Megabloks Blok Squad – Review

The holidays are quickly approaching and I am always on the lookout for great gift ideas. Particularly ones that involve creativity and imagjnation. When I had the opportunity to try out the new Megabloks Blok Squad Sets I immediately thought of my 5 year old. He is always building and inventing new things. Megabloks offers several Blok Squad sets, including: Army Base, Army Trooper SUV, Orbital Mission, Space Astro Exploration, Construction Site and Beach Patrol. There is something to peak the interest of almost any young boy. My son was particularly interested in the Fire Patrol set.

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Activia Selects

I almost never have a refrigerator without yogurt in it.  Even last week travelling to a hotel with the kids, we packed a cooler with some yogurt smoothies and Activia Selects.  Why?  Its a nutritious snack full of protein and good for the body in so many ways- almost always quick and easy to prepare, and very versatile.  There’s not much to dislike about yogurt in general.

There are a few different varieties of the Activia Selects- when I shopped for some, I went straight for the Activia Select- Parfait.  Anything that has a crunch to it is a big hit in my family, and I was happy to see that this product was no exception.  We’ve tried the Strawberry, the Mixed Berry and the Vanilla flavors of the Parfait, and each was delicious (2 of us in our house are allergic to peaches and 1 doesn’t really care much for them so we skipped that one).  Great texture, creamy taste, and the  granola for you to mix in just adds some extra flavor, some fun, and a whole lot of crunch!  (The dietary fiber in this yogurt is something else that I look for without making it known to my family- I like to be preventive and if you know me, you know I learned the hard way the importance of fiber in your diet regularly!!) [click to continue…]

Share& Scare: for your Halloween & Dress Up Needs

Not only are we fast approaching Halloween season, but we’re also in redecoration mode around the Bargains house. You may wonder what on earth one has to do with another, but, my friends, I have a little man who is semi obsessed with superheros, and we are in the process of creating a little boy’s dream bedroom in a Batman theme.  Of course, when I got to choose a costume from for review, I immediately went on the search for Batman.  (We already have the kids’ costumes for Halloween).  I want to have a dress up area for him for all of his superhero stuff (and whatever else he wants!!) and we don’t have much in the way of boy dress up items (yet).

I actually had to think and mull over my decision. I had no idea how many different Batman characters there are.  Batmen?  Versions of Batman?  I mean, I figured, hes got black clothes, and a cape.  Um…wrong.  SOME Batman guys have black and a cape.  Others have grey with blue.  Some have grey with black.  Its very confusing.  Just so you know, there are 71 results when you search “Batman” on  Seventy one.  That’s a lot of bats.  Choosing the category “boys costumes” narrows things down to 12, and immediately you can breathe easier that this decision will NOT be so complicated.  Plus one costume on the Batman page for boys is a chef.  (Not sure why.)  So really, there are 11 to choose from, and that includes 2 Robins and a few Jokers.  Ultimately I went with The Brave and the Bold Deluxe Muscle Batman Costume. I HAD to get the muscle one.  I think they are hilarious…and it cracks me up to see my little 4 year old looking all muscular!! [click to continue…] Halloween Pet Parade is celebrating Halloween with a Pet Parade- and Tobey the Bargains dog is participating!!  He’s a Triceratops, if you can’t tell.  (He accidentally received the wrong size costume so we had to make do- while hilarious as is, this does look super adorable on a bit smaller dog…)  Cute, funny, why not pop over to Animal Planet and cast your vote for the cutest pooch?  Hint: Tobey is cute…don’t you think? [click to continue…]

Check out my awesome dENiZEN jeans I WILL be wearing by Halloween!!

I really really wanted to post that I have these awesome new jeans and how great they fit me.  I DO have awesome new jeans, and they fit my legs really well.  The thing is that they don’t um…well, with my little setback on my weight loss journey last month, I gained a few pounds back and I can’t really wear these new dENiZEN™ jeans quite yet.

