Good Cook Nonstick Cutlery Rocks and One of You Will Win a Set Too Giveaway)

When Good Cook sent some of their nonstick cutlery to us, I knew I wanted to try them because-well, to be honest, I liked the colors, and I found the idea of nonstick to be intriguing.  I like the knives because they are fun, vibrant colors, and each comes with a matching sheath to protect fingers when grabbing. That means I can keep them tucked away in a drawer and not worry I’m going to slice my fingers when looking for something else (I’m NOT the only one who does that, right?) The color “coding” makes it simple- yellow knife, yellow sheath.  Purple knife, purple sheath.

chopping avocados from mexico


These knives cut through avocado like nothing. It’s marvelous. I mean, I have sharp knives, but nothing non stick.  It’s a different experience to cut with these.  Definitely going to use them for stickier foods from now on!  The bread knife is officially my favorite knife to slice fresh baked bread with, because the bread just falls away from it.  Normally I make a huge mess slicing bread.  Now I just have the huge mess I make while MAKING the bread, but not from slicing.

good cook nonstick knife

I’ve been using the Nonstick Chef’s Knife a lot- makes fast work for me with veggies, especially root veggies.  The handles are ergonomic so they don’t slip and slide around on me (can you tell that I’m kind of clumsy yet?)

These knives are just plain fun. The nonstick is something I’ve not had before with knives and I wasn’t sure what I’d think. I do like it. I really like that I don’t have to scrub and scrub to get raw meat or sticky foods off of the blades.  I hate scrubbing knives and I’m clumsy so I tend to have incidents when I do.  ** Please note, as fun as these LOOK, they are not kid-friendly. They are super sharp.

I used the Good Cook Nonstick Santuko Knife when I was cutting the avocado for my Egg, Jarlsberg and Avocado Breakfast Cups.  Made very short work of things, and super, super easy to clean up.  Prices range from $14.99 to $29.99 so they are totally affordable.  Wouldn’t a set of these be such a fun shower gift, or housewarming gift?

These nonstick-coated knives come in inviting colors for ready access—the bright coding signals that purple is for sandwiches, green is for paring, etc. The serrated blades are crafted from high-carbon steel, which stays sharp through regular use. The nonstick coating prevents crumbs from sticking. Each knife includes a safety sheath to help protect the blade and allow for safe storage. The soft-grip, ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand and provides better control when slicing and when hands are wet.

***Save  30% off these knives as well as your entire order at with promo code: NONSTICK. Offer valid through April 15, 2013.***

good cook nonstick cutlery giveaway

One reader will win a set of Good Cook Nonstick Knives valued at $125! 



I received a set of these knives for my review.  Opinions are my own.

Finally, cleaning bottles that use all the cleaner! WITH a coupon (Giveaway)

Do you get as annoyed as I do that spray bottles NEVER get the last of the liquid out?  There’s always a little bit left at the bottom.  It makes me crazy.  When Clorox asked me to give their new Spray Every Drop cleaners a go, I had to try them.  I mean, what if they really could spray EVERY drop, and not leave that last 1.2 inch of liquid?  The Spray Every Drop bottles have a built in tube that goes all the way to the bottom of each bottle.   You can see where the tube is from the outside – there’s a yellow stripe on each bottle. While this may not make my cleaning job easier, it will certainly frustrate me less with that wasted last bit of cleaning liquid!

clorox spray every drop bottles

Now, I am admittedly not one to always use store bought cleaners.  Most of the time, I’m a make-your-own cleaner girl.  But the bathrooms?  Um, they get gross, and fast.  Three little kids, including a 5 year old boy (and if you know any 5 year old boys…you understand) plus a husband, a dog and a cat….well, things get messy.  I like to do a deep clean every few weeks with Clorox Cleaner + Bleach and will continue to do so- only now, I’ll be using the new packages with the cool no-need-to-waste-a-bunch-of-cleaner feature.

