Spring Looks from The Children’s Place #Giveaway

The Children’s Place always offers fun, functional and stylish clothing that really stands up to wear and, my favorite part, is AFFORDABLE.  The looks range from sweet and classic to fun and funky, with a whole lot of fun in between.  Here are my two older kids sporting their new spring looks:

the children's place spring looks

My son hates having his hair “done”- can you tell?

The dress my daughter is a Floral Empire Waist Dress. She’ll wear this to a family celebration in March, and again at Easter, plus a whole lot more over the summer.  I love the navy with the floral print- its sweet, perfectly age appropriate for a 6 year old, and passes the twirl test.   Light and airy, it’ll be perfect with a cardigan for cooler weather, and by itself for hot summer days. I love that it’s got such a sweet and modest neckline.

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NOse Offense Air and Fabric Odor Eliminator review with Discount code

NOse Offense for pets is an eco friendly, nontoxic, organic, and biodegradable air and fabric odor eliminator.  As a busy mom and dog owner, I am always look for safe and effective products.  NOse Offense (great name!) is perfect for my household.  My 50 pound dog loves to go outside, get wet and roll in unknown things.  She comes in smelling like a wet dog and then she lays on the couch when we are not looking.  NOse Offense eliminates the wet dog smell and because it is fragrance free it does not leave any sweet flower smell behind.   You know this spray is not masking the odors with fragrance, you can tell it is eliminating it.

We also cook a lot and most of what we make has onions or garlic in it.  The other day I was getting ready for work and realized that my coat had a bit of the sauteed onion smell on it.  I was going to put it in the dryer with a dryer sheet but instead I grabbed the NOse Offense and sprayed it on my coat.  No more onion smell!    Do you have some questions about NOse Offense.  Take a look at their great FAQ’s page.

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Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Perfect Eyes Kit #Giveaway

jillian dempsey 

jillian dempseyNow that spring is just around the corner I am ready to spruce up my look.  I love to brighten up my wardrobe and makeup this time of year and eyeshadow is the perfect, easy and affordable way to accomplish this.  Avon offers a TON of wonderful products.  I recently tried out the Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Perfect Eyes Kit.

I’m no makeup artist, believe me,  but this set made it easy to look like I am.  This fun compact makes it so easy to apply eyeshadow.  1,2,3, 4.  The compact clearly labels which eyeshadow to apply, where to apply it and in what order.  Even my husband noticed my new makeup (and that’s saying something!)  The colors are great.  I tried the aqua eye and deep purple.  Both looked fantastic.  The eyeshadow lasted all day and I didn’t get those annoying eye shadow creases at the end of the day.  The application process just takes a minute, and makes me feel great all day.  DEFINITELY worth the $9.  This is a great bargain for anyone looking for a fun new eyeshadow this spring. [click to continue…]

Tiny Tillia by Avon Review and Giveaway

We all know and love Avon products, but did you know that they also have a line of baby products?  Tiny Tillia offers a wide range of baby products including:  bathing supplies, clothes, toys, diaper bags, nursery decor and toddler items.  I love how fresh and current their styles are.  Their items are unlike others on the market.

I was thrilled to try out a variety of the items Tiny Tillia has to offer on my 6 moth old baby.  It was so fun to peruse the Tiny Tillia site and pick out items.  Many of their items are gender neutral, which is so appealing to me (it’s so refreshing to see a company do away with blatant gender labeling with baby clothes and toys!).  All of the products on this site and so sweet and babyish.  Here’s a list of what I tried out:

  • 16″ Sherpa Plush – Ben Giraffe $18 –  This plush animal is soooo soft and cozy.  I’ll admit that we have about 500 stuffed toys, but this one is so adorable.  All of my kids love playing with Ben the Giraffe.  My husband just loves that he comes with a little blue necktie.  Very sweet. [click to continue…]

BuyDig.com’s Flash Set for Canon 60D Review & #Giveaway 5 winners #ShoutMedia

zeikos canon 60d flash kitSince I upgraded my camera to a Canon 60D this summer, I needed to get a new flash for it.  The one I had previously isn’t compatible with this camera.  I am not a fan of the built in flash so I had to find a solution for situations when natural light isn’t an option.  I was excited to try out the Fully Loaded Pro Flash Kit for Canon Digital SLR Cameras.

This kit comes with just about anything you might need for your flash and more!!  The flash itself is very powerful, focuses fast and can be tilted and swiveled for maximum flexibility. (A bit of warning?  Be sure to not look directly into the flash when testing.  Just take my word for it).   The LCD display provides valuable exposure information.  The diffuser softens shadows and eliminates unpleasant red-eye. The Off-Camera Shoe Cord enables off-camera flash photographyI’m a big fan of rechargeable batteries, especially since so many things these days use batteries- I hate throwing them away!!  The charger fits nicely in my camera bag and I can feel confident wherever I go that I can get my batteries recharged quickly. Having a blower and cleaning kit with your camera (any camera!) and other related equipment is one of those things that is an absolute must.  I’d hate to be in the middle of some great photos only to realize I have dust on my lens filter and all my shots will be ruined. [click to continue…]

“Spread Your Message” with Uprinting and a Kindle Fire! #Giveaway

uprinting die cut business card

Photos of the actual card didn't show well, so this is from my saved proof from www.uprinting.com. When I get my new blog look, I guess I'll need new cards!

