Meow Mix Tender Centers (Plus an adorable kitty song)

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Last winter, we lost our kitty Raistlin after almost 15 years.  Raistlin was a funny kitty- she'd eat Meow Mix Seafood Middles and only Meow Mix Seafood Middles….when it came to actual cat food.  She'd also enjoy potato, watermelon and dog food- along with egg and milk.  I'm willing to wager a guess that miss kitty would have LOVED the new Meow Mix Tender Centers!  Our new kitten, Sunshine (aka, Shun-shine, Sunshine Kitty) has already shown that she'll be following in Raistlin's foot-or rather…pawprints.  She loves yogurt and egg, and we can't wait for her to try some “big kitty food” when she's done with kitten foods.

I always try to buy our pet foods in larger packaging because it means I can spend smarter and save some money.  Meow Mix is available in most warehouse centers including Sam's Club, so I know I can purchase a brand my kitty likes and save some money in the process.  PLUS, I love silly things, and when you visit Meow Mix at Sam'….

you can totally make your OWN custom version of the Meow Mix jingle.  They even have a kitten that looks just like our Sunshine, only with a hilarious wide open mouth and teeth showing (Silly). Check my custom Meow Mix jingle out!

Meow Mix Tender Centers cat food is crunchy outside, meaty inside, and made with the tasty flavors of white meat chicken and salmon. It’s two textures and flavors in perfect harmony. Meow Mix Tender Centers, the taste cats ask for by name.

Meow Mix Original Choice is made with the delicious flavors of chicken, salmon, tuna and ocean fish to give your cat the essential nutrition he needs every day.

I want to see what kitty characters YOU choose for a jingle! Check it out and let me know which you choose (I had a very hard time choosing, and the kids and I spent a long time listening to all of the kitties and laughing a ton!)

Have you ever had “one of those days” with your cell phone?

US Cellular logoMy friend Julie and I were discussing the funny things we do with our cell phone.  You know, like the time she was talking to her coworker on the phone and sort of maybe rear-ended him in the process?  Things like that.

How the time when I was helping my not-really-ready-to-potty-train 2 year old in the bathroom at the park and she saw my phone sticking out of my pocket and grabbed it…and oh yes… SPLASH!  (For the record, that phone was done for.  There was no attempt to resuscitate it.  I didn’t have it in me. Not after being in a public rest room toilet).

Or the time over the summer I kept trying to call my husband to tell him that a pr firm had emailed and wanted to put ME and a recipe of mine into a nationally published newspaper insert.  Only he heard about 1 in every 20 words.  My phone kept crackling.  Things he thought I said: The kids peed on the newspaper, and I took their picture!  I don’t have a recipe for dinner! Can you even believe it?

is cellular customer service gone

Right.  I’d totally be excited that the kids peed anywhere but where they are supposed to.  Never mind that I’d not take a photo of that happening anyway?!  Aside from my frustration at him not having a CLUE what I was going on and on about so excitedly, I was super annoyed that my phone kept crackling.  I wasn’t in a bad service area and normally had good service there, and I was trying to tell my husband.  To say I was pouty is an understatement.  My favorite part of it was when he knew I was excited, and was trying to respond enthusiastically to what he thought I was saying.  Can you imagine my poor husband?  “That’s great! I’m excited for you honey, and I bet that picture of the kids peeing on the newspaper came out great.  Maybe don’t text it to me though.  I’ll see it when I’m at home.”

Given my frustration and annoyance, I did call customer service, because that same week I had multiple issues with my service.  As frequently happened, the call left me frustrated and annoyed.  You know…how most of us feel when we hang up the phone.  “I’m sorry you are frustrated.” and that’s kind of the end of it.  Sigh. Sometimes I long for the olden days, when I started working at the mall, and customer service was required- if we didn’t offer it to customers, we were out a job.  It amazes me just how long it takes to get through all of the menus, to give your story to someone, and they realize hey! you need to talk to another department and hold on let me transfer you….and then guess what?! It’s time!! Time to give your entire story AGAIN.

Sometimes, I confess, I push the wrong buttons.  Just for fun.  Just to see what happens.  It’s never as satisfying as I want it to be, having the phone ring over to new customers when I’m fully aware and know darn well that I’m existing.  It’s my own little way of rebelling, I suppose.

Surely, I am not alone. Surely more of you have funny stories to share?


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The difference between women & men shopping for furniture (infographic)

I had to share this infographic with you- I keep thinking about how much I love our furniture in our living room but I can’t stand the layout and I really, really want to get a small sectional with a big upholstered ottoman…but suggesting we go furniture shopping makes my husband look at me as if I had 4 heads sprouting at once. That said, I give you this cute infographic!

5 Things I Never Thought I’d Say

There are many phrases parents don’t expect to utter until they have children….here are a few of my current faves!  Parenting sure is fun sometimes!

