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Back Up Better

This is not my van but is almost identical in size to mine. The scariest thing to me is how LITTLE we can see below the rear window- where kids and pets are bound to be!

Earlier this morning, I was with the kids in a busy local shopping plaza parking lot. This is an older parking lot and it does not fit today’s parking needs, to say the least. It’s dangerous and narrow and I only go there because I love that particular grocery store. Trying to leave a parking space in that store is harrowing every single time.  Too many large cars and no visibility. I creep out and look as many times as I can.  I’m terrified I’ll miss seeing something- or someONE, and my heart skips a beat every time I pull out.  When I saw that my friend Janel from A Mom’s Take had recently shared about the Back Up Better products, I started to investigate.  I wanted to know more and where I could find some for my vehicles!

 “In the U.S. at least fifty (50) children are being backed over by vehicles EVERY week.” (

Another place of concern for backing up?  At home.  We’re hyper conscious when we back up in our driveway and either have the kids in the car with us or have them stand by the garage where we can see them at all times. I’ve heard way too many tragic stories that have devastating endings that involve children being backed over in their own driveways.

back up better lens

See the difference the Back Up Better lens can make?

We have three older vehicles and back up cameras aren’t options for us- having them installed is cost prohibitive at this point and finding an easy to install option that IS affordable was something I wasn’t aware existed.  Thankfully, I am now aware these products exist.  I have some en route to my house, in fact!

Why am I so glad to find out about Back Up Better?  These are some alarming statistics.  Better safe than sorry, I say.  You can’t ever be too cautious, especially with the distractions facing todays drivers.

Nearly 50% of children injured in backover incidents were 1 to 4 years old. Most backovers occurred either at home or in driveways or parking lots.

Backover fatalities happen most commonly in the driveway, closely followed by other residential areas, nonresidential parking lots and public roadways.

From 2001 to 2003, approximately 7,475 children (2,492 per year) aged 1 to14 years were treated for non-fatal motor vehicle backover injuries in emergency departments.

In November 2008, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that there are 18,000 backover injuries annually, of which 292 are fatal.

Check these images out- one is a side view mirror without Back Up Better product, and the other has the Back Up Better.  A picture speaks 1,000 words, right?









So where does Back Up Better come from?  Two neighbors. Two concerned parents.  Two people just like you and me.  They saw a problem and an affordable, simple solution.

It’s simple. We’re a group of parents with SUVs and Minivans, just like you.We’ve read all the horror stories. We’ve seen them in national headlines. More importantly though, we’ve seen them happen in the driveways and parking lots much too close to our own homes.Automobile and truck manufacturers and legislative bodies have wrestled for years over the elimination of vehicle blind spots. Legislation has been established, named after a doctor who himself ran over his own child… but we’re still years away from real solutions. All the while, children continue to die in avoidable, regrettable backup incidents. And no parents want that child to be their own. We get chills when we think about all of the backup incidents we discovered? There are tens of millions of vehicles on the roads today that have no line of sight to what is directly behind them, and in many cases, what is to the immediate side.Blind spots.We’ve decided to do something about it — not in a few years — but today.

We’ve researched the subject. We’ve compiled the stories. We’ve researched solutions. We’ve tested products in the real world, with real people… with our neighbors and friends and with their neighbors and friends (many of whom are quoted here). We’ve found simple and inexpensive solutions that really work. And we offer them to you right here, right now.

So what are the Back Up Better products?
Well, there are three products.

Back Up Better Rearview Lens (comes in 2 sizes, $14.99 or $23.99) The Back Up Better Lens is a thin, flexible plastic lens that adheres easily with a little water to the rear window of your SUV, minivan, truck or station wagon. It expands your sight far beyond the field of vision normally available through your rear window. By doing so, it enables you to see much more area and objects that would currently be in your blind spots, closer to the rear of the vehicle, down, up, and to the left and right. Professional truckers have used these lenses for years on their large cabs side windows to increase their view of cars below their level of vision and outside the views of their mirrors. Viewing through the lens literally expands the world around you.

