my baby first crawled or walked.  What was I thinking!  I could have at least marked it on the calendar. [click to continue…]

GREAT new printables!!

I am definitely taking that Duracell coupon to BJs with me- $4 off and there was a coupon in their flyer!!  Time to stock up!!

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Do you do Vocalpoint?

I’ve been a member of Vocalpoint for a few years now.  I’ve had several fun goodies and samples come in the mail every month or every few months pretty consistently.  I love being able to try new products and give my feedback!!

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Even though I cloth diaper, we still have a few hundred Gifts to Grow points accumulated- there seem to be free offers at least monthly for points!!  Points=prizes= free diapers, baby products, mommy products, photo products and more!![ad#glam between posts]

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