Cutey Baby – Modern Cloth Diaper

Cutey Baby sent us one of their diapers to review.  Pink polka dot preciousness, I tell you!

I’ve never seen a diaper (in person) that has the waist adjust on the sides. I like it. (We need this.  Baby Bargains is barely in the 10% for weight so we need diapers to get snug!)

LOOK at how cute it is…

Also something I’ve not seen before – an AIO diaper but the inserts slip out for washing. Kind of cool.  Also seems like for someone just testing the cloth diaper waters, to be less intimidating.  Just toss it in the washer, no removing anything, just toss and go!!  We are ok with doing more but I think this is a huge selling point for someone looking to start with cloth.

Baby Bargains modeling her Cutey Baby.  I’m happy to say we have gotten a nice snug fit each time she’s worn it.  There is also room to grow, which is important to me in a diaper.  If I’m spending my money I want it to be well spent.  Buying cloth is an investment, but with so many rewards, you know?  I will say I have not tried this diaper overnight, and probably won’t, for two reasons: I am not sure it would hold enough for my heavy wetter overnight and also, I save the cutest diapers for daytime to show them off.
Thank you to Cutey Baby for sending us this diaper to review.  We love it.  Hope to add a few more to our diaper stash soon!!  We did receive this diaper for a review from Cutey Baby, but opinions expressed within are my own.






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