Back Up Better Add-On Blind Spot Mirrors(come in 4 sizes, $6.99 or $12.99) These convex spot Add-On Mirrors attach easily to your vehicle’s driver and passenger side mirrors, greatly increasing your field of view behind and alongside your vehicle, virtually eliminating blind spots. They more than triple your side view.

Back Up Better Add-On Blind Spot Mirrors are all manufactured in tough non-reflective black ABS plastic with a quality reflective mirror surface and attach with weather-resistant Peel & Stick adhesive patches, already applied to the backs. Just clean your mirror with household (Isopropyl) alcohol, then peel and stick. These are inexpensive additions that greatly enhance your vehicle’s Backup and lane changing safety – and give you a lot more comfort and confidence.

Back Up Better Back Up Alarms(one size fits all vehicles, $14.79).  These backup alarms produce a loud beeping sound that triggers automatically when your vehicle’s transmission is put into reverse. Don’t let their low cost deceive you. They really work. The warning sounds alert people close to your vehicle to pay attention when you’re backing up. Demonstrate it for your children.

This alarm can save a life, while keeping neighborhood noise to a minimum. And their minute size and single wire installations make them quick and simple to install in all 12-volt vehicles. Very simple installation instructions for do-it-yourselfers, or your local gas station or mechanic, are included. One size fits all vehicles.

Even purchasing all three products in the larger sizes, you won’t spend more than $56.00 with shipping and you can be assured that your field of vision when backing up is improved dramatically.  Definitely an investment worth making, in my opinion!  What a great gift these will make!  All three products are available for purchase on Back Up Better’s website. 


 This post is brought to you by Back Up Better.  Opinions are my own.


Check out the belVita Breakfast Challenge and enter to win a $500 Walmart GC!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kraft Foods for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know about you but breakfast is a struggle for me.  I’m great about giving the kids a healthy, balanced breakfast, but I’ve never been big on breakfast and often just skip it.  That’s why I was excited to hear about the belVita Breakfast Biscuits which are sweet and crunchy- two of my favorite things!  They are also free of high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and no partially hydrogenated oils.  They ARE a good source of fiber and energy-releasing vitamin B to keep your belly full and energy levels UP.


belVita Breakfast Biscuits come in convenient portioned packs of 4 sweet, crunchy biscuits. They’re  a good source of fiber with 18-20 grams of delicious whole grain. They come in 2 new flavors- Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Chocolate.  Yes, folks…sweet, crunchy breakfast that includes chocolate.  I’m excited too!

When you are ready to try the belVita Breakfast Biscuits, you can find them in the cookie aisle and at the checkout counter. Yes, the cookie aisle, although they are a breakfast biscuit and not a cookie! These biscuits have plenty of fiber and B-vitamins to give you nutritious sustained energy for the whole morning!

Did you hear about the belVita Breakfast Challenge on At, visitors can enter to win a $500 Walmart gift card when they complete all three “challenges”.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to residents of the 50 U.S. and D.C., 18 years and older. Visit to enter and see Official Rules. Ends 9/15/12.

Kissimmee Guest Services- Discounted Tickets to Disney and More!

As I planned my recent trip to Florida I decided that it might be a good idea to purchase my tickets for Disney World prior to my arrival. I was hoping that this would eliminate long waits in line once I entered the park. After searching the internet I was lucky enough to find Kissimmee Guest Services. They offer tickets to many Central Florida theme parks and attractions including: Disney World, Sea World, Universal Orlando, Kennedy Space Center and Busch Gardens. KGS has been operating since 1997 and offers a low price guarantee on all of their tickets.

