Slick Sand from change the way you play with sand! sent us some of their Slick Sand. Instant hit to say the least. We are always looking for new things to put into our “water table” which really functions more as a sensory table- we’ve done all kinds of different activities in it- right now, its up on our screen porch filled with mini diggers, shovels, sand rakes and sifters, and Slick Sand.

What’s so cool about Slick Sand? Well, it doesn’t get wet. When you pour water with it, the water sits atop the sand, and doesn’t soak it. So when you want to make a ‘river’ and you pour water into a ‘road’ of sand…the water sits atop. Its really cool and just a whole new spin on sand play. I like it too because you can sweep it up, pop it into its bucket, and save it for another day when you decide to change things up. [click to continue…]

Maude Cloth Diapers- There’s a “new kid” in town!

There are so many cloth diapers on the market today that it is sometimes hard to choose which one is best for your needs.  We have both (Brett & Jenni)  have tried our fair share of diapers and have concluded that pocket diapers are definitely the way to go.  However, within the pocket diaper category, there are still many many choices.  Some are not absorbent enough, some don’t fit well and others are bulky.  [click to continue…]

Burt’s Bees Pollinates Schools!

I think you know by now that I feel strongly about doing what we can to protect our earth and minimize our impact on it.  I try to teach my children to do the same, but I also think that we should all be working on educating ourselves about this, and our children, because I firmly believe that knowledge is power.  If we arm ourselves and our children with the knowledge of how to care for and protect our earth, we can sustain it far longer than if we turn our cheeks to knowledge.  I was already a fan of Burt’s Bees products before learning about their Burt’s Bees Pollinates Schools promotion, and now I have another reason to support this company.  They want to be sure that children are educated on the importance of caring for our earth too, through this promotion, and that speaks loudly to me. [click to continue…]

Kids Summer Fun: Smens® Pens (Giveaway)

Educational Insights sent us a 10 pack of Smens® Pens.  These are environmentally friendly pens that smell fantastic, and aren’t harmful to our earth.  They look pretty cool, too.  In theory, these are great for kids, you know, because of the scents.  I kind of don’t want to share them at all, with anyone.  So I maybe tucked them in a dark corner of the cabinet, in hopes the kids will forget about them…..can you blame me?

We were very excited to try these.  The pens come in a cool cylindrical pouch that has a zip closure at one end.  Each pen is in a biodegradable plastic tube, so that the smells aren’t all mixed together and they stay fresh.  (I can’t imagine that 10 scents mixed together are going to smell very good, and each smells great individually so why not keep them that way!?).  [click to continue…]

Kids Summer Fun: Sidewalk Paint

I did a guest post for Sprig Toys on their blog recently, and you can check out a super simple, super cheap and non toxic way to make your own sidewalk paint…using things I bet you already have on hand at your house!!  Click here to check it out!![ad#glam between posts]

What grows in the garden? Kiwano horned melon

Each week Just Trying To Save Money will find a new fruit or vegetable that her family is going to try and share with you how it tastes, where is grows, etc. This is a way for her family to try new fruits and vegetables and hopefully encourage your family to do the same! Just Trying To Save Money also hope to find new fruits and vegetables to grow in her garden, in the long run saving her money while providing her family with more organic food options! Here is the new produce she tried this week! [click to continue…]

MI-DEL Organic Cookies Review and Giveaway to 4 readers!!!



Have you seen MI-DEL cookies in your store?  I have never tried them before, but have noticed them in the natural food section of my store.   I am always up for a challenge.  So, when someone asks a pregnant woman to review cookies she jumps at the chance!  I used the MI-DEL handy store locator which tells you where the products can be found, as well as which type of cookie is available.  You can check your are here.

I chose 3 different cookies to review:

1.   Bite Size Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

2.  Chocolate Snaps

3.  Lemon Snaps

[click to continue…]

The Hidden Connections Between Food and Childhood Ailments

WHAT’S EATING YOUR CHILD? The Hidden Connections Between Food and Childhood Ailments was just released on June 6th. Authored by Nutrition Detective Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND, this book is a wealth of resources for those parents who are interested in looking at different ways things your child ingests can be affecting their body and their health.

I know for me personally, there are things that I wasn’t aware of at all before reading this book- some that I was.  I’m always trying to look for ways to keep my kids healthy and ward of illness without the use of pharmaceuticals.  I do try to avoid high fructose corn syrup when I am able to because I can tell by the kids’ behavior within 5 minutes of them eating it that they’ve had HCFS.  They get all kinds of hyper!!   My biggest reason for being interested in this book, aside from curiosity, is that all three of my children suffer from multiple rounds of ear infections every winter- frequently ones that don’t clear up without multiple rounds of antibiotics.  This makes me nuts and I’m actively trying to figure out a way to prevent them or a more natural way to help my kids get through them- I had ear infections the same way as a child and I’ve often wondered if there are things we can consume- or not consume- to help ward off infections in our ears.  [click to continue…]

Don’t Forget Dad: Amy Michelle GoTotes Giveaway

What?  You think I’m all kinds of crazy, writing a post about a gorgeous Amy Michelle diaper bag, and saying its for the Don’t Forget Dad event?  Well, maybe I *am* crazy but hey, dads have to carry bags too, right?  Why not let them carry one in style?  I kid you not, I have had at least 25 diaper bags in my just about 6 years as a mom.  No lie.  No joke.  I love a good bag. 

Why shouldn’t we include dads when looking at diaper bags? I have family and friends who did and they picked something “tolerable” because they knew their husband/boyfriend wouldn’t object to carrying it.  That makes me sad.  We should have beautiful bags if we want them- just because we have a baby doesn’t mean we should be stuck with babyish looking bag to tote around baby needs!!  [click to continue…]

Don’t Forget Dad: BARBAR Professional 180 Clippers(Giveaway)

Over the winter, I shared with you about my awesome new hair dryer with the 11 foot cord.  We’ve added something new to our house from the fabulous and eco-friendly BARBAR Hair Tools, in the form of hair clippers!   I may not be able to cut my daughters’ hair myself, but I sure can do a mean buzz cut on my little man.  I love little guys with a buzz cut. Especially in summertime- so much cooler, and no muss, no fuss!!

I do have one thing I despise about doing Buddy’s haircuts at home.  The mess.  With 3 little kids, a dog and a cat, I’m always needing to clean my floors anyway- but adding a haircut into the mix really just makes things worse!! When I saw that the BARBAR clippers are cordless (and rechargeable!!) I knew I wanted them.  I did a buzz on little man just 10 days ago- in the dead center of our backyard- and then brushed him off and into the pool we went- no mess for me, no itch for him because we got the hair right off. 

Aside from being cordless (which is just great, and I’m not kidding. I gave away our old clippers because I can’t go back to a corded clipper! No sir!!) these clippers are wonderful.  They are really well made- I even showed one of my sisters who was a hairstylist pre-kids, and even she was impressed with the quality.  Built to last.  Comfortable to hold.  Good variety of attachments and adjustable ceramic blade to really get the customized cut you want!!  [click to continue…]