Secret of the Wings on BluRay DVD Combo Pack 10/23

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Tink and her fairy pals are back and venturing out further than ever before- over the river to the Winter Woods- in The Secret of the Wings!  There's a lot of excitement as usual but when Tink can't bear to not see the Winter Woods, she finds her wings sparkling, glowing…and she finds herself in a heap of trouble, which of course snowballs (pun intended) into what looks to be disaster for ALL fairies.  There's lots of new fairy friends to meet and even…Tink's SISTER, Periwinkle (Peri).  This is honestly MY favorite of the fairy movies so far although the sneak peek at the next film on the DVD was quite  intriguing!

We received this film about 10 days ago and have already spent 2 family movie nights watching it!  It's really a great film with a lot of good storylines and some fun action parts.  The whole winter-rest of the woods thing is kind of cool, too.  There's even a love story….but I'm not telling you any more…

secret of the wings

Keep up to date with the latest and greatest Disney Fairies news on Facebook! The Secret of the Wings is out TODAY, October 23 on DVD, BluRay combo packs and more!

secret of the wings prize pack giveaway

One reader from US or Canada will win a Secret of the Wings Prize Pack including:

1 copy of the Secret of the Wings Flitterrific 4-disc combo pack (3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Download
1 Secret of the Wings zipper pull
1 fairy-sized Secret of the Wings storybook pamphlet

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FREE ZinePak® with a Purchase of a Dove Bundle (Walmart GC Giveaway 4 winners)


Photo by Jenni Mirock

Being a mom of two girls, and a woman who struggled with self-esteem for much of my life, I know how important it is to help build my girls’ self-esteem.  I have long loved the Dove campaigns for more acceptance, and celebration of women without being perfect- and I’m glad that they have decided to include younger females in their campaigns as well.  The messages we send children about their looks, their bodies- their self-esteem- those messages are long-since engrained within them by the time they are adults.  Giving girls- children of both sexes, really- giving them the tools they need in order to have a good, strong self-esteem is something that we should all be focusing on.  We’ve already used several Dove products as a family for a long time and we’ll be continuing to do so. free zine pack

Walmart and Dove® have teamed up to give US- that’s right- folks like you, and me, an exclusive deal that is made to inspire girls of all ages to feel beautiful! Right now on, The Living Project: Dove, when you buy a customized Dove® bundle, you will also receive a FREE ZinePak® valued at $7!

dove movement for self esteem

This exclusive FREE ZinePak® includes all of the following:

  • 80-page magazine filled with style tips, inspirational stories, & fun ideas to look and feel your best.
  • 12-Song CD featuring hits from today’s hottest female artists – Get free music from artists like Nelly Furtado, Carly Rae Jepsen, Ellie Goulding, and more!
  • $6 in Dove® coupons
  • 108 glittery nail decals to wear & share with friends.
  • Magazine is filled with features designed to boost self-esteem, including exclusive interviews with Carly Rae Jepsen, Ellie Goulding, Nelly Furtado, and more!

Visit The Living Project: Dove to get your FREE ZinePak® today!

FOUR of my readers will even win a $25 Walmart Gift Card to use to buy the exclusive Dove bundle! 

To enter, Visit The Living Project: Dove, watch the video, and leave a comment saying how you are inspired to live for a better life & world.  

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Red Barn Canvas Discount & Giveaway


Guest Post by Kristy from Red Barn Canvas

red barn canvas espresso

At Red Barn Canvas, we celebrate family, friends and friends that are family…
We custom design your stories on canvas, hand wrap them on a wooden frame, gift wrap everything and ship them safely and ready to hang.  We take pride in creating custom and personalized wedding, anniversary, housewarming and birthday gifts that will last for years to come.
I love antiques, red barns and pretty much anything you might find in them. One of my favorite things to do growing up was spending time on my Grandparents' Kansas farm (hence the name Red Barn Canvas).
I also love art and making things. Anything really.
I am lucky enough to have 2 awesome kids 2yr. and 4yrs., 1 cool husband, a 7 year old golden retriever that thinks she's still a pup, and a cat that refuses to give in to the dog's love.  Red Barn Canvas has been in my mind for years. It has allowed me an opportunity to create these special Family Canvases that hold memories, and fun little moments in life that my customers will have for years – it is such an honor to have touched so many of those.
red barn canvas
Our most popular item and the item that started this whole adventure is our signature “Family Story Canvas”
This is custom made using your family information. The Family Story Canvas makes a great personalized gift for just about any occasion. Perfect tribute to your famiy and fun to give to parents and grandparents.  It is full of those fun family memories and becomes a great conversation piece. You provide the information, and we will design a layout to create a unique one of a kind Family Story. Professionally printed on canvas and hand wrapped around a wooden frame. Each Red Barn Canvas is GIFT WRAPPED and shipped secure and in a flat box ready for hanging (hanging hardware included).
red barn canvas new baby
Red Barn also makes canvases for any occasion, favorite sayings, songs, vows- photo canvases with words on them.
The canvases are available in two sizes, the 16×20 and the 20×30.
This Mama Loves Her Bargains readers can save 10% off of their Red Barn Canvas purchase using the code: MamaFriends10
Giveaway:  One US reader will win a custom 16×20 Family Story Canvas!
TO ENTER: Leave a comment here on your favorite product from Red Barn Canvas or which color you'll chose if you win.  
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True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway!