I had the pleaure of speaking with Tim from Kissimmee Guest Services several times prior to my arrival. As always, he was extremely helpful and friendly (he even found a cheaper way for me to purchase a one day park hopper ticket!). I will always be indebted to Tim for meeting me a the park with a cooler full of frozen water bottles for my family. I think he may have literally saved my life. I don’t know what I would have done without those waters! FYI-for all of you travelers this summer. TAKE A COOLER OF FROZEN WATERS to the park! Check out the Kissimme Guest Services website at: You can find great deals and specials. Right now they are offering: Buy 1 day get 2nd day free to Legoland in Florida. They are also offering Sea World Tickets for $10 off the gate price! When ordering your tickets, you can either pick your tickets up at their office in Celebration, FL or have them mailed directly to your house. We travelled during one of the peak times for Disney World and I was so glad that we had pre-purchased our tickets. Once we arrived at the gate we were able to walk right through. No waiting in lines. We were able to get right into the park and get on those rides ASAP! For all of you last minute summer travelers or for those of you planning your holiday vacations, check out Kissimmee Guest Services for your theme park tickets. You will get a great price and will love the convenience of avoiding the ticket counter at the park. Follow Kissimmee Guest Services on Facebook for the lastest deals and attraction information!   “One day park admission tickets were received in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.”

The Online Training Library Review

There are so many things I want to learn more about. Learning more about my camera, about taking great photographs, from composition to lighting to exposure and aperture- all things that will help me get the most from my camera. There are so many books I have seen but they don’t always click with me (yes, pun intended) and I’ve come to realize that is greatly in part to my being a visual learner….and a hands-on learner.

I’ve been wanting to find some quality online courses that can help me to learn more about not just photography but about my camera, and what I can do with my camera…and eventually, how to make the most of the photo editing software I have and don’t use nearly enough of simply because I don’t understand it. I recently was given the chance to review the online training library , which offers a HUGE library of training courses to take, on a range of subjects including:

  • Audio
  • Design
  • 3D & Animation
  • Business
  • Developer
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Web & Interactive
  • Documentaries


Right now, my priority is learning things to help me take better photos.  You can have the best camera in the world and take the worst photos, and you can have the worst camera in the world and take the best photos…and I want to be able to get great photos no matter what I’m shooting with.  The online training library at has a huge selection of photography courses to take- from foundations of photography (which is what I’m starting with) to photo assignments…some courses on taking photos with your iPhone…and so much more. I was really happy to see that they have some courses to help with Photoshop Elements 10, which is what I have- and love- but I KNOW I am not using to its full potential.

Not into photography?  There’s offerings for website design– which so many people have these days and need to learn.  Including me…I may be a blogger but coding and HTML baffle me to no end and I’m always unsure of myself. I have a huge library to look to with my membership to to find the answers I need- and even to enhance and improve my site on my own! I’ve been wanting to make a mobile app for my site and thanks to that can happen, or I can at least learn some of the skills so that I can start to make that happen.

There are so many options to choose from on  I love that I can simply click a button to add a course I’m interested in to my queue- and I can move things up and down in the queue as my interests change.  This means if I happen to see a course that catches my eye but I’m looking for something else, I can quickly add it to the queue and not “lose” sight of it.  In fact, while poking around today, I found a whole course on family trees from – which I’d probably not stumble on again, but it’s in my queue and I can go back to it at any time! offers so many ways to learn something new or enhance what you already know.  There are several subscription options for you to choose from- so you can opt to be a monthly member, or pay an annual rate.  There are options for just course content access and also options for the course content plus exercises.  Since I’m hands-on I like the exercises.  Like homework.  I always did love homework! I do like the options with and without the exercise files, because I think it makes affordable.  Joining will benefit so many- bloggers, writers, developers, photographers, everyday folks like me who just want to take nice photographs, and more.

I’ll be following up in several weeks with another post about my courses from…with a full membership giveaway valued at $375!

I received a membership to to facilitate my review.  Opinions are my own. 


Florabella Classic Workflow Action Set + Free Timeline Template Download

As I try to hone my skills as a photographer I not only

looks for techniques to improve the raw images that I capture, but also how to improve my photos in post production. I have recently become very interested in Actions. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out the beautiful Florabella Collection Classic Workflow actions. I mean, REALLY excited! If you are not sure what actions are, here is a little description:

What are actions? Actions are editing steps to get a certain look or effect that have been programmed (think of a fancy version of instagram). They save you a TON of time when editing. Instead of having to go through each step, you simply start the action and it does most of the work for you! Most actions allow you to customize the total effect.

