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We are clearly ALL ABOUT HALLOWEEN today!!  With the end of September here, and fall finally upon us, we kind of have to be!  If you wait too long you may miss out on the perfect costume, right? has thousands of costumes, ideas, decorations and accessories.  Seriously.  Even doing a search for a favorite kid character brings up multiple results, over and over again. also carries the amazing Tom Arma costumes which I have drooled over for years (and you have GOT to see Baby B in her Butterfly costume!!).  For this review, though, we picked Disney’s Rapunzel wig (can you guess what my 6 year old is obsessed with?) and a Robin costume. [click to continue…]

Scare & Share: BabyLegs (Giveaway)

If you are a mom and haven’t discovered BabyLegs yet, you MUST try them out!!!  I used them with my second son as a staple in his wardrobe and plan on using them with my newborn as soon as the weather cools down.

BabyLegs are leg warmers for babies and children.  They come in the most delicious styles and are great for boys and girls!  Those in the cloth diapering community revere them for their ease with diaper changing.  Simply put baby in a cute onesie and coordinating baby legs and you have yourself an adorable little outfit and super simple diaper changes.  Not pants or buttons to fiddle with!

I love them just because they are adorable.  There are so many patterns to choose from.  I must admit that I have become somewhat of a BabyLegs junkie, and love collecting their cute patterns.  BabyLegs was generous enough to send me some newborn warmers to try out.  I chose the Lil’ Dumbo pattern which I think is just so cute.  Of course they have the most adorable leg warmers for little girls, including some with RUFFLES.  Oh,  I need to find a little girl to buy these for!  But, I just love that they also have great patterns for little boys.  They make such a great outfit with a plain onesie. [click to continue…]

Scare & Share: Plow & Hearth

Plow and Hearth has so many wonderful decor ideas for every holiday– including this beautiful Pumpkin Field Wreath that is hanging on my front door.

Isn’t it beautiful?  I’ve had other artificial decorative wreaths before and to be honest, I never spent much on them- and I know now, that you can totally tell.  This wreath is really well constructed, with no gaping holes, and made to last.

The wreath came very well packaged (and like a dope I totally forgot to get a photo of it)- well enough that I saved the packaging down in the basement for storage use.  Easier than finding something else!  I was really pleasantly surprised at how well the wreath was protected in shipment, and I love the aroma when I walk by the front door, especially when a breeze blows through the screen door.  Smells like fall, y’all!

The colors are beautiful on this wreath- so perfect for autumn and all of the beautiful, earthy hues that come along with this time of year (can you tell I love fall?).  I like that it isn’t “too” Halloween like, so I can hang this in September and enjoy it until after Thanksgiving when it is time to get my Holiday wreath out.  [click to continue…]

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Powder

As a mom of three little kids and a husband who frequently has messy projects and chores at work and home, I’m all too familiar with laundry stain trials and tribulations.  Even if these weren’t enough to contend with , I cloth diaper, which can often times involve stains themselves. 

How do I contend with stains?  I OxiClean them.  OxiClean is almost always an additive in my wash cycles.  With 3 little kids and my husband’s work, I can’t always spot stains and I’m confident when I toss a bit of OxiClean into the cycle that any surprise stains will be gone before I ever know they are there.  (Not just because of this post, either!!  My love affair with OxiClean started one day years ago when I was home sick from work and Billy Mays was doing an infomercial on it…yes, yes I did order a set then!) I have a fancy new soaking tub that fits into our utility sink next to my washer SO much better than the 5 gallon bucket I was using, which I’m loving, but the OxiClean is something I don’t stray far from- and ALWAYS go back to.  I’ve tried other methods of stain removal and just haven’t been as happy with the results.  [click to continue…]

My Ribbon Barrette Maker (Giveaway)

Ribbon Barrettes were *so* cool to wear when I was in middle school grades. Oh gosh, did I love them. I think I had pairs of them to match every single outfit I owned. Probably more. We shared, we traded, we gifted them. They were such a fun thing and I’m kind of (dorky but true) excited that they are coming back “in” for kids. The folks from My Friendship Bracelet Maker sent us one of their Ribbon Barrette Makers, and Busy B and I have been having so much fun creating barrettes in colors to match her mood, her clothes, for her friends…its so much fun for both of us and a great project to do together!! I love it!

The 80’s are back. We can only hope that peg-legging your jeans doesn’t come back with them. That would be wrong. But the ribbon barrettes? Cool. Fun. Creative. [click to continue…]

TruKid Natural Skincare (Giveaway)

TruKid is a company that makes safe, natural, non toxic skincare products for kids. They also work well.  As a mom, I like knowing that when I put this brand on my kids, or let them use it on themselves, it’s a worry free deal for me.   It may not be the least expensive product but to be honest, my kids have all broken out in rashes and or hives at one point or another from mainstream skincare products, so if I have to spend a little bit more and rest assured their skin won’t have a reaction, that’s worth it to me.  Plus buying remedies for reactions adds up VERY quickly!!)  We’ve used TruKid before and will continue to use it for the years to come.   They sent us a few of their products to try out- all of which we adore.

