Caillou plush doll and toy train (Review)

If you have ever watched PBS Kids or Sprout with your own or other people’s little kids, chances are you are familiar with a little bald 4 year old boy named Caillou who has his very own animated show- and what may possibly the catchiest theme song ever.  (I can hear the notes now just typing this).   Kids love him, and they love the show.  My kids are no exception.  We’ve had a LOT of sick days in my family this winter which has made for a lot of extra television viewing time- including Caillou.  My 3 year old likes to snuggle on my bed with me after big sister gets on the bus for school and little sister goes for her nap- he likes to watch Caillou with me and then we turn off the TV and read some books together before nap.  Its one of the few things that are “ours” together, just him and me, and I love those times.

When I was offered a chance to check out some of the Caillou toys recently, I jumped quickly- for my boy.  I knew he’d love them.  (I have to get some photos tomorrow, because as much as I LOVE my readers, I’m not going into his room to snap a photo of him sleeping with his Caillou doll, because it would wake him up.  First rule of parenting in this house? DON’T WAKE A SLEEPING CHILD. EVER).  I’ll get a few tomorrow and pop them in here.

Suffice to say, the Caillou doll looks, well, exactly like Caillou.  If you could pull him off of the television screen and bring him into your house, that’s what the doll looks like.  (The doll doesn’t say anything or make sounds, but I’m fairly certain he’d sound just like Caillou does on the television too if he could).  Same blue cap, yellow shirt- its all there.  Bald head, too.  Found at ToysRUs, your little one will likely love to play with their pal Caillou as much as my little guy does!!   Plus, its nice to have some more boy dolls around!  My guy is rough and tumble as the next boy, but hey, he’s got an older and younger sister.  He loves his babies too.  This is Caillou, real time, and your little one can hug him and play with him all day long.  He seems to be very well made with nice, quality parts to his body and well made clothing and shoes.  Recommended for ages 3+, retails for $29.99.

Caillou is boy-doll 14.5 inches with head, hands and feet made of vinyl. Characters of TV series. Stimulates the imagination and creativity. Participates in the emotional development. Boys and girls alike will enjoy hanging out with their pal. Improve sociability and language.


The Caillou Learning Train , also available at ToysRUs, is a TON of fun for all 3 of my kids.  This kind of amuses me because the recommended age is 12-24 months (ARV $24.99).   The 2 big draws for all three of my kids are the interchangeable body parts of both Caillou and Rosie – the head and feet sections come off of both and the bigger 2 kids love to reassemble them upside down, backwards, and mixed up.  They think its hilarious to give Caillou Rosie’s feet, and vice versa.  The other big draw for the kids is that you can turn the key and wind this train up, and away it goes.  That’s right, WIND it up- that means, NO BATTERIES!! (I love no battery required toys so this is a great feature for me).  When the train goes off, pulling the caboose with Rosie in it (or Caillou, they can move to different spots), the figures go up and down and wobble along with the train.  Very cute, very simple and very fun.  The entire toy is definitely made for little hands to maneuver easily- nice chunky parts, lots of different things to grab, maneuver, manipulate- and lots of bright, cheery primary colors too.

An added bonus of entertainment?  If you just use the train engine and not the caboose part, the train goes a lot faster, and makes the dog move very quickly across the room to get away from the train.  See?  It amuses the entire family!

I received a sample of this product to facilitate this review through my affiliation with Team Mom.  Opinions expressed within are my own.


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  • My son watches this. Too cute!

  • oh we LOVE Calliou!!! He is so cute! I want one of these!!!


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