These might sound complicated at first, but I PROMISE you they are not and you are really going to love the looks that you can achieve. If you have Photoshop Elements or Photoshop then you can use actions. Simply load them onto your computer, upload to your photo editing software and press play. Done. You can then play around with the action to lessen or change the effect to meet your needs. You can also layer different effects on top of one another for a completely new look.

Florabella Actions are compatible with:

Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6.
Photoshop Elements 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.*

Take a look at some of my before and after images using the Florabella Collection Classic Workflow Set:


Classic Bright + Rosy Glow + Brush On Color Pop


Classic Bright + Rosy Glow + Add Some Drama + Lighter Brighter

Classic Color + Lighter Brighter + Brush On Color Pop

Florabella Collection also offers some great video tutorials on their website at: These are great for those of us just starting out. She really does a great job of describing step by step how to apply her actions.

I am totally in LOVE with Florabells actions. In fact, I have received a really great response from my clients and have noticed an increase in my booking. This action set is really clean and bright. I love to use it for children and I think that it gives an almost dreamy quality to my images.

If you love to take pictures of your children, family or nature, I highly recommend that you look into purchasing a set of Florabella Actions. They are simple to use and will significantly improve the quality of your finished product.

Florabella offers many different actions sets, mats, storyboards and textures. These sets offer endless possibilities for photographers and scrapbookers. Even if you don’t take professional level photos, you can take advantage of these sets. If you love to scrapbook than you will go crazy for the Florabella Color Matte and Design Kit. These mattes add a color or design to the top, bottom or side of your photo, giving it an entirely different look and feel.

Follow Florabella on Facebook for the latest updates, action recipes and for a FREE timeline template!


“A sample of this product was provided to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.”

Educational Insights – Hot Dots Review and Giveaway!

Our monthly review and giveaway from Education Insights is here! We always look forward to our package from EI. They have such fun and engaging educational toys. My kids have such a blast trying out their products. This month we tried out their Hot Dots pen and cards. These were just perfect for my families LONG road trip to Florida.


“The Hot Dots pen works with dozens of Hot Dots card sets, providing instantaneous visual and audio feedback. Simply press the pen to choose an answer on any Hot Dots or Hot Dots Jr. card for an immediate response—cool, kid-friendly phrases for correct answers and gentle redirection for incorrect responses. Grades K+”

The Hot Dots system is a great way for kids to learn while they play.  Hot Dots offers card sets for every topic.  We tried out:

1.  Hot Dots Science Set:  Plant, Animals and Ecosystems: “ An interactive way for individual students to learn and practice key science concepts and vocabulary on their own. Six different science sets available. Grades 2+”

  • 36 double-sided illustrated cards (4.875” x 5.375”)—72 questions each!
  • Reinforces science concepts and vocabulary

2.  Hot Dots Laugh It Up!  Vocabulary Development Cards – Synonyms- “A rich vocabulary is critical for successful test-taking, particularly in reading comprehension. Hot Dots Laugh It Up! Vocabulary Card sets are a fun and interactive way to grow kids’ vocabularies. Grades 2+”

  • 6 Interactive vocabulary card sets in all, include synonyms (shown here), antonyms (2731), multiple-meaning words (2734), prefixes and suffixes (2735), context clues (2733), and homophones (2732)
  • 50 double-sided, illustrated cards per set (100 questions), featuring jokes, riddles, cartoons, and kid-friendly questions
  • Great way to familiarize kids with standardized test format

My son had a great time quizzing himself with this pen and card set in the back of our car this vacation.  He did need some help reading the cards (he is only 6), but was able to often choose the correct answer from the list.  I like how simple the pen is to use.  Simply press the pen to the card and either get a verbal or a visual response.  I like having the option of making this a “quiet time” activity, or allowing the pen to give a verbal cue.  The pen was not too loud, even when set to verbal.  The pen was larger than a regular pen, but has nice grips on the side to promote proper pencil grip.  The cards are nice and sturdy with interesting, bright graphics.  My son absolutely love the Plants, Animals and Ecosystems set.  Learning interesting science facts is right up his alley.  The Hot Dots system has dozens of cards sets to suit the needs of any child.  In addition, they have a Hot Dots Jr. for younger children too!

