Go Green Pocket Diapers Review, Comparison and Giveaway


A few months ago, Leah from Go Green Pocket Diapers sent me one of her diapers to try.  She told me that she was, at the time, in the last stages of redesigning so things would be changing, and said she’d send me the new diaper when it became available.  Since I’ve not yet been able to try different versions of the same diaper, I jumped at the chance…Go Green is by far one of the most affordable one size pockets I’ve come across and I was very eager to see how they performed and fit.

I’m not disappointed.  Fit?  Great.  Absorbancy?  Super.  Comparison to the high-end diapers I’ve tried?  I can’t tell a difference.  Oh wait, yes, I can.  I can tell when I go to pay and I’m paying half the price for the same amount of diapers- or getting DOUBLE the amount of diapers for the same price!!  The Go Greens are the first diapers I reach for when they are clean every single time, and they get a lot of use.  They’ve held up great through multiple washes and wears.  (On a side note, if your 5 year old shoves a blue glitter crayon in her pocket and you don’t find it, and it gets left in the washer, that can add some blue crayon marks on your diapers.  It doesn’t impact the absorbancy nor the performance of the diaper but can make a mama very sad that adorable new prints are marred by blue glitter crayon.  Here’s hoping a few times in the hot sun will fade that crayon!)

I’ve actually ordered several of the super adorable prints before and after the new Champ style came out.  I LOVE Go Greens.  Where else can you get a one sized pocket diaper from $7.99 on up to $14.95??  They even have 6pack grab bags for $41.95.  That’s less than $7 PER DIAPER.  Plus, the prints are seriously adorable and fun.  (As are the names.  Monkey Pee, Monkey Poo?!)

Our first Go Green was this super cute, fuzzy cow print diaper.  One thing that I noticed immediately when taking it out of the envelope it arrived in was that there was elastic where the inserts are stuffed in.  Not something I’d seen before, but seemed really neat. Not as easy to get the insert IN the diaper but it stays put so well!!  The snaps are a nice quality and the elastic on the waist and the legs is great.  Love at first site with these diapers, I’m telling you!!  They are great with absorbancy- microfiber inserts- and generously sized so that you can tuck 2 or even 3 extra inserts for bedtime. 
We tried the new Champ that came out, and the elastic at the pocket opening is gone.  I’m ok with that, in theory it was a great idea but in reality, kind of a pain in the neck to stuff the diapers.  The Champ has a snap inside the waist to secure the insert in place to keep it from sliding which probably isn’t necessary with teeny babies but once they get mobile, this is great to keep everything in place!
This was the biggest change I could find and I’m still in love with these diapers.  Point in case? I’ve got at least 10 in rotation.  The solids have different colored snaps, which is great for when my 5 year old changes the baby (not often) or my husband- I can just tell them “Hey, she’s on the purple snaps” because no one else gets her diaper “just so” in terms of snugness.  The Champ is just a tweaked version of the awesome Go Green.
Leah also sent us some of her cloth wipes.  I have a mad passion for cloth wipes.  They are PERFECT for cleaning baby bottoms, but are also so great for cleaning baby faces (super soft, and the right size), hands, feet, etc.  Nice and soft and a nice small size.  I’ve had big wipes and they are honestly a nuisance.  Too big, have to fold it over, etc. to use it and I end up using several because of the folding.  These wipes will also be used long after we’re doing potty training Baby B, because they are great for small hands to use for all kinds of activities and cleanups!  I like the different textures (all soft) of the fabrics and the vibrant, bright colors.  Why not have some fun with them? 
Go Green offers wetbags, which, if you have small kids, medium kids, big kids, or ever go to the gym or near water, you should probably consider investing in a few of these.  (Wetbags in general, although I can recommend the Go Green bags for sure).  Wet bags are great to tote things around when dry (extra diapers, wipes, outfits, swimsuits, etc.) and even better to contain wet things (diapers, wipes, soiled clothes, towels, bathing suits, etc). so nothing else gets wet.  They contain smell, too.  I can’t believe I lived as many years on this earth as I did without knowing just how awesome wetbags are!! 
You will need a diaper pail at some point, and the Go Green pail liner is awesome.  It was made in vinyl incorrectly so you can get them for a STEAL (under $4- their loss, our gain!). This was the first pail liner I’ve seen that has a zipper on the bottom, and elastic opening at the top.  This means you can unzip the liner and just toss it into the washer- NO TOUCHING necessary.  The inserts agitate out during the cycle and fall out of the pail liner, so no touching soiled or wet diapers.  And people think using cloth diapers can be icky.  Silly.  Not the case!!  It’s inventive products like this that make cloth diapering FAR easier than people imagine it to be!!!
Boy, that was a lot for you guys to read.  I really do love these diapers.  They are a great quality and super affordable.  This Mama Loves Them!!!
Go Green Diapers has offered to send one of my readers a Go Green Pocket Diapers kit with a Champ diaper, 15 wipes, a wet/dry bag, and a pail liner!!
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I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own. 

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