Car Maintenance Matters- DO IT! ($50 PepBoys Giveaway)

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You all know I’m a mom.  I have three kids.  I drive a minivan.  We spent a lot of time researching to find out what minivan was the safest and best option for our family.  But really, what matters most about the vehicle I drive, and the vehicle anyone drives, is proper care and maintenance of your car. 

If you aren’t getting your vehicle checked, fluids checked, filters changed, etc. on a regular basis (automobile manufacturers do have scheduled maintenance recommendations for a REASON, people), you could find yourself in an unpleasant situation at an unfortunate time. 

I’ll admit to you here and now that I have not always been so diligent with my maintenance.  Then I met Mr. Bargains.  Things changed.  He showed me and explained over and over until I finally understood WHY I needed to change my oil every 3000 miles, and why keeping track of this and writing that down was so crucial to taking proper care of my car. 

Taking care of your car doesn’t have to be a huge thing for you- with the internet you can schedule appointments at places like Pep Boys and not even have to pick up a phone- which means you can make that appointment at your convenience! 

The folks at Pep Boys also have a weekly e-serve giveaway and you could win $250 towards a service on your car!! That’s an awesome giveaway- I’d love to win for me!!  Mr. Bargains is often the one who is doing our service on vehicles to save us money and being able to surprise him with not having to do “something” to one of our cars would be so great a gift!!

One of my readers will win $50 to spend at Pep Boys!!

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  • I’m in desperate need of a wheel alignment.

  • I will more than likely use the gift card for an oil & filter change.

  • I would get the tire alignment

  • I’d use it for a coolant flush.

  • I never win anything, so I will probably win this, which will make my husband very happy. Nothing ever changes, does it? HaHa!


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