Deal Alert!!:  Educational Insights is offering a free Hot Dots Pen with the purchase of 2 cards sets!!!  The offer is good through August 11th, 2012 when you use the code:  HOTPEN

One of our winners will win their own Hot Dots or Hot Dots Jr. Pen and one card set of their choice!! (US and Canadian Residents Only)

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“A sample of this product was provided to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.”

South Seas Island Resort and Captiva Cruises

I recently returned from a 2 week vacation on Captiva Island, Florida.  If you have never heard of Captiva it is a small barrier island located on the gulf coast of Florida, near Fort Myers.  It is world renowned for it’s fabulous shelling, gorgeous white sand beaches, laid back atmosphere and it’s fantastic South Seas Island Resort.  I highly recommend that you visit this unique and beautiful island at least once in your life.  My family had a FABULOUS time.  It was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

The generous people at South Seas allowed my family access to all of their ammenities while we visited the island, and WOW do they have a lot of ammenities!

South Seas is a resort village and wildlife sanctuary with the motto of:  Family. Nature. Comfort.  It certainly doesn’t dissapoint and lives up to it’s motto.  Here is a little bit of information about the resort:

“For decades, generations of families have made South Seas Island Resort the destination of choice in which to share treasured moments and make lasting memories. This iconic 330-acre wildlife preserve spans two and a half miles of shell-laden beaches framing the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

All amenities and accommodations are designed to take full advantage of the existing landscape. This Captiva Island resort allows you to discover native Florida in all its wondrous beauty, while relaxing at a Parents Magazines Top 10 Beach Resort for Families.”


  • Two main pools overlook Pine Island Sound and H2Whoa! family water park
  • Skullys Family Interactive Center includes award-winning toddlers, kids, tweens and teens programs
  • GO! Programs including GO! Fish with resident fishing experts, and GO! Sail with Offshore Sailing School
  • Bicycle, golf cart and boat rentals
  • Water sports include jet skis, parasailing and hydro bikes
  • Guided kayak tours and nature walks
  • World-famous shelling
  • The Yacht Harbour Marina and Bayside Marina
  • Fishing charters, surf casting and shore casting
  • Daily cruises in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Gulf-front par 3 executive golf course
  • Fitness center
  • Tennis complex

Our family had a fabulous time visiting the resort.  We were so impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the beautiful grounds.  We will definitely be coming back again.  My family particularly enjoyed the beautiful white sand beaches, relaxing pools, waterslides, parsailing and kayak tour.  This vacation really was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

In addition to spending time on the resort, we were also able to take the famous Captiva Cruises Dolphin and Wildlife Adventure Tour.  This tour leaves from the South Seas Island Resort and from  McCarthy’s Marina.

This 90 minute cruise of the Pine Island Sounds was informative and exciting!  We all enjoyed learning about the Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphin and getting to see several up close and personal as they followed close by our ship.  Along the way the friendly captain and crew showed us some of the wildlife and history surrounding the area.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.  It was also great to see the island from the water.  Such a beautiful place!  If you travel to Captiva Island you MUST check out Captiva Cruises!!

“5 day resort access and discounted dolphin cruise rates were offered in exchange for this review.  All opinoins expressed are my own.”

Sand Free Beach Sheet Review

I am sure many of you are getting ready to take a summer road trip or a visit to the beach. If so, you are going to LOVE this! I recently returned from a 2 week road trip with my family of 5. We spent a large portion of our vacation at a beach house. I am not a huge beach/sand person, so I researched products to make this excursion more convenient and a little less messy. One item that I HAD to try out was the Sand Free Beach Sheet. Check out these great features:

  • It’s better than an ordinary heavy bulky beach blanket or towel!
  • There’s no need to shake out like a beach towel, sand sticks all over a beach towel, not to this beach sheet!
  • You won’t have to put your flip flops or beach bags on the corners to keep it from blowing away.
  • Sand Free Beach Sheet will not blow away – it stakes down into the sand
  • It’s lightweight, made of soft natural fibers not plastic so it stays cool to lie on, dries quickly, and the sand just blows away!
  • Comes with matching inflatable pillows that snap to the sheet.
  • The only thing blowing away in the ocean breeze is the sand!
  • The pillows make it comfortable to sunbath or nap on the beach.
  • Folds compactly in re-sealable plastic bag, easy to carry and store away in.