true blood halloween swag bash

True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway
*** ENTER NOW ***

Since I just started reading the Snookie Stackhouse books, which inspired the True Blood series, when I heard about this giveaway I just knew I had to participate.  Too much fun not to!!  SOOOOOOOOOOO…here it is- the True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway!

The last season of HBO's hit TV series True Blood has just recently ended AND Halloween is literally right around the corner. What’s a vampire and werewolf lover going through withdrawls to do? Enter The True Blood Halloween Swag Bash Giveaway of course! We've put together a super prize pack too! One very lucky winner will receive:

  • Officially licensed Merlotte's Bar Set (Pitcher & 8 glasses)
  • Officially licensed True Blood Cookbook
  • Officially licensed True Blood ‘No biting Allowed’ Fangtasia T-shirt (available in men's & women's sizes)

ARV of all items is $150.00. Once the giveaway ends we will purchase this super swag set and having it shipped directly from the HBO shops to your door! Sweet, right? This super spooky, hot event will run from 10/19 through 10/31. Open to residents 18+ in US & Canada!

Our one and only rule? Do NOT cheat! All entries will be verified. Don't cheat yourself out of the swag! There's only 1 mandatory entry – name & email so we can contact our lucky winner. Everything else is bonus. Don't want to follow, like and pin, no need. However, the more you do, the more entries you receive. And, I know you want in on this!

We've got some super bloggers joining Grandma Juice & The Kids Are Grown for this hot giveaway!

Ready? You know what to do! Fill out the handy, dandy Rafflecopter form below and off you go!


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I took the Whole Foods Market Value Challenge!

A few weeks ago  Whole Foods Market sent me a $100 gift card and asked me to take their Value Challenge to feed my family for  a week.  I was, to say the least, skeptical. I didn’t think I’d come anywhere close to feeding my family of 5 for  a week- but several days later, after a pretty amazing shopping experience….I almost did it.  Almost. I went a few dollars over (and I mean a few- the total for the groceries for 1 week was I think $108.xx but definitely under $110).

whole foods madness sale

That’s right- I shopped Whole Foods Market and took the Whole Foods Value Challenge and (almost) rocked it!  HOW is it possible?

You have to be a smart shopper.  First thing?  Check the sales.  Seriously.  Shop the sales.  Whole Foods Market even has these cool fliers found in a few different places in the store that give you menu ideas for your family in certain price amounts.  They tell you what to buy.  Now, if you are like me and hate planning meals— this is for you.  Trust me.

whole foods $100 challenge

The next thing you want to do is check around for some coupons.  Manufacturer coupons, and store coupons.  Whole Foods Market has a coupon booklet they put out every few months.  They have extras by the customer service booth, and a few places around the store.  At customer service, there’s (at least at every Whole Foods Market I’ve been in) always a little basket with like coupons paper clipped together.  All for the taking. (And the giving, so leave your extras).

Check Facebook.  Erica, my guardian shopper, even told me that a staff member at her store finds amazing deals and coupons, which is how we came to enjoy so much Risotto from Whole Foods Market- for $0.49 each.  COUPONS and sales, my friends.  Even at Whole Foods Market.  Ask the staff.  Chances are, they work at Whole Foods Market because it jives with their lifestyle too- and most people try to be smart with money these days.  I’m sure they’d be more than happy to give you tips and suggestions!

whole foods sale

What kind of meals did we eat for this $108?

