Pet Groom Pro from (Giveaway) sent us a Pet Groom Pro to try on Tobey, our 10 year old yellow lab mix.  I tried it on him a few times, as did my husband, and it works great as a brush.  Pretty comfortable for even me to hold and the kids were able to hold it and use it as well.

We all know that some pets hate taking baths. This is where the Pet Groom Pro becomes very useful. The Pet Groom Pro is a device that uses the same technology found in expensive ionic air purifiers, to eliminate unwanted hair and smell from your pets coat as you brush. The brush will clean and condition both cats and dogs between baths to remove dander, allergens and odor. [click to continue…]

Safety 1st OnBoard35 Infant Car Seat & Clic-It Stroller

Carseats are such an important investment for parents to make.  Our children spend a lot of time in vehicles, whether we like it or not, and we all want our children to be as safe as possible.  I was quick to jump at the chance to review the new OnBoard35 Infant Seat from Safety 1st with the matching pink Clic-It stroller, because I think carseats are a huge thing that we parents and caregivers ALL need to educate ourselves about.  Once we did our review of this, I happily brought the seat and stroller to my dear friend Sara’s baby shower for her to use with her daughter-to-be, who, as it turned out, made an early appearance just a few days later, so the timing couldn’t have been better!! [click to continue…]

Shaun The Sheep Review

My husband is a big fan of claymation, like Wallace and Gromit, etc…  So needless to say, he and the kids were ecstatic when they learned that Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment were releasing a new DVD, on April 19, 2011, called Shaun the Sheep: The Big Chase!, and we had an advanced sample to review!  I just love these stories.  They are kind of quirky, fun for the kids and great for parents too.  I love that the length of each story is short (about 10-15 minutes), so that you can show a short video before bed or nap without investing a lot of tv time.  I love how the characters are cute and cuddly but have honery personalities.

Here is a synposis of Shaun the Sheep:  The Big Chase! [click to continue…]

Maude Cloth Diapers- There’s a “new kid” in town!

There are so many cloth diapers on the market today that it is sometimes hard to choose which one is best for your needs.  We have both (Brett & Jenni)  have tried our fair share of diapers and have concluded that pocket diapers are definitely the way to go.  However, within the pocket diaper category, there are still many many choices.  Some are not absorbent enough, some don’t fit well and others are bulky.  [click to continue…]

iCarly: The i <3 iCarly Collection (Giveaway) (Street Date: July 19)

We’re only just beginning to delve into the world of non-preschool shows in this house.  Thanks to my niece E who is our babysitter, we were introduced to iCarly, which is cute and fun…and E has a friend who looks just like Miranda Cosgrove who plays iCarly!  As a mom I like how this show is geared toward older children but also aware that impressionable kids watch it.  Its cute and its fun.  The kids like it because it is entertaining and always seems to involve silly mishaps.  It’s fitting somehow that this “big kid” DVD set, for a big kid show, releases on the day my firstborn turns 6, because for some reason, 6 seems to be a threshold to ‘big kid’ ness.  Thankfully, this is a cute show that entertains me, too and I enjoy watching with her!

The extras make DVDs worth purchasing, in my opinion.  It is always fun to see what is included on DVDs!!

The I <3 iCarly Collection, which releases on DVD Tuesday, July 19th.  Join Carly and her friends as they journey to outer space, prepare for an exhibition match against a teen fighting champion and uncover secret kisses and crushes.  This three-disc DVD includes fan favorite episodes and specials from Season 2 and Season 3 of iCarly. [click to continue…]

Usborne Books through Kelly (Giveaway AND Huge Discount for New Consultants!)

I LOVE children’s books.  Well, really, I love all books, but children’s literature has always been something I’ve held close to my heart.  One of my favorite places to find books is Usborne Books, and one of my favorite people to get them from is Usborne Books through Kelly!  Usborne Books carries lots and lost of different books- books for babies, touch and feel books, noisy books, chapter books, lift the flap books, reference books, and so many more!!

We actually love Usborne Books so much that a few years ago, we did a catalog ‘party’ for them- and in lieu of getting free books for our home, we opted to use our freebies to donate a bunch of new books to our library here in town- this way, we can enjoy them, but so can many others, and with budget cuts being what they are, the library needed some fun new books.  It was fun to have Busy help me choose books for the library, and I was surprised how many people wanted to just give cash so we could purchase more books FOR the library!!

Some of our family favorites from Usborne are: [click to continue…]

Some fun craft ideas in honor of Winnie the Pooh: in theaters July 15

This Pooh Cake is just the sweetest cake I’ve seen.  It looks awesome, and not complicated to me…which is key.  I may try to make it for my kids’ family birthday party.  We’ll see.  Maybe we’ll just make the cake to celebrate the movie’s release on July 15th!  Any day is a good day for cake, right? (click the link for download of instructions)

There’s some other fun stuff Disney has shared, like this Pooh Mask and these really fun Pook-a-Looz Pencil Toppers.  These are going into my idea binder for some rainy day fun this month for sure!! [click to continue…]

Angelina Ballerina Underwear for girls (Giveaway)

My oldest loves to dance and twirl and wear pink and frilly all the time- and when she heard there were going to be Angelina Ballerina underwear out in stores, she was over the moon excited!   I’m a longtime fan of Fruit of the Loom underwear, its just comfortable, durable and wears well.  I was happy to learn these adorable undies are made by Fruit of the Loom for HIT Entertainment!  Just look how cute they are!

[click to continue…]

Kiddy USA Sport n’ Move Stroller Review

It seems just like yesterday that we were packing up and putting away our stroller and other baby gear.  Well the time has come to get the gear out again!  I previously owned a travel system that I was never pleased with.  It turns out that the car seat has actually expired.  5 years goes by so fast!  Therefore, the stroller that went along with the car seat is somewhat obsolete.  I can’t say I’ll shed any tears over the thing.  It never quite worked the way it was supposed to, it was difficult to turn and the wheels were flimsy. [click to continue…]

The Children’s Place Towel Buddy Bags (Giveaway) & Save 15% on your purchase!

Having a pool, bringing three kids to swim lessons daily, and a small lake in town means we are in and out of the water a lot- and for a family of 5 this means we go through a lot of towels.  Having three kids who need towels and other water-related gear means I have my hands full, and anything that can make my life easier is something I’m drawn to.

The Towel Buddy Bags from The Children’s Place  are the perfect solution- kids love that their towels self-store and turn into a backpack, and moms love that the kids can carry their own towels.  [click to continue…]