Clorox just launched a new coupon on their site. When you watch the quick video about the spray bottle’s “makeover” you get a $1 coupon. If you share the video on Facebook or Twitter, you get a $1.50 coupon.
spray every drop bottles

One reader will win five free product coupons so that you can stock your cleaning cabinet with spray every drop technology!


This post is brought to you by Clorox and The Motherhood, and I’ve been compensated for my time. However, all opinions are my own.

The Organic Bloom


If you are anything like me you like to freshen up the look of your house, but don’t want to undertake a huge project to do so. I discovered The Organic Bloom through my photography business and just LOVE LOVE LOVE these fresh and funky frames. They offer “custom-designed frames exclusively for wholesale to professional portrait photographers. Each frame is a unique work of art designed to give your cherished moments the attention, care, and flair they deserve.” Frames are available in 16 styles and 53 different colors to choose from. I designed my own Organic Bloom custom frame to place over my living room mantle . I was looking to update the look of the room, and add a fun pop of color. The process was simple. First I chose my frame style, then colors for both the outer and inner frame, whether or not I wanted a glaze, and size. There are so many options to choose from, every frame is a unique work of art! I chose the Fonzie Twin Double frame in Flamenco Red and White without glaze. I just love the color combination and the eye catching appeal of the frame. I get loads of positive comments from everyone who visits my home! organicbloom3 I love the naturally distressed look of the frame. I chose not to have my frame glazed, but you can glaze your frame in either black or brown. This will give a stained effect to the bare wood sections of the frame and give a slightly different appearance to the paint on the frame. These frames are very versatile. The Organic Bloom also offers chalkboard inserts that can be placed in the frames. These are great for photographs. I can write the childs ages, or a fun phrase to make for an interesting photograph. The photographic possibilities are endless! organicbloom5 These frames are really a piece of wall art. They are hand crafted and of excellent quality. I am currently in the process of replacing all of the frames in my home with The Organic Bloom! In addition to the twin double frame shown here (the white frame on the red frame), you can get single frames (like this Audrey Frame in Tahitian Sky with a chalkboard insert), or frames that have opening for multiple photos. If you are having professional photos taken, shouldn’t you make sure you display them in a fun and prominent way? The Organic Bloom frames can be ordered through you local photographer/vendor. It’s easy to find a vendor in your area. Just follow this link and type in your zip code! organicbloom2

“A discount on this product was provided to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.”

Spring Cleaning and Organization just got prettier with Fellowes Banker Boxes (Giveaway) #GetOrganized #BankerBoxes

We don’t have an ‘office’ in our house. There isn’t a room to BE an office.  We do have a little area in our bedroom that has a doorway, I haven’t a clue what it was originally meant to be…but a few years ago, we turned it into an ‘office’ by adding some open shelving and a counterspace.  Of course, having some kids right when we did this meant that a lot of things were put into bins and baskets and it quickly became more a catchall than an organized, usable space.  There has been no organization since we first filled the shelves.   The past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time working on getting things sorted and organized and ready to put into  Fellowes Banker Boxes so at least the area looks more organized.  Some of the items you can see above the shelving are things of my moms I simply haven’t been able to go through yet- and I’m still not ready.  So they will go into boxes now.  Pretty boxes, but boxes.  I can’t believe I am sharing these pictures with you but here goes…

fellowes banker box before


So that’s a lot of the before. But there’s more.  If I’m going to out myself and show you what I’ve ignored for years when I spring clean….why not go all out, right?

kids school papers before fellowes banker box

This had a lot of the kids’ baby books, school papers, and assorted art projects.  I have three kids.  This had to stop.  Imagine the uproar if their stuff got mixed up later in life?  No, they needed their own spot for their things.  I needed a spot so I could preserve things.


I don’t mind spring cleaning.  But spring organizing? Not a fan.  Usually because I tend to have situations like this and I can’t figure out where to start.  I can’t throw away the few family photos and papers I have left, so I just leave them (until now).