Dinner: Eggs, salsa, cheese omelets, fresh fruit on side, loaf of fresh bread ($1.49 with coupon!)  18 eggs cost me less than at my regular grocery store (sale)

Snacks: chips, salsa (weekly deal)

Dinner: Split chicken breasts marinated in 365 Italian Dressing, roasted potato, salad.  (Cooked extra, saved for another night)

Dinner: Stuffed clams- $1/each.  served with risotto ( $0.49 each) and some salad (spring mix was the same price for a huge plastic bin as my regular store has in non-organic bags!)

Sides for Breakfast and Lunch, and Snacks: pineapple, grapes (hands down, the best.grapes.ever), apples – produce is always what gets me but oh so good

 Dessert: 365 Chocolate Graham Cookies- Whole Foods’ answer to Teddy Grahams.  You have been warned.  An open bag=empty bag.  Goodness.

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with sauce and a salad? Meat free dinner!

Dinner: Kielbasa, sauerkraut (and veggies I had from the garden)

Dinner: General Tso’s chicken (pre-made meal was a splurge $11.99 BUT this is far less than we’d spend for take-out and far healthier) I added more broccoli, filled 5 of us up.

Lunch: Earth’s Best Chicken Nuggets (on sale, plus coupon found at store for $1/bag), fruit, yogurt

Lunch: Chicken at prepared food counter- only a few pieces, but chopped up into salads lasted me for 2 full lunches (3 pieces chicken on a stick, about $3.00)

Breakfast: 365 brand “O” cereal, and brown rice cereal (krispies), fruit, yogurt (Brown Cow, on sale)

Dinner: Homemade pizza- leftover chicken from previous dinner, Irish Cheddar cheese (on sale for less than our normal brand goes for at grocery store) and a little barbeque sauce (already had)  with salad

Lunch: Peanut Butter (365 crunchy- SO good) and Jelly (blackberry)

Dinner: Leftover chicken breast shredded up and served on some of the fresh bread loaf with couscous and salad.

We still have some packets of Risotto left.

I’m still in shock that I was able to buy all of that and have food leftover.

I did BUY more at Whole Foods Market when I was there on my trip, but they weren’t menu items for my week– some health and beauty items I like to buy there.  So those aren’t  included in my total.  My eyes have been opened, and I’m still very surprised at how the folks AT Whole Foods Market  kind of hand you the ways to save on a platter, so to speak- the sales, combined with recipes (and not just for a main dish!) and coupons- it’s almost like they are so obvious about helping us to save more and eat better foods.  The savings were NOT all on the store brand, either, which really surprised me.

I’m kind of thinking that perhaps one of YOU wants to take the Whole Foods Market Challenge, and see if you can feed your family for a week with $100? One reader is going to win a $100 Gift Card to Whole Foods Market to do just that!
1. To enter, leave a comment and tell me where the closest Whole Foods Market is to you.

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This giveaway will end at 11:59 pm EST on November 4, 2012.  Winner to be chosen randomly.  US only.  One entrant per household.  A gift card  was provided to me for this challenge, but opinions are my own. 

Wanna Win Something? Giveaway Linky

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Two Open Play Passes to A Play Place in Trussville, AL (ends 10/20)

Thomas and Friends: A Very Thomas Christmas DVD (ends 10/23)

Disney On Ice: FOUR Tickets to the Birmingham, AL Show on Friday, November 2nd at 7pm (5 winners each get 4 tickets!!) ends (10/25)

Yankee Candle Prize Pack

Britax Pavilion Carseat $330 ARV

Flatout Flatbreads Prize Pack inc. $50 Walmart GC

GoodNites Prize Pack – tons of fun goodies!

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Giveaway- $50 Walmart, $50 Target, $50 BabiesRUs gift cards

Progresso Recipe Starters Prize Pack

Candy Construction Set

5 $100 Kmart Gift Cards

Monster High Scavenger Haunt- 4 winners (1 prize pack, 3 Walmart GC)

Libby’s Prize Pack


Snomee has changed the way we give gift cards #giveaway

snomee sports holidayGift cards are a part of gifting these days.  Like them or hate them, I don’t imagine they are going to go away.  Especially with technology- having a gift card to choose your own music/movie/show/book to download onto your device is an easy gift- one that kind of fits all.  But why do gift cards have to be impersonal?  Why not make them fun, and a little bit more special?  Snomee has found a way to marry the gift card industry with a more personal touch- and I love it.  Adorable snow globes that have a compartment underneath to hold a gift card in place.  I have to say, I thought the idea of the Snomee was really cool and I liked the product before I saw it.  Then it arrived at my house, and I LOVED it.

