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2 Flares 2 Flares × is a new website that is like Pinterest but it’s designed to be for items you want to purchase. It’s not so much about pretty pictures or sharing dreams, it’s about making lists (such as Christmas lists, birthday lists, lists of climbing gear you want, etc). I was raised to be a list maker. I can tell you many times that both my parents spent time making lists of lists. I’ve done it too. Lists are great. I love them.
Well, I love them, until I realize I’ve written something in shorthand or “cryptic” to keep someone from seeing (Christmas gift lists and my 7 year old, specifically) and I’m not 100% certain what exactly I was intending it to mean anymore. That kind of presents a problem. With I can make those same lists but have it in images so I won’t forget. Having it on the computer in my own account means that unless someone has the password, only I can access the lists unless I choose to share them.
SweetRelish is designed to let us consumers discover, share, organize and even purchase things we like! Prices are listed in each item you “relish” so when someone shares or sees what you have relished, they’ll also see the price range. Less shocking surprises when you think “oh that looks fun!” only to find out it’s something that’s priced really, really high.
I was glad to be poking around this site today- I’m always looking for new stocking stuffer ideas and found some really cool ones- and can tell immediately if they are going to work with our budget or not. Score for me! (And for my family of course).

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  • Hi, rafflecopter is saying I already tweeted today and I didnt. its happening on a few blogs. I entered this i think around 7pm last night eastern time. im not sure if theres a way i could get the daily tweet as entry if i left it in a comment? thank you!

    • I would try again later- I know Rafflecopter is having issues :(

  • Same for me… when I clicked “Sign up for a free account at SWEET RELISH” I get an error message.

  • ????

  • Not sure if it was my browser or not- but the link in the rafflectoper form wasn’t working for me. I copied and pasted it from your post– just thought I’d give ya a heads up! Thanks for the giveaway :) :)

    • what link in the form wasn’t working

      • it’s the link in “become a member”


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