Discovery Girls Magazine for Tweens ( Prize PackGiveaway)

Discovery Girls magazine is geared towards the tween girls in our lives- girls ages 8-12, and what’s most refreshing about this magazine is that the magazine showcases real girls – each issue features girls from all over the US.  The content is appropriate for an 8-12 year old girl, and speaks to issues, questions, concerns, fears and thoughts tween girls can and do have- from their perspective.

The fact that girls themselves create and appear in each issue makes Discovery Girls stand out from the pack of magazines and other mass media products aimed at “tweens.” It communicates right away that real girls–not professional models, actresses or celebrities–are what this magazine is all about. Girls with the same real problems, concerns, dreams and aspirations as our readers. Discovery Girls is all about helping girls, encouraging them to believe in themselves just as they are. Our goal is to help them grow and develop, forming a positive sense of self through solutions that build confidence, resilience and independence.

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Tommee Tippee: Closer to Nature : Breastfeeding Prize Pack Giveaway

 I have heard of Tommee Tippee by name for a very long time, but until quite recently, never really experienced the brand firsthand.  I love when I find high quality, cool products for babies and their parents.  I love it even more when I get to share with my readers and get to host a giveaway for someone else to get to try these cool products out for free.  (See below for details…)Tommee Tippee is most definitely one of the coolest and one of the highest quality brands I’ve come across.   Tommee Tippee may be new to the US but they’ve been around in Great Britain for quite some time…and you will only find it here in the US at BabiesRUs and ToysRUs.

One of the items we received for review is the “closer to nature” single electric breast pump.  Since I’m not in need of a pump any longer, and we have friends due any day now with their first baby, we passed this along to them because we knew they could use it.  We did check it out and I have to tell you that this is a really well designed pump.  Pumping isn’t really something I ever have enjoyed, although I did it, and would do it again in a heart beat- its not always pleasant and isn’t really “fun” but for me, worth every second.  I think what struck me the most was the softness of the silicone cups – they sure seemed like they’d be a lot more comfortable than the pumps I’ve used in my time!! [click to continue…]

“Make a Spectacle of Yourself” and Win a $25 Visa Gift Card (Giveaway)

Eye care and health are an important part of our overall health and well being.  We need to take care of all of ourselves, and many times, people overlook their eyes.

The Think About Your Eyes Campaign is inviting consumers to “Make a Spectacle of Yourself” with an exciting new Facebook contest. The contest, part of the campaign’s ongoing efforts to promote eye health awareness, encourages entrants to protect their eyes with proper eyewear that blocks 100 percent of UV rays and to show off their eyewear by submitting a photo.  This campaign strikes close to home for my family because my husband’s eyes are very photo sensitive and he has to be very careful about what sunglasses and eyewear he purchases in order to protect his eyes from the sun.  We have a suspiscion that our son also shares this sensitivity.  We are very proactive with all three of our children and will be advocating for eye exams regularly as they grow up. [click to continue…]

Kid Summer Fun: Mini Glider Balance Bike

I’m going to be encouraging all of my friends and family from here on out to get a glide or balance bike, or at least borrow one. I cannot believe how long it took me to “discover” how fabulous these bikes are for children- and how much better they are in a developmental sense for kids.

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Fiber One Cereals Prize Pack Giveaway (Do YOU get enough fiber?)

Do you know that 9 out of 10 Americans do NOT get enough fiber in their diet?  A sad and alarming statistic.  We need fiber.  All of us.  There are so many ways we can add more fiber to our diets without ever having to even stop to think about purchasing the dreaded FIBER SUPPLEMENTS that our grandparents used to take decades ago!  Oh, the gritty texture, the chalky taste- there’s no need to worry, friends.   Those are a thing of the past.  With brands like Fiber One working to help us get the daily fiber intake we need so badly, those nasty old canisters of fiber supplements will be a distant memory!! [click to continue…]

A Better World Facebook Game


 A Better World, a Facebook game that rewards players not just for in-game activities but also for real world acts of kindness and expressions of gratitude, has soared to more than 120,000 players.

This is the kind of game I can get into.  Reinforcing what’s important in life is definitely my cup of tea!!  From the start, though, its fun- you can pick your hairstyle, clothes, etc. before you even get started.  This is something my kids and I can totally get into!!   Look me up if you want- you’ll find me as “QueenB”

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Kids Summer Fun: Smens® Pens (Giveaway)

Educational Insights sent us a 10 pack of Smens® Pens.  These are environmentally friendly pens that smell fantastic, and aren’t harmful to our earth.  They look pretty cool, too.  In theory, these are great for kids, you know, because of the scents.  I kind of don’t want to share them at all, with anyone.  So I maybe tucked them in a dark corner of the cabinet, in hopes the kids will forget about them…..can you blame me?

We were very excited to try these.  The pens come in a cool cylindrical pouch that has a zip closure at one end.  Each pen is in a biodegradable plastic tube, so that the smells aren’t all mixed together and they stay fresh.  (I can’t imagine that 10 scents mixed together are going to smell very good, and each smells great individually so why not keep them that way!?).  [click to continue…]

Today is the opening of Cars 2!! Toy Story friends will be visiting you before the film…

The Toy Story friends aren’t gone forever, friends.  We see them again before Cars 2 in their “Hawaiian Vacation” short, and the toys are just as funny as ever.  I am a big Toy Story fan so this made me very happy to see during our screening and at the premiere!!  Don’t forget Cars 2 opens TODAY (read my reactions here) and you can go see anytime now!

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Appleton Estate Rum in Grilled Chicken with Almond Satay

Appleton Estate makes some mighty fine Jamaican rum that has a really smooth taste with just a hint of nutty flavoring.  We received a sample of this for review, I surprised my husband with it for Father’s Day- he loves it.  I did try a few sips but rum isn’t my favorite thing unless it is mixed in with something else…like this AWESOME recipe we made the other night with the Appleton Estate rum- oh goodness.  Delicious.  (I did attempt a photo but my food never looks anything remotely like the photos so I’ll stick with a stock photo.).  The almond just adds a great texture and dimension!!   [click to continue…]

30 Days to Sanity (I’m not perfect)

Listen, guys.  I won’t lie.  I’m really not perfect.  I mean, sure.  I am awesome, and all kinds of awesome at that, but apparently, I can’t do it “all.”  I’m sort of realizing that doing it “all” is maybe not possible, and  thanks to Stephanie Marston from 30 Days to Sanity, I’m coming to accept that and not stress myself out.  Its ok if I don’t say no to everyone who asks me to help – and I don’t have to explain to anyone.  Nope. Not me.

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