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>Printable Boogie Wipes Coupon valid 10/28 to 11/1 only

>This says 1 per person :o)Click here to print.  I need to - I just went through a 30 pack with Baby B since just after lunch yesterday!!  But, she's not fussed when I use the Boogie Wipes so that's ok with me!!

>Join Parents Insight Network and have your voice heard!!

>Children's product manufacturers and service providers want to hear from real parents!  Join the Parents Insight Network today and be heard:  http://www.ParentsInsightNetwork.com  (Please use bbm2jwmATyahooDOTcom as referring member, although it only enters me into a drawing!!)You can read my thoughts about Parents Insight here from a few months back.

>CleanWell & Bendaroos Winners announced…

>Both winners have been emailed and have 48 hours to respond.  Congrats!!!  Not home to check personal email?  See if you were one of the lucky ones right here!!