The Sand Free Beach Sheet comes in 4 sizes:

Single Size = 84″ L x 42″ W

Double Size = 84″ L x 56″ W

Family Size = 84″ L x 84″ W

Extra Large = 84″ L x 106″ W

I tried out the family size sheet in Pink Polka Dot. The sheet came packaged in a great compact plastic bag. It was easy to pack away in the car with all of our other gear and took up very little space. We pulled out this sheet on the first day of vacation and never put it away again! It worked like a charm. I don’t think I can ever go back to the old beach towel on the sand setup again. This family size sheet worked great for my family of 5. My husband and I, along with our 3 little ones fit comfortably on the Sand Free Sheet with room for our bags and gear. What made this sheet so great was the ability to stake it into the sand at the four corners. This held the sheet firmly in place, even on windy days. The inflatable pillows worked like a charm too. They easily snapped to the sheet and made a great setup for impromptu naps on the beach! At the end of the day we simply un-staked the sheet, shook it out and folded it up. That’s it! No sandy mess at all! The sand slid easily from the sheet with a single shake. I highly recommend this product for your next trip to the beach. The sheet is easy to wash and will be

used for years to come! You can check out all of the great patterns at “A sample of this product was provided to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.”

Kohls Cares for Kids Skippyjon Jones (Giveaway)

Kohls Cares for Kids Skippy Jon Jones

The Kohls Cares for Kids initiative has several hilarious Skippyjon Jones books (written by Judy Schachner)available for purchase, with some of Skippy’s favorite amigos to go with the books.   Kohls is supporting children’s health and education initiatives nationwide that donates 100 percent of the net profit from every purchase of Kohls Cares for Kids products.

Included in this promotion :

Skippyjon Jones – We meet Skippyjon Jones, a Siamese cat who’s got a vivid imagination and a mama who wants him to be a cat.  Each is full  of silly wordplays, tons of fun rhyming, and lots of Spanish phrases.  Children delight in this stories about the lovable Skippyjon Jones!

Skippyjon Jones, Class Action – Skippyjon Jones sneaks into doggy obedience school.

Skippyjon Jones in the Dog House– Skippy is in his room for time-out hides from Bobble-ito with his amigos

Skippyjon Jones, Lost in Space – Skippy is off to prove that Mars is red because it’s covered in spicy red pepper.

Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones – Skippyjon Jones heads into dinosaur land to find  Skipposaurus. This book and  the Skipposaurus plush are available exclusively at!

There are also a backpack for kids and notecards featuring images from various Skippyjon Jones books, and some cookbooks available to support Kohls Cares for Kids: Campbell’s Best-Loved Recipes and Crock-Pot Busy Family Recipes.

I’m actually going to order a few of the backpacks- we like to do some school supply donations each year and a $5 backpack is the PERFECT price- plus our help goes a bit further with the proceeds going to children through Kohls as well.  

One reader will win a set of the Skippyjon Jones books, one plush from the set, and a cookbook from Kohls Cares for Kids!

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I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions are my own.  

SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel

My son has discovered the joys of sharp turns that send you flying on his scooter.  He’s no longer on a scooter with three wheels, he’s moved up to the “big kid” kind, and we’ve had many new scrapes, bumps and bruises as a result.  I have lost count of how many “Mom! Did you see that?  Wasn’t it so cool?” as he flies over the handlebar or tumbles off of the scooter.  He has actually scraped his scrapes that weren’t fully healed, and done so more than once.  Given that scooters don’t work on grass (at least not well), when he falls, I’m always aware that there’s dirt, rocks, and whatever other bacteria and germs that may be on the patio getting into his cuts and scrapes- which as we know can potentially lead to infections.  I’d of course prefer that he just live in a bubble and not do super cool wipeouts, but it’s too late for that.  I can’t keep him from being active, nor do I want to- but I sure can do what I can to make sure he’s safe- he’s always got a helmet on, we’re very seriously contemplating knee pads for him, and we are sure to have a fully stocked first aid kit nearby.  

