Shameless (airs Sundays 9PM ET/PT on Showtime)

SHamelessThroughout the 1st Season of Shameless, we see a lot of hardship but it usually ends with a twist of humor and close family ties. At the end of Season 1, we find Steve trying to convince Fiona, the oldest daughter, to skip town with him to the warm and beautiful/care-free Costa Rica. This kind of lifestyle would surely be a great change for Fiona, but after initially deciding to go with Steve, she changes her mind and stays with the hard yet humorous, family-oriented life.

If you were in her situation, what would you do? Would you leave your ‘no collar’ Shameless life but abandon your family to start anew? Or would you let your love and a chance at renewal slip away?

If I was Fiona, I’d probably get so far as leaving en route to Costa Rica before being pulled back to my family.  That’s the thing with Fiona- no matter how hard things get, or how bad things seem, the family ties are the ones that bind her.  She loves her family, for good and for bad, and I think she’s ultimately the “glue’ of the family.

Of course if I was Fiona, I’d have to go back, or never leave at all, or else this comedy would probably fall apart!!   [click to continue…]

Shameless: Season Two Starts 1/8 #ShamelessonDVD

If you’ve seen any of Shameless on Showtime, you know that Frank Gallagher father to three and underachieving boozer tends to spend every penny he can muster at the bar. If I could take just a portion of that money and give it to his daughter Fiona….

Poor Fiona.  She’s been in this role as family caretaker and deserves so much more- if there was a way to squirrel some of the monies away that her father wastes at the bar, I think I’d send her first to the mall, to do some old fashioned teenage girl shopping, snacking and people watching.  As much as I’d like to send her away on a beach vacation or someplace fun, I’d probably get that money into some kind of account that could only be used by Fiona to buy things her siblings and she were in need of- including toys and fun time- but not touchable by her father.

Or maybe I would just tell her to put the money to keep an attorney on retainer.  When your siblings have a habit of stealing toddlers to work through their grief (episode 4 from season 1), you know anything that could go wrong will go wrong, and perhaps it would be best if Fiona knew that there was an adult who could help her straighten these sort of messes out!!

Shameless  Season 2 premieres on Sun, Jan 8 at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime. [click to continue…]

Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere 1/2!

The new season of Pretty Little Liars is just around the corner! Tune in Winter Premiere Jan 2, Mondaysat 8/7c on ABC Family! Can we expect the girls to be up to all of their same old tricks in the New Year? I’d be disappointed if they weren’t. In fact, I’d say they’ll be up to their same old tricks and likely some new ones, given that they have A’s cell phone in hand. I think the secrets are going to multiply and we’ll be on the edge of our seats through the whole season!
Will we ever see Dr. Sullivan again, and what was in the envelope that “A” handed to her? We’ll find out soon(ish!) when the premiere airs next week- and I am certain we’ll be taunted and teased through every episode of this season to find out more answers!! The spoilers I’m seeing everywhere are promising a LOT of excitement….will the envelope contents be part of this?  My guess is yes! I think that the envelope has a clue in it, but a clue that can be interpreted multiple ways, to throw us all off track.   [click to continue…]

I-Never Challenge (Shameless Season One)

Season 2 of Shameless premieres on Sun, Jan 8 at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime.  The DVD of Season 1 will be released December 27th.  I’m hoping that I get a copy in the mail, or I will be ordering it – I love me some funny and Shameless has delivered in the few episodes I’ve seen!!   Any show that can make me laugh out loud- that’s a good sign.  But any show that can make my husband laugh audibly?  That’s an awesome show!  Where else but Shameless does your sibling steal a baby, or dad get brought home drunk by the cops (aren’t the kids supposed to be brought home drunk by the cops?)!


The first season of Shameless is full of ‘Shameless’ moments.  The Gallagers are hilarious whilst shameless, and without apology. They have done some crazy things, that I’m sure down the road they’d regret if they were just like you and me.

The I-Never challenge is a selection of short video clips showing the most out-there and shameless moments from the show. With each clip, users will be challenged to admit or deny that they may have done something similar to what is being shown in the video. I challenge YOU  to reveal your most Shameless moments: Maybe, just maybe, you can see what I’ve done. Or what I’ve never done. I promise I’ve never woken up in a foreign country nor have I put a pet into the microwave. Have you? I have done a few things. Can you guess?

Season 2 . [click to continue…]

Pretty Little Liars: Who is A?

The summer season finale of Pretty Little Liars ended with a cliffhanger leaving viewers still wondering, “Who is A?”  Spoilers are coming out all over the place with promises of the reveal of A’s true identity (although I’m wondering, as many are, if it might be more of a “they” and not just one individual), at the season finale in March.  In the meantime, I think the girls’ having possession of A’s cell phone is going to lead to even more secrets, and more deception.   On every front.

It’s hard to say who I think A is- because honestly? I’m horrible at sleuthing.  Clues and guesses?  No.  That’s why people make thrillers and suspense for entertainment, because people like me fall in hook, line and sinker and have no idea until the show/movie writers want us to, who is the villain and what really happened.  I kind of feel like we need to keep an eye out for Jenna and Garrett- only because I find that to be an odd, odd pairing.  Maybe its Mona and Garrett.  Maybe I’m way off (likely).  What do you think?  Is A one, or two?