If you aren’t aware of dENiZEN jeans, they are made by Levi’s and sold at Target.  Yes, friends…another justification to go to Target.  (I am awesome for justification, aren’t I?).  They make dENiZEN jeans for men, women and children.  My pair is an all around slimming pair (and apparently, there isn’t technology in jeans yet for instant weight loss of 10 lbs) and I cannot wait until I drop a few pounds and can wear them in public.  [click to continue…]

Cranium Brain Breaks: Great for #FamilyGameNight (Giveaway)

Another great game from the folks at Cranium is here- and you’re going to want to grab it fast!!  Full of over 200 different games that are all able to be played in under 1 minute, CRANIUM BRAIN BREAKS offers family friendly fun for all ages, and the small packaging means its totally portable- teachers, doctors, friends, family, just about anyone will love to own this fun game!

I love the classic elements of this game, combined with the fast pace of each individual game- being able to play games in 1 minute can really make for some fun times- and also keep everyone’s attention better than perhaps some longer games might, especially for the younger kids. If you are going to have Family Game Night anytime soon, add this to your must- have list! [click to continue…]

Quest for Zhu (DVD) Party! (Giveaway)

We’ve been partying like rockstars around here of late!!  That’s ok- any excuse for a celebration is a good one, and the ZhuZhu pets are beloved play friends of all three of my children, so naturally when I asked if they’d be interested in watching Quest for Zhu on DVD they were very excited.

I don’t mind Zhu Zhu pets- I think they are cute, fun, and when you read about them, you realize there’s some great messages in the Zhu Zhu stories.  I wasn’t expecting a ton from a feature film focused on the Zhu Zhu pets, but I knew the kids would like seeing their playthings on the screen.  After a few minutes I realized that there was going to be a story that had depth and drew viewers in, and decided to focus more on the movie than my typical multi-tasking during movies.  I’m glad I did.  [click to continue…]

Abe’s Market: Shop for your natural items in one place ($10 off $30 Coupon inside!)

 I recently discovered Abe’s Market, which touts itself as a combination of Etsy and Whole Foods, a one stop place online to get all of your natural shopping needs.  Poking around, I definitely agree!! You can find socks, flip flops, body products, home decor and kitchen accessories and so much more, in one place!

One notable feature of Abe’s Market is that you can find out the origin and story behind each product on the site before you buy- so you can be sure you know where the products you are purchasing are coming from!!  This isn’t always easy to discern, especially online, so its a feature that makes me happy.  [click to continue…]

LG Kompressor™ Compact Pet Care Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Giveaway) #ShoutMedia

We have central vac in our house. Or rather, until a month ago, we did. Our central vac unit died and with good luck for timing (for once) LG sent us their Kompressor™ Compact Pet Care Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner for review. With a yellow lab (the sheddiest of all labs), a cat, plus three children and a lot of wet weather, our floors need to be vaccuumed daily, if not more frequently. Having no vaccuum was simply not an option.

I love this vaccuum. I mean, I really, really LOVE this vaccuum. As gross as it is to empty the canister and see what’s been on our floors, its also awesome and fascinating and impressive just how much this tiny little powerhouse of a vaccuum picks up. In rooms with an area rug, this canister is full before I’m finished with two rooms.  I like seeing the results of my vaccuuming right away, and being able to see them disposed of.  I couldn’t do that with my old vaccuuM!  Plus, when I empty the canister I press a lever down and I’m not touching “ick” anything. Which makes it better.

This vaccuum is a whole lot of power in a compact package- and at a very reasonable price point for most households, definitely one that gets kudos for affordability!! [click to continue…]

Blissful Bites Vegan Cookbook Review and Giveaway

Blissful Bite -Vegan Meals That Nourish Mind, Body and Planet was written by Christy Morgan AKA The Blissful Chef. I have been following and chatting with Christy on Twitter for quite some time now. She is a wonderful, caring, compassionate woman. Check our her site for great ideas and recipes. Christy wrote a truly beautiful cookbook that has tasty plant-based recipes for vegan, vegetarians and meat-eaters as well.   Seriously-  look at that cover, doesn’t it make you want to make the soba noodle sushi with apricot-ginger dipping sauce?   Her dipping sauces are amazing and the flavors are authentic. I tried the asian rice paper rolls with almond bliss dipping sauce.  I made extra sauce and used it on rice and veggies for lunch.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it. [click to continue…]