>Cutey Baby Diapers “That’s a Wrap” Available in select grocery stores now!!

>I did a review of Cutey Baby’s diapers last summer, and recently got the opportunity to check out their brand new “That’s a Wrap” diapers.  These diapers are surprisingly trim for cloth and come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large….this means the system can likely last from birth through potty training.   They are a 2 part diaper system – the 5 layer soaker/insert and the outer wrap.  The wrap sits inside the diaper which has gussets to contain messes.  There is a ‘well’ where you lay the inserts, so they stay put.  I like that I can also add another insert if I want in order to get a bit more absorbancy, if I want her to get through a bit longer for a nap or something.

I am normally a one size pocket diaper fan, mostly for economical reasons, and haven’t tried a ton of different sized diapers, but I can definitely see the draw of this diaper.  It fit my little peanut PERFECTLY.  The closure is a nice soft velcro, so no scratching her little belly.  The wrap is super super soft, almost t-shirt soft.  The leg and waist elastic is really stretchy so I think they’ll fit well for both chunky babes and peanuts like my girlie. 

I think it’s great that Cutey Baby is trying to see how well their diapers sell in grocery stores, hopefully with cloth diapers being more accessible, more people can see and feel them and want to give them a try!!  I’d love to be able to grab some while I’m grocery shopping, I’m a sucker for a cute print.  Cutey Baby has a ton of cute prints.  A rarity, I actually think that the boy prints for this brand are cuter than the girl ones!  Makes me a bit jealous. You can find these diapers at some Costco stores, and some Jewel/Albertson stores.  I really wish that Albertson didn’t pull the Shaws stores from my area. 

Cutey Baby also came out with some biodegradable liners- great for making messy diaper cleanups a breeze!! This is the first time I’ve used liners like this and, well, I’m not sure why it took me so long to start.  I’m stubborn, slow to like change maybe? 

I’ve only washed this diaper 5-6 times but so far so good with the velcro closures not pilling or pulling up from the diaper. I do think the inserts for the wrap are more absorbent than the Cutey Baby we checked out last summer, which I like. 

I’m posting this now but will add my photos of Baby B when I can find them.  The file I though they were in isn’t showing her little fluffy bum in her pink gingham diaper, but I will find them!

Here is the brains behind the Cutey Baby brand demonstrating “That’s a Wrap.”


Cutey Baby will will be running some giveaways tied in to the Jewel / Alberstons event during February and March. If you’re not a fan yet, be sure to visit and ‘like’ their Facebook page to stay current with the latest news. They will choose weekly winners from their Facebook fans.

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

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