The STARTING of the organizing has actually been kind of fun.  Probably not in the same way for all of us…but hey, that’s life.  Or at least, that’s my life.  My littlest one discovered a photo book of our wedding, and my son decided to make forts.  But they had fun, we laughed a lot, and I started to get each kids’ papers into their own boxes.  It felt really good getting that started, I’ve been thinking about it a really long time and just felt so overwhelmed I never even started.  (I’m not the only one who gets like that, right?)

fellowes banker box collage


Be sure to check back in a month or so, because I’ll be sharing the AFTER photos with you of the office area…and maybe more.  Fellowes sent a lot of Banker Boxes and they won’t all fit into our office area so they may go to some other rooms in the house as well.

**Check out the Fellowes Bankers Box ‘Messiest Closet’ Contest where you can enter to win a  consultation with a professional organizer from the National Association of Professional Organizers and receive up to $500 in free Bankers Box Stackable Storage products  Five second place winners will also win $500 worth of product.**
fellowes banker box

One reader will win receive his or her own set of Fellowes Bankers Box products!


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Fellowes Bankers Boxes. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Sid the Science Kid – Sid’s Slide to the Side Appisode from Mindshapes

If you have a kid who likes Sid the Science Kid and his pals Gabby, May and Gerald, who love to gather round for rug time with Teacher Susie, then I have some app-solutely fun news for you!  Mindshapes asked me to share their brand new appisode:  Sid the Science Kid – Sid’s Slide to the Side with you.  Sid can’t understand why he can’t slide in his shoes and this whole app is centered around why that is- stories, mini games, songs and more offer an engaging way for kids to learn more about friction.  It’s just like the beloved Sid the Science Kid program on PBS- just for the iPad, iPhone and iTunes.

sids slide to the side rug time

Sid’s Slide to the Side is the first in a new app format from Mindshapes called an “Appisode” – enhanced story–based adventures with rich learning game and play activities. This Appisode is a new approach to mobile learning keeping kids engaged and entertained with cool songs, interactive games, reinforced learning activities and colorful characters like PBS favorite – Sid the Science Kid.

sids slide to the side screenshot

This appisode is based on Jim Henson’s Sid the Science Kid: The Movie and incorporates everything we love about Sid and his preschool pals- questions, curiosity, learning, exploring…laughing and problem solving in a fun, engaging way. Kids will learn about friction with the included 2 books, 2 games/activities and music from Teacher Susie.  As always, Susie doesn’t just tell the kids what they need to know to answer their questions,  but encourages them to ask questions and explore in order to help them discover for themselves.

What’s in the app?

Two fully narrated and animated Livebooks™ – classic Sid stories that everyone will enjoy!

Push-a-Puck: Learn and Play activity explores the concept of friction thru choices of materials and combinations. Changes levels as your child progressively plays and learns.

✔ Sid’s Speedway: Educational Go-Kart racing game that teaches kids about friction through the power of play. Uses great features and functionality of the iPad as kids explore many different combinations the activity offers.

✔ Music: A favorite song from Teacher Susie!

This app is available through iTunes for $2.99 as of 4/2/13.  Definitely one we’ll keep on my phone- it’s got enough components that it’ll keep the kids happy for a long time if we are waiting at an appointment.

This is a sponsored post, and opinions are, as always, my own.  Anyone who has the  rug time song in their head after reading this, I wish you well.  It’s been in my head for days!! (Luckily it’s a fun song).

Great gift idea for campers, hikers, scouts…anyone? The Every Day Carry Tool!

When Kaufman Mercantile asked me to review their “EDC” (Every Day Carry tool), I took one look and realized I’d just been introduced to something really cool.  My husband is very handy.  He’s also very hard to shop for.  I know too many folks who tell me they have a guy who’s super hard to shop for.  But I’ve found a solution.  Well, I’ve found a solution for one holiday. Maybe 2.  All of the shows about emergency preparedness and surviving in different situations should use this product. All together, the EDC with all of the tools on it weighs next to nothing.  For those hiking or camping deep in the woods (or any situation where you are concerned about weight of things), this adds so much help and almost NO weight to your pack/supplies.

