Chatting with CJ Adams from The Odd Life of Timothy Green

cj adams and jennifer garner

Every so often, films come along that touch my heart.  I've found that it's often a film with an amazing child actor in it, and I'm not quite certain why that is.  I haven't even seen The Odd Life of Timothy Green (yet) and I know that I'm going to fall in love with it, ...

Finding…SHARK WEEK! (Free Shark Facts and FUN inside!)

finding nemo shark facts

Shark Week starts Sunday on Discovery Channel! Can't wait- we watch it every year! Here are some fun shark facts for you courtesy of Finding Nemo 3D! Finding Nemo 3D will be in theaters September 14th!

Finding Cupcakes in Walt Disney World

cupcakes at animal kingdom

I'm going to share some secrets with you, my friends.  There are delightful cupcakes that many people don't tell you about all over Walt Disney World.  I hope you understand that when I say cupcake, that these are cupcakes done Disney-style, and they are full of surprises.  You'll also want to likely eat them with ...

Disney World Park Hopping, Sans Kids

cinderellas castle

When I arrived in Florida last month, my flight got in early.  I decided that I could either go to the houses and chill by the pool, or have some time exploring Epcot by myself.  After shushing 25 year old me who was shocked that I'd even consider going to a theme park with no ...

Marvel Super Heroes Magazine from Disney (Giveaway)

marvel super hero magazine

What has most of the favorite Marvel charactersoutside , pull-out posters for your wall, great articles and lots of  fun games inside?!  Disney Worldwide Publishing's new Marvel Super Heroes Magazine! The first issue came out recently, including a Thor comic that you won’t want to miss and plenty of puzzles and brain games for comic ...

2 FREE Apps from Disney Junior out this week with “Yo Ho, Let’s Go Summer” promotion

jake and the neverland pirates, apps

We are big Disney Junior fans around here.  Wholesome programming with positive messages, engaging characters and fun storylines make for entertaining programs that interest all three of my kids.  That doesn't happen very often.  We've already downloaded Jake's Never Land Pirate School (remember, it's free!) and the kids love it.  I wish it was compatible ...

The Secret World of Arrietty – Released May 22nd, 2012!

If you grew up reading "The Borrowers" book series than you are going to be enchanted by The Secret World Of Arrietty.  This movie is based on the book series that we all know and love.  I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this film to share with my children.  As soon as it ...