BJ’s for Back to School

Back to School for parents of older kids, like some of my siblings, means stocking up on everyday needs to last several months in one trip.  BJ’s is  a GREAT place to head for back to school shopping because you can stock your kid up on the things s/he will be needing until their first ‘break’ and not worry that they will run out of soap, deoderant…toilet tissue…or snacks!   My niece and sister have been shopping to get my niece ready for her freshman year of college I don’t know how many times and I know most of what they’ve purchased could be found at BJ’s in one trip- and likely at a huge savings for them!

I have to say right here and right now that I am jealous. What I see available for back to school now is so far from what was available to kids now.  We had egg crate pads for our mattresses, and they weren’t very comfortable, plus very easily fell apart. The mattress pads and memory toppers for beds that are available now are light years ahead of what we had- one might even be able to get a restful night’s sleep on those comfortable toppers!  Plus, the sheets and bedding options are a very far cry from the limited “twin XL” bed-in-a-bag options in the early nineties when I was shopping.  [click to continue…]

FyrFlyz Light Up Toys #FyrFlyz

We received some of the new FyrFlyz light up toys and have been having a BLAST with them. They do recommend these for ages 8+ but my kids have enjoyed them-although to be honest? I think the grownups like them just as much! These light up toys are battery-powered LED lights that are attached to strings and safety handles, and the more you play around with the strings, the more fun you can have with the LED lights. They are available in many different colors, too! [click to continue…]

Fashion Playtes: Let your girl make her own statement! offers design your own clothing for girls, ages 5-12. Girls can create their own designs online and have them shipped right to their door. Custom girls clothing options include dresses, tops and t-shirts, doll clothing, matching doll clothing and more. It’s affordable design your own fashion starting at under $20. gift certificates also make the most unique and personal gift for girls.

I discovered Fashion Playtes about 2 years ago, and was hooked.  The first time I was introduced to their site, I created an outfit for my oldest daughter on my own, to surprise her with.  As time has gone by, she’s been more and more…vocal, shall we say, about her apparel and accessory requests and has been putting more and more input into fashion decisions.  Recently, I let HER take the reins, and while I did have to keep her budget in check, she did a pretty awesome job designing herself 2 fabulous outfits!  She decided she wanted (yet another) dress to match with her beloved baby doll(s) and also a long skirt and shirt outfit.  I think she did just great- although she’d have spent at least $50 more had I let her adding more and more embellishments… [click to continue…]

Sonsi’s “Math meets Fashion, Fit meets Style” technology live 9/12

Last month I was introduced to and their cool outfitting tool.  While I liked it and enjoyed playing around with all of the different components to make a ton of outfits (many which may never be in my budget with the accessories I chose…) I didn’t actually purchase anything.  This month, in conjunction with the new “Math meets Fashion, Fit meets Style” technology that goes live September 12, not only was I able to use the technology, but I also made a purchase!  This technology made the shopping experience so much easier, especially for shoes- ever since having my kids my feet have been a wide and not regular anymore and finding shoes- dress shoes- that don’t look ridiculous or cut off circulation has been a challenge to say the least.

I’ve left stores in tears on many occasions and when I was in LA I literally contemplated walking back through the streets of LA from the Cars2 premiere after party BAREFOOT because my shoes were that horrible to my feet.  I actually left them in the hotel trash can. I couldn’t bear the thought of ever wearing them again.  I was so happy to find cute, fun and stylish shoes in casual, and dressy options within the style tools on!! [click to continue…]

MomPact: Baby Undersocks (Giveaway) #MomPact

I just love supporting mom-inspired and created products, and Baby underSocks  is a great one!  What mom hasn’t struggled to keep their little ones socks on?  I defy you to find anyone who doesn’t have this problem.  Now that fall is approaching, socks will be a necessity (I personally avoid putting socks on my children until it is ABSOLUTELY necessary).  It always seems that the baby has one sock off and another just hanging on.

Well luckily, Christine, the creator of Baby underSocks (and mother of 4 boys) came up with the perfect solution.   A one piece garment with socks attached.  Genious!!  These are a great option for all babies, but especially for us “boy only” moms.  I know from personal experience, having 3 boys myself, that ALL footed legging type products are geared towards girls.  Come on now, our little guys get cold tootsie’s too!  These are designed for both boys and girls.  I was personally so pleased to see the nicest baby blue color for boys.  Very sweet.

Baby underSocks are also made with bamboo, which makes them luxuriously soft and comfortable.  Bamboo is also more breathable, moisture wicking and hypoallergenic than cotton.  Not to mention that it is vastly more Eco-Friendly.