snomee in boxsnomeesnomee without gift card







The Snomee isn’t “just” a gift card holder.  It’s a gift in and of itself.  It’s packaged in a very elegant, simple black box, with a ribbon closure- perfect for absolutely ANY occasion.  The Snomee itself is a really, really nice snowglobe – very well crafted, heavy duty, and absolutely something you can have on your bookshelf or windowsill for a very long time to enjoy.  There are all kinds of themes to choose from with the Snomee so you can find one that “fits” with your gift card theme, or to match the personality of the recipient.  There are 11 holiday Snomees to choose from including a Mystery Gift one!  I can’t wait to see what else they add for Snomee options. There’s just something so magical about snowglobes. I always loved them as a child.

snomee snowing


Snomees are available to order on and Amazon.  They retail for $14.95 and you can get FREE Shipping on right now.

One reader will win a Snomee of their choice!  

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Brandi Chastain and Libby’s Snack Duty Takeover Program Give Back#LibbysSnackDuty (Giveaway)

brandi chastain east hartford soccer clubSaturday morning I got to bring my kids and share with them an experience that had nothing to do with us and everything to do with “paying things forward.” Soccer star Brandi Chastain and Libby’s Snack Duty Takeover Program were in a nearby town to give samples of Libby’s and a $5,000 check to the town’s soccer club. We were there to watch it happen and were fortunate enough to be able to get some photos with Brandi. She even autographed my son’s soccer jersey (ok, so it did relate to us a little, but it wasn’t an event for our town). It was a really cool thing to see. Plus, for the first time ever, I got to see one of the huge checks that are always shown in TV and in the movies.

brandi chastain with this mama loves her bargains

Mostly, it was really neat to see a world class soccer player doing what she does best- playing soccer on the field- with all different groups of children- little, big, it didn’t matter. Brandi Chastain was playing soccer and it was very clear to all that she loved every second of it. How cool of her to be out there on fields, in a town full of strangers, teaching kids some of HER favorite soccer techniques, just like any one of us might be. Did I mention that it was about 40 degrees and really chilly? You’d never have guessed. The folks from Libby’s and Brandi were full of smiles and happy to be there, to be presenting a cash gift for the soccer club. It was a pretty awesome experience. I was glad I could bring my kids to see what an impact things like this can have.

Brandi’s words were very motivating. I was pretty impressed that even as she was speaking about being able to give money to support the sport she loves to people who live in a town she’s not from- she turned her head, reminded a few boys who were a little bit antsy where their attention needed to be, and never missed a beat. Brandi Chastain may be a soccer star, but it’s also very clear she’s a mom. She’s a pretty cool lady, if you ask me. It was neat to hear her talk to the kids about never giving up on their goals– no matter how bad things may seem (and I was surprised that the example she gave was one that was probably a hugely embarassing moment for her- but a powerful message for the kids). Mostly, it was just pretty cool to know that even superstar athletes can be normal and down to earth.  Plus, Brandi exemplifies healthy living and really encourages kids and families to eat healthy and play healthy.


When we local bloggers were introduced to her, we were each asked a question. I was so unprepared. I wasn’t anticipating US being asked questions! It was really cool to talk about snacks and food for kids to keep them going especially before and after sports practices.

Brandi’s Kid Friendly Tips for Healthy Living:

Hydrate to perform great. Kids should drink water before, during AND after exercise. While exercise generates heat and increases the body’s core temperature, water works to bring body temperature back to the normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Let your child pick out a colorful water bottle to make drinking water fun!

Always make time for healthy meals. The USDA says that half our plates should be filled with colorful fruits and veggies, but when your children are constantly running from school to practice and back, it can be tough to get them to eat that perfect meal. Add Libby’s® Single Fruit Cups, which contain one complete serving of fruit, to your children’s bags for an easy and nutritious snack.

Sleep is important! Children should receive an average of eight hours of sleep each night. Without enough sleep children get cranky and lazy, and will not perform to their full potential during school, practice or games. Help your children stick to a regular sleep schedule by making bedtime fun – read them a story or sing a song while they fall asleep.

Turn exercise into a family affair. When exercising is a solo act, it can sometimes feel like a chore. Bring the whole family on-board and make exercising fun, family time! Join your kids in a game of soccer, Double Dutch or kickball.

Lead by example. When you set a good example, your kids are more likely to follow. Although it’s easy to stop at the drive-thru on the way home from practice, make an effort to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. Become a role model by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods, like Libby’s Canned Fruits and Vegetables, with your children. It’s easier when you make it a team effort!

libbys prize pack

Libby’s wants to send one of my readers a prize pack just like the ones handed out Saturday at the fields to all of the players (and bloggers)!

