Alphabet Scoop- Hasbro’s New Scrabble Game (Giveaway)

alphabet scoop

Alphabet Scoop is a new game from Hasbro in the Scrabble family (my favorite games are word games- I LOVE Scrabble!!) The box says this is for ages 6+ and while that is probably true, my 6 year old has taught my days-away-from-4 year old to play, which makes it a lot of fun for ...

Build-a-Bear Coupons!

build a bear

Build-a-Bear has a $5 off $25 purchase OR a $10 off $40 purchase coupon out- both expire 9/6/11 so print them and get to the store -- Maybe BEFORE Hurricane Irene strikes?  I'm also going to admit here, and now, that I've never been inside of a Build-a-Bear.  Nor have my children.  Can you believe that?  ... & The Help Want to Know Who Inspires You (3 $50 Paypal Giveaways)

the help

The Help is a heartwarming story about women who took a chance, risked everything,  and told their story.  By sharing, they empowered themselves- which inspired others and empowered others.  Their story inspired change, and so much more. wants to know: What inspires you?  What inspires you to get up each day, put a smile ...

My Friendship Bracelet Maker on QVC 8/25 (Giveaway)


This is one of the most nostalgic reviews I've done on this blog.  No joke.  I can't tell you how many friendship bracelets I made, received, traded, swapped, who knows what else over the years.  Perhaps it was growing up in the 80s, or going to summer camp, but man, those bracelets were awesome.  I ...

Organic Belle Baby Carrier (Giveaway)

belle baby carrier ad button

The Organic Belle Baby Carrier is a well constructed, ergonomic, parent-friendly soft strucured carrier that can carry a baby from 5-35 pounds, front or back, rear facing or front facing.  Its also a beautiful carrier to just look at end enjoy- especially with the pretty fabrics they have chosen for the carriers themselves!  (This is a ...

How to Freeze Blueberries (No clumps!)


We have 2 large blueberry bushes in our yard, and that means every year at this time, we're freezing blueberries daily.  I learned very quickly when we bought this house that if I don't follow these steps, my blueberries will be clumpy and have ice on them and be a mess when we go to ...

The Dinosaur Place in Montville, CT


We recently spent the day at The Dinosaur Place in Montville, Connecticut.   We arrived shortly after they opened for business, with the kids squealing in delight at the sight of a huge statue of Monty, the dinosaur, sporting humongous sunglasses and holding a bottle of coke!! When you arrive at The Dinosaur Place, you are faced ... for your party needs (Giveaway)

deluxe party pack

My oldest turned 6 a few weeks ago.  She is, like so many kids, enamored with Tangled, particularly Rapunzel! sent us their Tangled Deluxe Party Pack to help us decorate for the party- what a HIT! Tangled Deluxe Party Pack Includes: Tangled Dinner Plates * Tangled Lunch Napkins * Tangled 9-oz Cups * Tangled Beverage Napkins * Tangled ...

Kids Frugal Fun: National Aviation Day

Each week MomonDealz brings us a kids craft that is fun, frugal, and educational! I know we just did a rocket craft a couple of weeks ago, but since National Aviation Day is the 19th, I couldn't let the day pass without doing a craft related to it! Paper Towel Roll Airplane Materials: 2 Paper Towel Rolls Craft ...

American Girl Hosts Cecile & Marie-Grace Charity Ball August 29th in Boston & Other Cities

ball image

Cécile & Marie-Grace Charity Ball You and your girl can be among the first to celebrate our newest historical characters—Cécile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner! Your girl is invited to wear her fanciest dress to this benefit party inspired by the costume balls of 1850s New Orleans. Enjoy a delicious meal, learn ballroom dance steps, make fun ...