Healthy Hygiene Tips for Kids from SAFESKIN Kids Gel

One thing that’s definitely going to be in our First Aid Kit from now on is  SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel which provides  a barrier to the infection.  SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel is a new first aid topical gel (available at select Walgreens for $4.95) that provides a barrier to MRSA and other infections on scrapes, cuts, burns and more for up to 48 hours with a bandage on.  (I could have used this myself when we were doing the demolition of our bathroom last week- if you have never experienced the joys of demolition with a clumsy person, let me just tell you, have a lot of first aid supplies on hand.  I think I used a box of bandages for just me in one day!  The SAFESKIN would have given me a bit more piece of mind that I wasn’t going to get an infection of some sort.  The material we were removing from our bathroom was installed in 1946 when our house was built- inches of cement, metal screening, old tile…all combinations that could easily be welcoming bacteria to cause infection.  

SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel (from Kimberly Clark Professional) Product Benefits:

  • Use for topical wound care for minor cuts, scrapes and burns
  • Provides barrier to MRSA
  • Antibacterial gel that is antibiotic free
  • Long lasting up to 48 hours – if the bandaged wound stays clean and dry
  • Non-greasy formula helps bandages to stay in place better
  • Fragrance and alcohol free, non-staining patented formulation
  • Made in United States

Why Children & Teens Are at Risk for MRSA

Caring for the minor cuts, scrapes, wounds, burns and bug bites that children sustain from being active is often a routine task for parents, teachers and coaches. While cuts and scrapes may happen frequently, it’s critical that they receive prompt and correct attention as they are potential entryways for infection. Using SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel when caring for a wound when it happens will help protect your children from dangerous staph infections like MRSA.

MSRA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is one of many strains of a bacterium called staph (Staphylococcus aureus) and is resistant to some of the antibiotics typically used to treat skin and soft tissue infections including methicillin and other penicillin type antibiotics such as amoxicillin and the cephalosporins.1 MRSA is highly prevalent in places where children come in close contact with one another like day care centers, playgrounds, locker rooms, classrooms, gymnasiums and sports facilities. Toddlers, children and teens are likely to experience skin-to-skin contact in these places and may share equipment that has not been properly cleaned. Staph infections like MRSA also spread via skin-to-skin contact when playing sports, like wrestling, football, baseball or lacrosse, or from surfaces in gyms and locker rooms like showers, benches and countertops.

Skin Infection Statistics & Children

  • Rates of Community-Associated MRSA (CA-MRSA), a staph skin infection that affects people in the community, have rapidly increased during the past decades
  • According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, skin diseases accounted for 56 percent of all infectious diseases in competitive sports from 1922 through 20053
  • With more than 38 million children and teens participating in youth sports activities, it’s critical that parents, coaches and teachers practice proper wound care.4
  • In 2009, 71,900 children were hospitalized because of infections under the skin5
  • Centers for Disease Control estimates there are approximately 10,800 deaths in the United States each year caused by staph infections, of which 5,500 are linked to MRSA6
  • Skin and soft tissue infections represented 69.9 hospitalizations per 100,000 U.S. children per year from 1996-2006; the rate of CA-MRSA skin and soft tissue infections increased over this period from one in every 100,000 cases in 1996 to 25.5 cases per 100,000 cases in 20067

How to Use SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel:
SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel is easy to use and should be applied with adult supervision. Always wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers before cleaning or dressing a wound. Remove any dirt or debris from the wound if necessary. Wash the wound with lukewarm water and mild soap then blot the injured area dry with a clean towel. Apply SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel to the wound and surrounding area. Cover with bandage and repeat every one to three days, sooner if the bandage becomes wet or soiled. A product like the SAFESKIN* Kids SPORT WRAP can help hold a bandage in place. Change the dressing every day.

SAFESKIN Kid Antibacterial Gel

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