If you are one of the people who has an emergency preparedness kit, the EDC is the perfect thing to include.  Just don’t forget the lighter fluid!  A little does go a very long way but won’t get you far if you have none at all.

every day carry toolThis little EDC fits on a keychain.  A keychain.  And it isn’t just one tool.  It’s 5 in one.  Tweezers, screwdriver keys (2 of them), a 2 inch prybar and a mini waterproof lighter.  In one place.  My husband did raise his eyebrow a bit when I first showed him this, but of course, he mentioned it at work and when his coworkers were interested and two remembered having one of these in the military, he was very interested.

These tools are made to last. Each is made from super strong materials like black-oxide hardened steel, titanium, and industrial grade metal.  The lighter has a seal to keep water OUT and lighter fluid IN.  That cute little prybar?  Don’t let the size fool you.  It’s strong enough to get LEGO bricks apart.  It’s tiny but that means it can fit into tiny spaces.  Maybe not something you’ll use all the time but with the size and weight, it doesn’t matter.  The EDC is versatile and practical.  I can’t say enough how cool I think itis!  Plus, it can fit in your purse quite nicely. Or backpack.  Fanny pack. Pockets.  Wherever.  Just not in the little one’s pockets, of course.

kaufman mercantile magnesium fire starter

The other super cool gift idea, which you can pair with the EDC or save for another gift occasion is this Magnesium Fire Starter.  Wet matches aren’t going to put a damper (get it? wet, damper? haha?) on your campfire plans with this tool- simply put the tip of the fire starter on a rock or solid surface (out of the wind) and scrape the magnesium into a pile of shavings, then usel the flint to ignite.  Because the shavings are magnesium, once you get them lit, it’s hard to put them OUT, so even damper kindling pieces can still have a fair shot to be lit for a campfire.  We all know how important a campfire is in so many situations!  I can’t not mention the “fun” part of this tool- surely this is more fun than matches or a “regular” lighter, no?

Not sure what to get that someone on your list?   For any gift occasion?  I definitely think you should check out the EDC and Magnesium Fire Starter. These are useful, practical, and I’m guessing, something that you don’t have yet. 

We love this so much we may get a second so that we each have one (mine at home, hubby’s in his pocket with his keys!

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Thanks to Kaufman Mercantile for sending these for review.  Opinions are my own.

The Good Bean All Natural Roasted Chickpea Snacks

I was so excited when my box of snacks arrived from The Good Bean.  They sent all 4 flavors of their Chickpea Snacks (Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper, Smoky Chili and Lime, Sweet Cinnamon) and 3 flavors (Apricot and Coconut, Fruit and Seeds Trail Mix, Chocolate Berry) of their Fruit & No Nut Bars for me to review.

The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks



My 8 year old was excited to try all 3 flavors of the bars.  He loved them all.  The bars are:

Gluten free
Nut free*
5g protein
Fair trade
Hexane free
130 cals per bar
High fiber

We all tried the chickpea snacks.  They are so good.  Crunchy, tasty and filing.  One serving has only 140 calories and is half of a bag.  The Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper flavors are my favorite.  But the Smoky Chili Lime and Sweet Cinnamon are quite good too.  Nothing went to waste, they were all devoured and I will be looking to pick up some more.

The Good Bean Chickpea snacks

100% goodness
Healthy! Our chickpeas are naturally packed with intense nutrition – for a healthy heart, a healthy waistline, and for sustained energy.
Tasty! They’re also intensely delicious. Dry roasted sloooowly, and then tossed with tasty spices. Yum!
100% badness
Gluten-free, nut-free, cholesterol-free, low fat, low in carbohydrates, nothing over-engineered, nothing artificial.

The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks

The Good Bean Sea Salt Chickpea snacks


Where to find The Good Bean

You can order The Good Bean products online and they have free shipping for orders over $25.  Or Check there Store Locator to see where you can pick them up locally.

