The Help Featurette (and my thoughts on the film)

Before I share the featurette with you, my friends, I want to tell you right now that I have an assignment for you: READ THE BOOK The Help.   I read this book on my flights en route to LA last Wednesday and oh gosh, its awesome.  It really, truly is.  I laughed aloud and I wept, right there on the planes.  (Apologies, fellow passengers, who clearly thought I was off my rocker). 

But I want you all to read it so we can dish on it.  And, it will help you to get even more excited for the movie’s release date on August 12th. 

I can’t spill any details, and won’t give spoilers or anything, but I will tell you this:  during the screening we had at Dreamworks last Friday morning, I was absolutely enthralled with this movie.  It has been at least 10 years since I felt so much during a movie.  The casting for this movie is amazing.  The story itself is awesome, the screenplay is great, and the actors simply amazing.  I laughed and I cried, and then I cried some more.  Its awesome.  I can’t wait to go again when this comes out in theaters.  

Don’t wear mascara, and definitely don’t wear false eyelashes when you go see the movie.  You may end up with raccoon eyes like I had.  [click to continue…]

FREE Disney Vacation Planning DVD!!

I must have Disney on the brain.  I wonder why….I know it’s way too early, because we have our plan to hit Disney in the fall of 2012 with the kids, but I just ordered this vacation planning DVD.  I ordered it for my last trip to Disney (about 10 years ago- sad) and was so so so happy I did)!  I have a feeling I’ll be watching it over, over and then over again…At least we can watch  this to see what’s new since my last trip (probably everything!!)
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We’re seeing Disney’s Winnie the Pooh today!! #DisneyDreamWorksEvent

HELLO from Los Angeles!  I can’t believe I am here!  What a whirlwind few days, and this day promises to be super exciting too.  Today is “press day” for Winnie the Pooh, so I’ll be getting reacquainted with Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Roo and Piglet again, seeing some behind the scenes type stuff about the movie, and meeting the voices behind both Pooh and Rabbit! 

 I’m actually listening to the brand new soundtrack for this movie as I type, because the fabulous folks at Disney made up some goodie bags we received at checkin yesterday, including this cd.  It’s awesome music and making me look forward even more to my day today.  (Which honestly shouldn’t be starting quite yet but I was wide awake at 4:19 so what else is a blogger to do? )  When I say brand new, please note, the first song is the ever familiar and beloved “Winnie the Pooh” song from, well, forever, but Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward put a bit of an updated twist on the vocals and sounds.    This is, in my mind, a ‘traditional’ movie soundtrack :o)

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Cars 2 Prize Pack Giveaway!! (US&Canada)

I am SO excited I get to host a giveaway for one of my readers to win some super fun Cars 2 goodies!!  I get to attend the premiere, and share about it, but being able to give one of my readers some goodies always makes me happy :o)

Rev your engines as your favorite characters from Cars are back with Cars 2 racing into theatres everywhere on June 24th! Here is a brief synopsis of Pixar’s follow-up film to the Academy Award  Winning Toy Story 3:

When star racecar Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) and the incomparable tow truck Mater (voice of Larry the Cable Guy) head overseas to compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix, Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage! [click to continue…]

John Lasseter- Cars 2: Ask the Director

I’m not sure I will even know where to start when we get the chance to meet and interview John Lasseter, the brains behind much of Pixar’s success.  Just, wow.  I might be speechless.  Maybe.  For a moment.  But really- the man is genius! He’s a man of many talents and seems to know how to use them all at the same time to create masterpieces like Cars and…without a doubt…Cars 2. 

Mr. Lasseter will also be IN Cars 2, as John Lassetire!!

Mr. Lasseter has 5 kids- can you imagine having a guy this creative and talented for your dad?  They must have some fun playtime at their house!!

I ask once again, what would you like to know about John Lasseter?  What would you like to know about the ins and outs of Cars 2?[ad#glam between posts]

What would you like to ask Lightning McQueen? Owen Wilson? #DisneyDreamWorksEvent

Another of the fantastic, charismatic characters in Cars 2 is Lightning McQueen, known in our home and so many others as “Lightning,” and voiced again by Owen Wilson. I will also be interviewing Owen Wilson/Lightning McQueen on Saturday afternoon!  

I know I keep asking, but what do you all want me to ask Owen Wilson?  Lightning McQueen?  What is it about Lightning that you want to know!    Reply here or on Facebook ASAP so I can be sure to bring your questions with me to ask during my interview right after lunch on Saturday, before the premiere!!

For me, I want to know where one earth he came up with his cheesy pick up lines :o)  They never fail to make me laugh!!

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Mean, “green”, Miles Axlerod? (aka Eddie Izzard) #DisneyDreamWorksEvent

Miles Axlerod is for sure one of the characters I am excited to meet in Cars 2. I love the “green” factor of his character!!   He’s so sleek, hip and green.  I can’t wait to hear Eddie Izzard doing his voice, either!!

What kinds of things would you like to know about Miles Axlerod? 

I wonder what it’s like for all of these starts to “get into character” before recording sessions- knowing they are about to be a vehicle- albeit vehicles with amazing and engaging personalities and traits- but nonetheless, that has to be a bit strange to wake up in the morning and think “Hey, I’m going to be a car all day today!”

What would YOU like me to ask Eddie Izzard/Miles Axlerod when I interview them on Saturday afternoon?[ad#glam between posts]

Holley Shiftwell & Emily Mortimer: Inquiring Minds Want to Know! #DisneyDreamWorksEvent

Meet Holley Shiftwell, recent grad of spy school and the car that has caught Mater’s eye!!  Played by Emily Mortimer, Holley is all kinds of fancy and even has a pop up holographic display. 

I can’t wait to meet Holley- both on and OFF screen- I’ll also be interviewing Emily Mortimer this Saturday before the premiere!

What questions have you got for Ms. Mortimer and Holley?[ad#glam between posts]

If you could ask Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) anything…what would you ask? #DisneyDreamWorksEvent

Did you know that <— Larry the Cable Guy is also the voice of Mater?! —>

Yes he is, and he had me hooked from the moment I saw him.  Don’t know how you can help but love Mater- such a sweet, quirky character who does right by everyone! 

As part of the Cars 2 Premiere trip I’m  taking THIS WEEK!!  I will be attending an interview session on Saturday June 18th with none other than Larry the Cable Guy/Mater!! [click to continue…]