Couponing for the Extremely Normal

Here’s a great post from Madame Deals about couponing for the “rest” of us…
Welcome to Couponing for the Extremely Normal! Have you watched the new TLC series “Extreme Couponing”? If so, you must realize how extreme these couponers can be.

Here at Madame Deals, we believe in saving by using coupons but not to the extreme extent which the TLC series portrays. We prefer to take a realistic approach to saving and stockpiling.

In order help you extreme coupon in a realistic way, we will be bringing you several tips each week. Here’s tip #5: My tip: is Time is Money and everything cost something!

Okay, so my take on tonight’s show is simple. It is buy what you need. If you do not have a baby do not buy diapers. It costs money to store things. It takes up space. The most important thing that it takes is time to plan trips, cut coupons, find the items, buy the items, take the items out of the car, bring them inside, and place them on shelves.

I went to the doctors with my son this week. I realized he will soon be 1 year old. I looked at him and wonder when he got so big. What day did he go from a little preemie to this 21lb baby? I guess I think this way: time is money. I believe that you can’t get time back. I believe it is important to live in your budget. It is important to use coupons to help you do so. It is NOT important to plan trips to buy things you do not need. It is not important to run to the store to get the next best deal if it means missing the best deals which are those found at home.

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  • Right on!

  • Great info. I want to coupon more but as you said, not to that extreme! I buy things I need, not just because they are on sale or free or I have a coupon. I have nowhere to put all of that!

  • I absolutely love the title of this. I didn’t watch the Extreme Couponing show. I am just getting into couponing and am still very wet behind the ears. I like that you gear things toward normal people like me. Lol.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more. It is so refreshing to see “normal” coupon users after all the buzz these extreme coupon users are getting. I believe, as you do, that it is a waste pf time and energy to go buy things just because you can. It is the by-product of a consumer society. Thanks for sharing tips on healthy coupon using!:)

  • First I want to say I really love the links and information you have been providing. This is really great for someone who doesn’t use coupons to start learning.
    One the diapers though I do have a slightly different opinion. If you are a woman with the desire to have children one day, I can see the want to buy diapers before becoming pregnant. I have two friends that started buying them even though they had trouble conceiving. One is still trying and the other is expecting. Now even though I am sure this is probably not the case, I bought baby clothes every now and then at yard sales, etc before my husband and I even married. I think it is normally to stock baby items for future planning (but this is just my opinion of course)

  • amen to that

  • My problem is forgetting the coupons. Then I have done all the clipping work for nothing.

  • I so agree with you.

  • I so agree! I couldn’t believe all of the diapers that lady had with no baby! I would much rather be spending time with my family than to go to crazy lengths to get things that I don’t need for free or cheap. The least the lady could do with all of the diapers that she doesn’t need is donate them to a homeless shelter,womens shelter ect… I do coupon and understand how great it is to get things for free or cheap but these are things my family uses and need. I worry about the rest of us “normal” coupon shoppers getting a bad rep from this show. There is a big difference from couponing/bargain shopping and hoarding which in my personal opinion alot of the people on the show are. I hope they show more of the good side of couponing.

  • I can tell just by the commercials that this show will just make me mad. I use coupons, I blog about coupons. Yet I have common sense!


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