Rock Candy Life Eco-Friendly Shower Curtain (Giveaway)

We need to redo our full bath.  Sadly, the only step we’ve taken is to remove the hideous wallpaper that the previous owners put up and I have a shower curtain and coordinating hooks that I’m all set to put up — but refuse to until the rest of the bathroom is redone.  This is the curtain and hooks- aren’t they gorgoeus?  Now we just need a toilet, vanity, tub and tile for the walls and floor plus a medicine cabinet so I can put the curtain and hooks up!!

Rock Candy Life makes eco-friendly shower curtains and hooks- in gorgeous prints that are fun and whimsical but sophisticated enough to go in any bathroom!  I love the colors in our curtain and am really happy that this curtain has enough whimsy to please the kiddos but works well for adults as well.  I just wish the bathroom was ready for us to USE the curtain.  Sigh.  [click to continue…]

Nintendo Wii and Nintendo® Selects Classic Games Review (Don’t Forget Dad)

I will admit that I am a little behind the times when it comes to technological gadgets and gaming systems.  However, I have been trying to catch myself up to speed ever since I have been put on bedrest.  Believe it or not I did not previously own a Wii.  I have played at friends and families houses a handful of times and enjoyed it, but was afraid to introduce my young children to video games.   [click to continue…]

The Essential Dean Martin & BIG Dean Martin Prize Pack Giveaway (Don’t Forget Dad!)

A famed star of the silver screen, television icon, Grammy® Award-winning singing sensation and member of the renowned “Rat Pack,” Dean Martin’s show business legacy is legendary. His musical career features such classics as “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head,” “That’s Amore,” “Mambo Italiano,” “Everybody Loves Somebody,” “Sway,” “Volare,” and more, releasing dozens of album recordings over his lifetime. Starring in dozens of well-known movies including Ocean’s Eleven, Rio Bravo, The Caddy, and Who Was That Lady? – for which Martin received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor, coupled with a highly popular television career – Dean Martin certainly earned his nickname as the “King of Cool.”  Visit and his official Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information.

I didn’t get into Rat Pack music until I was in my 20’s, and even then not too much- its only been in more recent years that I find myself drawn to artists like Dean Martin- perhaps its the movies I’m into watching, that often have music from this time period, or perhaps I’m just mellowing with age (like wine.  Wine gets better, right?  So yea, I’m mellowing)…there’s just something so cool, so fun about listening to these classic tunes while driving (or cleaning. I like to dance while I clean).  [click to continue…]

Ultimate Ears 200vi Noise-Isolating Earphones (Don’t Forget Dad)

Like many men, my husband is in charge of the outside of our house.  This often means using loud machines like a weed wacker, chainsaw, tractor, rototiller, woodchipper, log splitter, etc.  This is 1. not good for hearing and 2. not the most pleasant of things to listen to for any duration of time, especially being so close to the machine. 

When I heard of the Ultimate Ears 200vi Noise-Isolating Earphones, I really wanted to try them for my husband.  He doesn’t ever “treat” himself to things, and I know he loves listening to his music while working, so I figured a nice set of earbuds that can allow him to hear his music (or my too-frequent calls to his cell while he’s at work, on the road)…might be something nice for him.  I was right.  Its nice for him to be able to pop his earbuds in and be able to hear his music while doing things in the yard- I know for me, having fun music on or at least music I enjoy really makes the time go faster so why not him? 