To enter, leave a comment telling me your go-to healthy snack for you or your kids.

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And of course, feel free to tweet, share this on Facebook or Google Plus for extra entries.


This is a sponsored post from Libby’s and The Motherhood.  Opinions are my own.


Monster High Scavenger Haunt at Walmart Oct 18-21 #ScavengerHaunt #Giveaway

Frankie and her “ghoul” friends from Monster High are back with a full length feature all about their Monster Howl-o-Ween party.  Won’t you join in the spook-tacular fun and take part in the Scavenger Haunt?   Monster High Banner 1Have a  Howl-o-Ween treat by joining others in a Monster High Scavenger Haunt from October 18 – 21 at participating Walmart stores (I’ve searched with about 25 zip codes I know from around the country and it seems like this is going to be in many, many areas!) Pick up a fun gift bag with Monster High goodies, including your secret code to unlock exclusive content which introduces Abbey Bominable!

Want to find out if your local Walmart will be hosting the Monster-ous event? Visit the Monster High page on! To find the date and time for your local event, contact your nearest participating Walmart using the info from the store finder!

JOIN THE HAUNT– The search for Monster High will begin on Walmart on October 18, but your search can begin sooner than that! Find the answers to questions below to win a Monster High Howl-o-Ween Mystery Prize. The mystery box contains $25 worth of Monster High items that your ghoulies would be sure to love!

Head back to Monster High on after receiving your secret code to see the  exclusive content featuring Abbey Bominable!

To celebrate the Scavenger Haunt, one lucky reader will win a $25 Monster High Mystery prize pack.  3 other winners will each receive a $25 Walmart Gift Card.

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Fighting Hunger Together Golden Spark Promotion

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.


In support of Hunger Action Month in September, Walmart worked with customers, suppliers and associates nationwide to donate up to 53 million meals to Feeding America and to give $2.5 million for hunger relief.  That's a lot of help for the hungry, especially since one in 6 Americans are living without knowing where their next meal may come from.  

Through October 12th, customers were able to generate meal donations for Feeding America by purchasing select products from participating food suppliers (General Mills, Kellogs, Unilever, Kraft Foods, and ConAgra Foods) at Walmart stores and following instructions on the packaging, engaging in the “Give Meals” section of, or using a mobile app to generate meal donations for Feeding America.

Participate in the Golden Spark promotion for a chance to win $50K for your community! Walmart will randomly award 40 “Golden Sparks” valued at $50,000 each to consumers who participate in the Fighting Hunger Together Golden Spark Promotion. The winners will choose a community to receive the funding to start or expand a backpack program that provides vital meals to food-insecure children during weekends when they do not have access to free- and reduced-price school meals. Walmart Associates will also have a chance to compete together for their store to win a Golden Spark by logging volunteer hours.  I'm sure we all know a community who could benefit from $50,000!  I know I do! 

3. Pick one of the suppliers donating meals (General Mills, Kellogs, Unilever, Kraft Foods, and ConAgra Foods). Write about how when you help this supplier fight hunger by going to Walmart and finding the “Fighting Hunger Together” signs OR going to the “Give Meals” section you can take one product and turn it into 7 meals.

Leave a comment and share a personal story about a time you ever experienced hunger, or helped someone else who has experienced hunger. By sharing these personal stories, we can all understand why helping those who are hungry is prevalent and important. 

Once you've commented- let's think- how can WE help provide hunger relief? Just because it isn't Hunger Month anymore doesn't mean there aren't others in need.  We can still help now, via the Jingit app, either by checking in at Walmart or by watching a video or taking a survey from one of the brands listed on Walmart's site.  That's about the easiest and quickest way we can help.  

There are so many other ways we can all help- those buy one, get one/two/three free sales at the store?  Donate one!  Just one!  When there are coupons and sales for items you don't typically use for your family for whatever reason, take advantage of the low pricing (and often, free! deals) and donate those items.  It doesn't have to cost a lot.  It just takes some time, and thinking outside the box.  We don't have a ton of extra money, but giving a little bit helps every single time.  

My family loves Cheerios.  My husband eats a bowl almost every single day for breakfast.  Just by going to Walmart and looking for the "Fighting Hunger Together" signs or by checking out the Give Meals section on, we can help fill others' bellies by buying Cheerios.  Not much work nor effort for us, and we'd not even have to buy something extra.  Kind of a win-win situation for us!