1. Please don’t cut the cat’s hair…your sister’s hair… the dog’s hair…mommy’s hair….

2. Please don’t put stickers on your penis.

3.Please don’t feed the cat waffles.

4. Please don’t feed the baby the dog’s food.

5. Please don’t lick the lobster tank.

lobster tank

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Got any of your own?


What women want.

I apologize if you are looking at this post title  thinking I’m going to give you some magical answer.  I’m not. I don’t have it.  I’m a woman, and what I want changes from time to time- when I was younger, I wanted to meet my (wealthy) knight in shining armor, be swept off my feet, romanced and showered with gifts…. and then as I grew older, I realized what I wanted was someone who loved ME for being me, quirks and all, and for us to be healthy enough to spend many years together.  After we started the journey to becoming parents, I wanted to be a mom.  Actually, I always have wanted to be a mom, but when that didn’t happen immediately, I REALLY wanted it.   Now that I am a mom, I want for my children to grow up knowing how to love and how to be loved, and to have happiness in their lives.  That’s it.  That’s all I want.  And coffee each morning.

Not that I hate presents.

But for me, and most women I know, what we want isn’t stuff.  It isn’t “things” or something you can buy.

presents for women

Of course, I’m not one to turn away presents.  I don’t find that  presents for women are hard to find.  You could just ask us….we might even answer!


What do YOU think women want? 

5 things most people won’t tell you about having a baby

1. Babies do not poop in one neat spot.  The odds are 110003932432 to 1 that you are going to touch baby poo with your bare hands.  Just accept it.  There is not a 100% foolproof diaper in existence that can contain every single bit of a new babies’ poo.

2. There are reasons that people with young children have a package of wipes in one size or another in every vehicle and bag they own, and probably one in many rooms in their home.  (See #1)

3.  Whenever you start a sentence with “I’m never going to (insert whatever here)…” or “We’re never going to (insert that same whatever here)…,” fully expect most veteran parents within earshot (or who see it if in writing) will snicker, roll their eyes or laugh at you.  It isn’t that they don’t find it cute…it’s just that until you have lived through some of the things you think you will never do…most of us find that a lot of the “nevers” turned into “I/We did that.”

4. Babies are on a mission.  Sure, they are cute, they make adorable noises and their heads have the most awesome smell in the world.  But under all that adorable cuteness lies a tiny being determined to never let you sleep again.  Oh sure, they’ll throw you a bone now and then- maybe its a few hours in a row, or sleeping through the night- but don’t be fooled.  They lull you into a false sense of security and then…just when you think “ok! I am sleeping again!” they change all of their sleeping habits.  Often, they will celebrate this occasion and their victory by revisiting item #1 on this list.

5. There’s a rumor circulating around that riding in the car can calm or soothe a baby.  This may happen on occasion, but…as mentioned in #4, it’s only to lull you into a false sense of security.  Most babies, including my own, view the car as a torture device.  They may start screaming before get into the carseat.


What else do you think people don’t tell about having a baby?



I like to call this one, WHAT was she thinking? (Wordless Wednesday)

Sometimes, as a parent, you really just have to sit there and wonder what on earth could possibly be going through their heads.  This is what our 6.5 year old came down to get help with at 9:30 on Sunday night.

the things kids do

45 minutes it took me, to get that mess undone.


What have YOUR kids done that just makes no sense at all?


Source: via Leanna on Pinterest

OK.  We all know about Pinterest and most of us are addicted.  Or at the very least, have lost some time by perusing the site. It’s fun, and its awesome to see all of these wonderful, beautiful ideas….

that others can bring to fruition.


You see,


I’ve tried a lot of things from Pinterest.  I have.  I’ve been so excited, and then….

my results are not exactly…um…



let’s just say it like it is.




I can’t be the only one, can I?

The super cute soap dispensers, filled with neatly suspended legos?  Yea.  Notsomuch.  My legos sank down, the soap was murky, and my kids were all “Moooooooooooooooommmy why did you put my favorite lego blocks in the soap?”

Or the “melt in your mouth chicken” that had been repinned a bajillion times.  I followed that recipe to at “t” and yet… there was no one in my house that wanted to keep that chicken in our mouth.

The super cute wreath that I spent a few hours painstakingly cutting the old nursery curtains into strips for, so it would adorn the front door so adorably?!
Well, it IS hanging on the door.  It does adorn the door.  But adorable?  I don’t think so.  More like “at least you tried”

I love Pinterest, and I love what it offers.  But I have to be the one to say this. I have to admit my shortcomings.  Apparently, Pinterest is one.


In all seriousness, I’ve had GREAT successes with Pinterest, too.  But when I fail, I FAIL.  I guess I just don’t like to be half-failing.


But now I want to know- what do YOU fail at?