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Chili’s Triple Dipper $20 Gift Card Giveaway

If I could have any three foods I’d want on one plate, all together- well, I think I’d have to have 2 plates, one with healthier options (apples, honeydew melon and watermelon) and one with not healthy options- actually my dream plate would have three things that are available in the Triple Dippers combos offered at Chili’s- boneless buffalo wings, potato skins and southwestern egg rolls.  Delicious.  Lucky for me these ARE options and you CAN get them on a play together- which is exactly what we did one night last week!!  Delicious- and FILLING!  We didn’t really even need a meal with all of that food- lots of options to choose from, which wasn’t easy for us to narrow down, but so so yummy. I love being able to have a little of three appetizers instead of having to settle on just one.  [click to continue…]

Contigo AUTOSEAL® Bella Double Wall Insulated Mug Giveaway- Don’t Forget Dad

I’ve been banned from bringing any more water bottles into my house.  Not because no one likes them but because we have too many.  I can’t help it.  I hate to buy a bottle water or juice box when we can just as easily bring our own – and if a cute water bottle  means we’re more likely to grab water for a drink, then I find nothing bad about having several!  (Doesn’t each family member NEED 4 bottles for themselves?)  Plus, we’re on the go a lot.  Right now its back and forth to preschool, the grocery store, dance class, Daisy scouts and t-ball…soon it’ll be back and forth to camp and swim lessons, never mind the regular errands. 

I have been using the Contigo  AUTOSEAL® Bella Double Wall Insulated Mug for several weeks now and I’m loving it.  First of all, this is the first time I’ve had a mug that was for *me* and not a hand me down from the hubby or a castoff of the kids.  Its a pretty purple and that means my husband won’t go near it, and its kind of hard for the littler kids in my house to use so they don’t want to use it- which means its just for ME!  I love fun colors and the ‘eggplant’ shade I received for this mug is great.  [click to continue…]

Dadgum That’s Good! Cookbook Review And Giveaway

Summer has finally arrived here in New England!  That can only mean one thing:  Cooking Outdoors.  I LOVE to cook on the grill in the summertime.  Not only is it great for keeping the house cool and cutting down on kitchen cleanup, but I love to try out new grilling recipes.  There are so many option besides the standard hamburgers and hot dogs.

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Don’t Forget Dad- Scentsy Full Sized Warmer & Bars (Giveaway open to US, UK, Canada & Germany)

Jana’s Flameless Candles  sent me Mr. Bargains a full sized UCONN Scentsy warmer with some bars – even dads like the house to smell nice!  While Scentsy does offer a variety of man- inspired scents, I’ve found that Mr. B, like many guys, is just as happy with whatever makes the house smell nice and fresh.  He definitely isn’t a fan of crazy floral combinations, but anything else, he’s happy with.  There are 5 man inspired scents- Echo, Hemingway, Route 66, Embers and Sharp-Dressed man.

I chose UCONN for our warmer because, well, Mr. B is a UCONN alum and we’re both born & raised in CT, and we’re big Husky fans.  I figured this should be a dad-oriented warmer since it was going to be a Father’s Day review.  I love it. 

Scentsy brings a safer way to have scents in your home- without the flame you don’t have a risk for fire.  No feeling of panic when you can’t remember if you blew out the candles- no need to run downstairs in the middle of the night to check for sure!  The wax never gets hot, only warm, so no burn risk there, either.  (I’ve unintentionally tested this a few times).  Not burning a candle means no toxins going into the air in your home- and no risk of marks on your wall where candle smoke goes (which I’ve had to scrub off many times in my life- such a pain!!)  [click to continue…]

Balloon Time Giveaway- Don’t Forget Dad!!

I don’t know about you but my dad was always the one stuck blowing up balloons, and anything else inflatable, period.  No questions asked.  Its kind of the same with my family now, my poor husband is always having to inflate things.  I have a freakish fear of balloons, which is unfortunate for me because my children LOVE balloons!  I don’t mind letting them have balloons although I won’t touch latex balloons, thankyouverymuch.  I stick to the non-scary Mylar variety!! 

Balloon Time makes helium balloon kits with tanks that make it possible to have the helium balloons you buy at the store for a ton of money from your home for a fraction of the cost.  Awesome.  They have different sized tanks and balloon packages so you can buy according to your needs.  Plus, its so EASY to use the tanks and they give you all you need for the balloons- even the ribbon for them!!  Genius!! [click to continue…]