Scott Shared Values rewards you!

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Have you heard about the Scott Shared Values Consumer Rewards program?  For those of us who buy Scott brand products, which we do- my husband especially loves the Shop Towels for his garage- it's a great way to benefit from using products we already buy.  Just by signing up you get a .75/1 coupon, ... is going to help me this holiday season! (Giveaway)

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It's November 3.  I'm running out of shopping time.  I know, I know. It's early November, why stress about holiday shopping?  Well, I like to.  That's part of it. But my mom also taught me from day one that you have to shop early so you can shop smart for any occasion.  Of course, she ...

Skylander’s Giants Starter Kit


One of THE hottest games and gifts this season is the brand new Skylanders Giants! The original Skylanders Spyro's Adventure was released last year around this time, and it was a big hit among many. Right now Spyro’s Skylanders Adventure is the number 1 selling game and highest selling action figure in the country – ...

Teach your daughter to keep track of her periods

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It's almost inevitable that your daughter will at some point start getting her period.  We as adults have a few ways to approach this, with facts and information and open dialogue, or an as-you-go approach.  If you hadn't noticed, I'm in the educate and and talk about things camp.  My daughter, at 7, is aware ...

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – Playmobil Advent Calendar Giveaway and Review


Christmas is quickly approaching and it's time to start thinking about holiday traditions and gifts for the kids!  I just love celebrating the holidays with my kids.  It's just so special to see the excitement and delight in their eyes.  This is why I try to incorporate a lot of family traditions into our holiday ...

Closetmaid saved the day (in the closet)


In doing our  bathroom makeover, we had to rob the girls' closet of some space, in order to install some built in shelving for much-needed bathroom storage.  While their closet is a fairly good sized one for a child's bedroom, it also has to house all of the clothing for both of my girls, and ...

Come Join Me for The Little Chefs Project Cook-Along 10/24

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One of my family's favorite things to do together is cook...bake...even make playdoh together. My kids love to make things "from scrap" and have all loved taking part, even as little one year olds barely able to stand on a chair to hold a spoon.  It's not always perfect, and it's definitely always messy, and ...