Although really, when you think about it- everyone in Rosewood is an odd, odd pairing.  Everyone has issues (don’t characters have to, for us to enjoy them?) and their issues have issues.  Of course in Rosewood, the issues of the issues have issues.  That’s a lot of issues.  Issues and secrets.  And each of those has secrets.  And more secrets.  (I cannot imagine what it must be like for the writers to keep this all straight!) [click to continue…]

Frosty’s Winter Wonderland Deluxe Edition

We are a Frosty the Snowman obsessed house.  My kids walk around singing Frosty all day, every day, and I was happy to have the chance to add some Frosty fun into our collection.  In Frosty’s Winter Wonderland, we pick up the story of Frosty and watch as he finds the love of his life- and experience the magic of Frosty plus one!!  I love that this keeps so true to the original holiday classic, and doesn’t modernize or update much.  Frosty needs no modernization nor updating.  He’s wonderful as he is.  This is, in my opinion, one of the “must have” DVDs to add to your holiday viewing collection.

From beloved song to animated holiday classic: Frosty meets his match in a glistening Remastered Deluxe Edition! Andy Griffith, Shelley Winters and Jackie Vernon lend their voices to this captivating cartoon about the Snowman’s winter return to the children of a small town for a winter season of fun and games. But he’s lonely at night when left by himself. So the grateful kids build him a beautiful snowlady companion. Jealous of the attention given Frosty, Jack Frost blows up a blizzard and swipes Frosty’s magical, life-giving hat. Only true love can bring Frosty back to his old fun-loving self. Two songs that have proven to be enduring seasonal favorites highlight the soundtrack: Frosty the Snowman and Winter Wonderland. [click to continue…]

The Smurfs’ Holiday Celebration

What’s more fun than watching Christmas specials?  How about a Smurftastic special?  These 2 stories are sweet, funny and teach a little bit of compassion along the way with all of the usual smurf-capades!!  I love that my kids enjoy watching The Smurfs with me, as does my husband, because we grew up watching them on tv on Saturday mornings (and apparently, I’m old because I remember when cartoons were only ON Saturday mornings!  I find it funny how much humor my kids (and husband) find in what happens to Azrael – I never remember noticing as a child how funny that can be!!  The Smurfs’ Holiday Celebration is a disc featuring 2 smurfy Christmas themed shows- available where most DVDs are sold.  [click to continue…]

Shameless Season One on DVD and BluRay

Have you seen The WB’s Shameless?  Let me preface this by saying I am a sitcom girl through and through and my favorite shows are usually sitcoms.  Some dramas are good, or thrillers, actions, etc.  but sitcoms are where my heart is.  I love to laugh and I love the way shows like Shameless find humor and comedy in the most unlikely places and situations!

Frank Gallagher leaves his eldest daughter Fiona to hold down the house, donning the proverbial apron and making sure her younger siblings do their chores, keep a clean(ish) house and stay fed. Fiona, in a difficult position being the eldest of the Gallagher children, takes the responsibility of child-rearing which often results in humorous outcomes. For example: in Ep. 4, the middle Gallagher child Debbie, after becoming depressed with her Aunt’s passing, decides to steal a toddler from a birthday party. Fiona and the rest of the siblings devise a plan to return the boy to his family while going unnoticed by the increased police presence in the area.

I can’t imagine being in poor Fiona’s place, having to hold down the fort and returning a stolen little boy, who my siblings dressed as a girl, without being caught.  The situation itself is highly unlikely but that’s what makes it funny, and what makes it work!!  But bless her heart, trying to take the world on full force, and do what’s right, whether she wants to or not.  I still can’t stop laughing at the scene when Fiona says “Why would you steal a baby? And dress him as a girl?” With those kinds of lines, you know there’s more funny to come! [click to continue…]

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?

I may not have ever watched Pretty Little Liars except that it aired (last year) just after a show I was already watching, and caught my attention.  A guilty pleasure of mine, I guess.  But it did catch my attention, and I have watched it many times.  It kind of feels like a 2011 update to the idea behind the movie “Heathers” which probably dates me but oh well!   It is actually based on a young adult book series.  I find this show fun and entertaining, and a little bit of a change from many programs that air.  I’m not a big reality show person, I like television shows, and Pretty Little Liars is fun to watch with engaging characters.  I can’t wait to see what the new season brings to the girls from Rosewood!!

My favorite episode from season one is episode 6, “Never Letting Go,” where the girls are prepping for the Charity fashion show and discover that Allison’s mom has returned to Rosewood.   It’s fun to watch the girls sitting around gabbing about boys, girls, dating, sticky lip gloss and kissing and oh yea, a serial killer who’s stalking them!  Allison’s mom wants the girls to wear her gowns on the runway, in the show, as a tribute.  The drama is just never ending…

Haven’t seen Pretty Little Liars?  [click to continue…]

Holidays on the Loose DVD (Giveaway)

One of the first things my family does when the holidays begin is to watch Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  It kind of marks the start of the season and it’s become a tradition.  With the new Holidays on the Loose, we can now enjoy this beloved storybook come to life (which we read all year round) and now, some other seuss-tastic stories on DVD.  This is definitely a fun gift for any Dr. Seuss lover in your life- including yourself!!  This DVD is available in stores and online now!

Celebrate that special time of year with Dr. Seuss’ magical stories. Just in time for the gift-giving season, Dr. Seuss’s Holidays on the Loose! offers consumers the perfect collection of iconic classics in an all new gift set that is sure to captivate both kids and adults alike.

Dr. Seuss’s Holidays on the Loose! Featured Specials Include: [click to continue…]