I was provided with product to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Luxury Mansion Play Set (Review) #buildbarbiesworld

Given the love my have for building blocks, when I was asked to check out the new  Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style Luxury Mansion Play Set, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  We have loved the Spider Man sets from Mega Bloks, especially given my son’s obsession with all super heroes.  The kids were all excited to try something new!  This set  comes with 301 pieces (about 2 dozen of which are accessories for the set to make it play-able) and took us just under an hour to assemble.  It took the kids about 5 minutes after it was assembled to start taking it apart to make modifications.  As I type this, all 3 are in the living room making a custom village with parts from all of our building block sets.

Barbie Megabloks Build n Style Dream Mansion Bath various

There is a lot of attention to detail with this set.  It is of course, predominantly Barbie pink.  The building blocks are pink, white, sparkly pink and teal.  Fun, bright colors are always a theme with Barbie products!  Reflective fronts of mirrors, laptop keyboards, remote control stickers, and a raise and lower toilet seat!

Barbie Megabloks Build n Style Dream Mansion Bath and Kitchen

This Mega Bloks Barbie set has 8 rooms that you can build and rebuild to make a custom luxury mansion for (included) Barbie and her pal Teresa to hang out in.  Our favorite is the elevator- my little one is enamored with the rooftop patio and the bathroom.  The chandelier is a pretty neat feature too! All of the Mega Bloks Barbie sets are interchangeable so you can add on to your collection and mix and match and redesign to your heart’s content.  The drawers really open, as do the fridge, stove and cabinet doors in the kitchen.

This set is kind of hard to keep together once assembled as the mansion.  I think I might use some super glue to keep it as the mansion if the kids decide that’s how they want to use it and keep it together- although by the

looks of things, they have their own agenda anyway.  They don’t seem to mind and just put the pieces back where they were.

You can find the Mega Bloks Barbie Mansion and other playsets at Walmart- they are also on rollback right now!

I was provided a sample and a thank you item for sharing my review of this set with you.  Opinions are my own. 

Nestle Easter Goodies!

Don’t have those basket fillers just yet?  There’s still time (and if your local stores are like mine, still plenty of product on shelves) to grab some fun goodies!  My favorite find this year? The WONKA Hard2Find Egg Hunt.  Egg hunting is serious business around here. My kids have a history of practice hunts in the weeks leading UP to Easter.  Now that they are getting older, we can have fun making them harder to find.  The Hard2Find eggs are more “camoflauged” than any of our other eggs…so we can really get them tucked away. Just be sure you make a note of WHERE you put these and how many you hid in case you are too good at hiding!

nestle easter (1)

Got too many jelly beans? Make some Jelly Bean Easter Bark.  Super simple, and the kids can help!  The “bumpy” Nerds jelly beans would make for interesting texture.

easter basket2-1

Don’t forget to check out our recipe for Chocolate Chip Easter Baskets using Nestle chocolate chips! These would be adorable place cards for Easter dinner. 

Nestle products are available just about anywhere you shop!

Thanks to Nestle for sending some goodies for our Easter celebrations.  Opinions are my own. 

Hershey’s has some great options for Easter Baskets

Do you know, we’ve never really done a chocolate bunny in the kids’ baskets for Easter before?  Crazy, I know. I was pretty excited when Hershey’s wanted to send us some Easter goodies- how can the mom of a girl who loves princesses pass up a Solid Milk Chocolate Princess Bunny?  I know, right?  They have a cute Solid Milk Chocolate Speedy Bunny for my sin, and for my oldest, who’s got so many loose teeth it’s hard to bite into things, a Snapsy Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny.  I think the princess and racecar driver bunnies are great, but Snapsy is really cool to me because he’s easy to break apart- so the kids can eat a little at a time in small portions (my husband says this makes it easier for the kids to share with parents. I should have gotten 4 bunnies).  They are all made with Hershey’s chocolate so I know they’ll be delicious.

hersheys easterHershey’s also has Easter versions of many of their “everyday” products, like Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s, York Peppermint Patties, Kit Kats and more.  I like to use those for baking fun- we’re probably going to make plate of goodies up to bring to the facility my dad lives for his caregivers to enjoy. You can find lots of great Easter treat recipes right on the Hershey’s

Thanks to Hershey’s for the Easter goodies!