So how do Baby underSocks work? [click to continue…]

Corel PaintShop Photo Pro (Giveaway- 3 winners)

I really need to get better about editing my photos.  I recently got a copy of Corel PaintShop Photo Pro and while I haven’t played with all of the features, I’ve been having a lot of fun trying new things with photos, and even Mr. Bargains has done some playing around!!  This is a full feature editing program with an Express Lab to make quick fixes, batch processing and editing of RAW images and more.  You can soften curves and sharpen colors, adjust depth of field, and so much more.  Not just an editing program, you can even  create paintings from your images and photo books, collages and cards if you want.   The program offers some great results with advanced software photo-editing tools like Smart Carver, Vibrancy and Object Extractor. 

Editing software isn’t something you can just sit down and “know” in my experience.  The more you do, the more you learn.  The more you learn, the more you do- and so on.  So I expect I will do more and learn more every single time I open this program.  I can’t wait to play around for holiday cards!  One thing I noticed is the pricing of the program- right now it is at a discounted sale price of

Here are some different editing features we did with a simple image of some flowers.  [click to continue…]

#GilletteOdorShield Smells Amazing (This stuff really works!)

I love the smell of men’s bath products.  Shave gel, after shave, body wash- there’s just something I love about it!  Gillette Odor Shield Body Wash and Gillette Odor Sheild Anti-Perspirant and Deoderant trap and lock in odors as they occur and work to eliminate body odor, not just mask them, so your man can be confident !  The products are both designed to eliminate the odor and not just cover it up which so many products to- and fail at I may add…and then you get the lovely combination of BO and scents!! Yuck! [click to continue…]

Sleep Innovations (I LOVE my bed!) Giveaway #ShoutMedia

My husband and I have had more restful nights sleep in the past several weeks than we have had in years. Part of this *may* be due to all three of our children finally starting to sleep through the night, but mostly, I attribute this wonderful new sleep pattern to the folks at Sleep Innovations and their 4″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

I’m in love. It’s a beautiful thing, this mattress topper. At first my husband came home and very confused, asked me why the bed looked taller. That was it. I didn’t say anything, because I wanted to see if he noticed a difference. So after a few days, I asked him if he’d noticed. He said “Yea, the bed’s taller. You don’t snore as much, what gives?” So I told him about Sleep Innovations and their wonderful memory foam products that offer support that our mattress can’t plus a feeling of luxury (oh, its heavenly) without having to replace our entire mattress. He mentioned the bed felt quieter in general- like if I turned over, he didn’t hear me moving around or anything (Yes, friends, I move around in my sleep. And apparently, I snore. Aren’t I just a hot hot mess? Yet he stays…love is so blind…). [click to continue…]

Mattel’s Disney Princess Water Toys (Giveaway)

Pool or tub, water toys are a blast for little ones (and their adults, often times.  Mattel sent us  Disney Princess Swimming Ariel – Water play is a splash away with the Disney Princess Swimming ArielTurn the seashell at Ariel’s waist and then place her into the water to see her really swim.  Watch as her tail moves up and down to swim through the water just like in The Little Mermaid.

I LOVE this little Ariel.  Of course, she’s kind of my favorite princess and so that probably helps but I just love that she really does swim.  The kids get a kick out of watching her swim- although they decided from day one that Ariel needs to live in the bathtub and not go in the pool so that’s where she lives.  The shell at her waist is pretty easy to maneuver and turn to get her wound up to swim and she does move through the water by moving her tail up and down-  which honestly delights my kids every time.  We love new tub toys and are glad to add another Ariel to our lineup (we have one that her tail lights up with fish and stuff, but she doesn’t swim, so this new doll is getting far more bubble time!!) [click to continue…]

Gazillion Bubble Rocket

What kid doesn’t LOVE bubbles?  I still do (although as the adult having to blow eleventy million bubbles for a toddler, I get dizzy fast…) and adding bubbles with a rocket powered by stomping on an air bladder makes for a very, very fun toy in the form of the Gazillion Bubble Rocket!

Funrise Toys recently redesigned this rocket and in my opinion, they did an amazing job.  All three four of my kids (counting my husband) adore this toy- my 2 year old tries very hard to jump and stomp to get the rocket to move, but doesn’t mind- and LOVES to chase the bubbles.  My 4 year old is getting better at the stomping- but my 6 year old and my husband have stomping contests to see #1 who can get the rocket highest and #2 who can get the most bubbles to come out.  (This is recommended for ages 6 and up but honestly?  FUN for all ages!) [click to continue…]