Helping Hand Wash: Aside from smelling great, and being easy to use for even my 2 year old, I love having this dispenser in my bathroom. I love the fun design, albeit simple, and the cues for non readers to know this is to use on your hands withe orange hand outline on it.  Works great, and I like knowing that there are no harmful chemicals as ingredients when my kids wash their hands, especially with the little one potty training and washing hands 30 times a day it seems! 

The kids like the fun design (they noticed the green on the pump immediately- which means that they are less resistant to washing.  Whatever makes that part of life be less of a battle, sign me up.  They like the smell too! [click to continue…]

Emergen-C Kidz® to the (preventive) rescue!

This year, with 2 kids in elementary school, I’m being more sure than ever to take preventive measures to keep my family healthy over the next several cold weather months.  My kids get sick, and more often than not a simple cold turns into an ear infection.  One of the things we do as a family is to have vitamin supplements as part of our daily routine- and with the kids, Emergen-C Kidz® is a fun, bubbly way to get some extra vitamin C into my little ones to give their immune systems a boost.  

I myself have used the adult version of this product for a few years and was really happy that they were offering a kid’s version now- previously my kids were just taking smaller doses of the adult stuff.  (Just trust me when I tell you NOT to put a sippy cup lid on Emergen-C anything- can make a mess!!) Each packet of Emergen-C Kidz is loaded with great flavor (grape, orange and fruit punch- flavors kids LOVE), lots of immunity boosting vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes , and lots of FUN with the fizz!!  My kids are big fans of the orange and punch- they love all things orange- grape’s never been “hot” in this house in any product except for me- but they like it well enough.  Given a choice, they’ll jump for orange every time…

Aside from the great taste (and versatility- you can decide how “strong” you mix the packets- less water=stronger flavor), the boxes are recyclable and the inks on the boxes are vegetable-based.  So not only are the folks at Alacer Corp thinking about preventive measures for our immune systems, but they are aware of the impact they have on the earth.  Win, win. [click to continue…]

Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important (Giveaway)

Fun songs, engaging characters, silly names, themes of friendship and a whole lot of silly make for a GREAT package in Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important Book and CD combo!  This was an instant hit with all three kids- and passed the reading aloud test with Mr. Bargains.  The stars were aligned when this book and cd were created.  The humor speaks to all ages and its really just plain fun to read the story aloud or listen to the music in the car!!  Its hard to not want to find out more about Chicken Joe who is actually  a cat!!

Chicken Joe, the cat who sleeps in the hen house, is happily dreaming about rock and roll. A rooster’s raucous crow wakes him up way too early. Everyone on the farm knows today is a special day, but in his sleepy morning haze, Chicken Joe can’t remember just what it is. Even Joe’s best friend, a city dog named Miss Kitty, won’t tell him. Find out why this is Chicken Joe’s big day in Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important, the latest book-and-CD release from The Secret Mountain (September 6, 2011).   [click to continue…]

Baby UR Precious Review and Giveaway

With the arrival of my newest little one a few weeks ago, I couldn’t have been happier to have the opportunity to try out some delicious organic bamboo products from Baby U R Precious.  This is a family based company (we love that!) that is committed to leaving a small green footprint (we love that even more!!).  All of their products are made from certified organic bamboo velour, and let me tell you, this material is absolutely luxurious.  Not only is bamboo a sustainable product, but is has excellent moisture absorbing and antimicrobial properties.

Baby U R Precious offers a variety of baby products including:

  • Baby Hooded Bath Towel with Hands-free Strap
  • Toddler Hooded Bath Towel
  • Wash Cloths
  • Baby and Toddler Bibs

  • Burp Cloths
  • Baby Blankets (mini and standard size)
  • Oversized Blankets
  • Gift Baskets

The friendly folds at Baby UR Precious were generous enough to let me try their Baby Hooded Bath Towel with Hands-Free Strap, Toddler Bib and a set of their Wash Cloths.

[click to continue…]

Lite Sprites™ offer a rainbow of play fun!

We recently received some of the hot new Lite Sprites™ toys to check out.  The kids were drawn instantly to the shape and design of the wand, and started asking questions before I could finish opening the packages.  What is this mom, what will this button do?  Can I have a turn?  Why isn’t it just a stick shape?  Why are there so many colors? OH MOM you need more batteries?  Why batteries?

I’m not complaining- I love their curiosity- they are just like their dad and want to know the how and why of how things work- something THIS mama hasn’t ever paid much attention to (pre-parenting days, anyway).  Between the wand and the adorable little Sprites with their neat shape and the whole color theme of this entire line of products, the kids couldn’t help but be enthralled.  Kids are naturally curious, and the Lite Sprites feed right into that curiosity, letting them explore color and light in many different ways.  [click to continue…]