I have this thing. Maybe it’s a bit of a branding addiction, but I love seeing my name on business products.  I almost cried when I got my first box of Mommy Cards, and when I got my first pack of cards for Mama Loves Her Bargains, I did cry.  That signified MY business, MY brand, MY little piece of the (cyber) world.

die cut business cards

My first cards for my site came from Uprinting.  Aside from the “holy moly” feeling of having my own business card, I loved how professional the cards were, the nice, sturdy cardstock they were printed on, everything was just as I’d designed, the colors were perfect.  Top quality. Even got to have some rounded edges on my cards!  As you can see, it’s a perfect match.  I’ve gotten so many compliments on the cards- from so many folks!  The back just has my blog background…I think next time I’ll add some text!  I cannot even explain how much I loved the options for creativity- being able to use MY background and MY logo on my cards just felt like such a great way to represent me, my brand, my business.  They have seemingly endless options for their cards, and so many more products than “just” paper products- from brochures to window clings, posters and postcards, stickers, photo enlargements, photo canvas, and more.

If you have any need to get your name, brand, organization, event or logo onto some nice, quality materials, Uprinting is definitely the place to go!  They offer a really quick turnaround and I have found that my orders arrive quickly, always with great quality.  One thing that really sticks out to me is that Uprinting uses vegetable and soy-based inks for printing, as well as offering some paper options with up to 55% post-consumer recycled content? That shows a commitment to our earth and that means a lot to me.  [click to continue…]

Smart Snacks® Alpha Pops™Review & #Giveaway

Smart Snacks Alpha Pops

Smart Snacks® Alpha Pops™ from Learning Resources allow children to pop together a rainbow of frozen treats to match uppercase and lowercase letters. They are fun to play with and offer many benefits to children’s development.   They are great for classrooms, homeschools or really, anyone!
Meant for ages 2-5, these pops are:
  • Double-sided to include all 26 letters
  • Self-checking by color
  • Also great for fine motor skills and imaginative play!
  • Single Alpha Pop™ measures 4″L x 1.25″W
  • Ages 2+
This is a “guest review” from my son’s preschool teacher, Mrs. O, who is the teacher for the Peer Model preschool program at our town’s elementary school.  She’ll be doing a few other reviews for us so you’ll get some feedback from special education teachers like Mrs. O as well as the school’s Occupational Therapist who also works alongside Mrs. O.  My son loves being able to share mom’s “blog packages” with his friends at school, and I love that we’re able to pay things forward to our community through my blog. [click to continue…]

Joovy’s Toy Bundle in Pink Dot #Giveaway 2 winners!

Joovy Toy BundleWe are very serious about our baby dolls in this house.  Or rather, about our dolls. I guess now that my oldest has evolved into the world of 18 inch dolls and all that comes with them, it’s not just baby dolls anymore?  Anyway, we’ve loved the toy strollers we had to pieces, and I mean that literally.  It was time to get something new, something that was a bit more sturdy, that will last until the kids maybe don’t want to push a doll stroller around.

Let me tell you right now, when THAT particular day comes, I will be a weepy mess.

Thankfully, we’re years from that sad day.

Joovy, a well known, quality brand that makes high end strollers and other baby gear items, offered up the perfect solution to a problem I didn’t even know I had.  They make a Toy Bundle. Transporting 18 inch dolls- AND the baby dolls!!  The Joovy Caboose is a well-known, great option for families with older kids who might sometimes need a little ride…but not a full stroller seat all of the time.  Now there’s a toy option for your kids that looks every bit as sleek and stylish as the full-sized version- only the print on the stroller is a little bit funkier.  Not only that, but there is an infant seat (with removable base, of course), a toy play-yard and a doll booster seat to coordinate.  A matched set.  Just like mom and dad’s. [click to continue…]

The Perfect Bum Reusable Cloth Diaper & T-Shirt Set #Giveaway

Here at This Mama Loves Her Bargains, we just love a cute cloth diaper! Between both of us Mamas we have tried A LOT of diapers, and I think that we can both agree that cuteness is a must. Back when I first started cloth diapering 3 years ago it was mostly about functionality. There weren’t a lot of “cute” diapers out there. There has a been a growing trend in cloth diapering that allows you to diaper your baby in style. I love a diaper with an applique or design that I can match with a cute onesie or t shirt. So, when I had the chance to try out the Perfect Bum Reusable Cloth Diaper and T-Shirt Set I was game! The Perfect Bum set comes with a cute diaper cover with a tri-fold insert and an adorable matching t shirt. They have a lot of cute designs to choose from, and offer 3 sizes to fit your baby. [click to continue…]