Dremel Tools- Find anything Pinterest-ing lately?

I have a GREAT idea for an unexpected and awesome gift for your favorite Pinterest-obsessed friend or family member (OR yourself…)… give the gift of DREMEL!  I won’t lie, when I think of tools, I almost always think of my husband. Or of how tools are made for hands larger than my own.  But that’s another post.  Dremel gave me a whole new way to think of tools- all thanks to Pinterest!  We’ve all seen some fantastic products on Pinterest, suggestions, ideas, tips, crafts- projects, plans, etc.  But so many of us do not have the tools to use to create things the same way as the instruction scall.  Thanks to Dremel, we can easily have these tools, and in a handy case, for a reasonable price.  Win, win!

Plus, for those of us who are chronic pinners and don’t usually get around to actually DOING what we pin, this might just be that little kick in the pants that we need!  My husband is a handy guy and always gets fun tools and accessories for Christmas- he’s getting one of the Multi-Knife Accessory kits in his stocking along with some other goodies!

For the Pinterest Pinner:

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for crafters, hobbyists and DIY’ers. For friends and family who spend more time pinning projects than doing them, these tools that can help inspire them to get started:

dremel 8220

  • ·         Dremel 8220 12V Rotary Tool ($99-$139) – Take on nearly any project with this new rotary tool. From hobbies like jewelry-making or glass-engraving, to tackling household repairs, the Dremel 8220 cordless rotary tool provides versatility and precision for projects large and small. We are fans of Dremel- we have a few items in the garage from them. They come in a really nice, sturdy case that holds up to whatever we throw at it (literally and figuratively) and the components are great quality.  Very well crafted.  My husband’s concern with the cordless design of these is that the battery life may be shortened if you aren’t using the tool frequently to keep the battery going.  That said, he LOVES the convenience and lack of obstruction with a cordless tool and will always opt for cordless over corded.
  • ·         Dremel Trio™ ($99) – Thanks to the resurgence of the Shabby Chic design trend, refinishing and distressing furniture pieces has become a popular hobby. For those on your list who have a knack for breathing new life into furniture and décor, the Dremel Trio will allow them to tackle multiple materials and planes without switching tools.

For the Home Handyman:

For the handyman or woman who has all the basic tools to tackle home DIY projects, the holidays are a great time to take their tool arsenal up a notch:

dremel mm20

  • ·         Dremel Multi-Max™ MM20 ($99) – Repair. Remodel. Restore. The Dremel Multi-Max MM20 offers do-it-yourselfers and pros a versatile and effective multitasking tool. The Multi-Max can cut into a variety of materials including stone, sheet metal and cement with precision, power and ease, so users can tackle an array of applications quickly and comfortably.
  • ·         Dremel Saw-Max™ ($129) – Making cuts with a saw can be a daunting task, but at one-third the size and weight of a traditional circular saw, the Dremel Saw-Max allows users to make smooth cuts on a variety of materials with easy, one-handed operation.

Stocking Stuffers

Finish out your list with the perfect stocking stuffer from Dremel. There are a wide array of accessories and attachments for Dremel tools, at every price level.

  • ·         Dremel EZ Twist Nose Cap ($6.99) – A must-have for anyone with a Dremel rotary tool, the EZ Twist Nose Cap makes changing accessories on a Dremel rotary tool faster and easier.
  • ·         Dremel Multi-Max Drywall Jab Saw Accessory ($9.99) – Designed to be the fastest-cutting drywall blade available, the Drywall Jab Saw is the only oscillating blade that makes both straight and curved cuts in drywall, ideal for cutting out electrical boxes and recessed lighting.
  • ·         Dremel Multi-Max Multi-Knife Accessory ($14.99) – Quickly and easily cut carpet, vinyl, boxes, shingles, foam, insulation and plastic with the Dremel Multi-Knife. Two cutting edges allow users to cut in either direction; the inside-facing edge is designed for cuts requiring a pulling motion and the outside-facing edge is designed for cuts requiring a pushing motion.
  • ·         Dremel Saw-Max Cutting Kit ($39.99) – Includes seven Saw-Max wheels, including diamond and carbide wheels,  to cut tile, drywall, wood, plastic, metal, cement, brick and more.

I think it’s time for me and the rest of my fellow chronic pinners to take action with (Dremel) tools in hand! Just make sure you and I follow each other so I can see your pins!  (http://pinterest.com/brettmartin/)


Samples were received in exchange for posting about these products. Opinions are my own as always!



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  • I don’t have a dremel tool myself, but I always think about all the stuff I owuld od with one. I’d especially like to try cutting off the head of a nail like they used to do in their advertisements. I know it sounds mundane, but I guess my life is not too wild.

  • My boyfriend LOVEs his Dremel! I buy him different tips and accessories for it all the time!

  • After reading your post, I want one. I’m pretty much electric tool illiterate but this looks like one tool I could embrace. Thanks for the post!


  • I have one of these…very helpful tool!

  • Something that we could really use around this house! I love pintrest

  • i need one of these…i have seen them on pinterest, too, but always wondered what to use it for. thanks for the great ideas. i’ll use this in the summer when i’m out of school.

  • I LOVE IT! my husband makes cool stuff with this tool!

  • i am headed to ‘pinterest/dremel’ now…i need something to take my mind off school. thanks for the info.

  • Thanks for sharing, this never occured to me, until I read your review.

  • I love my Dremel. I have a Chihuahua that is absolutely terrified of the nail clippers. However, he lets me use the Dremel. It doesn’t put that squeezing pressure on the nail bed and works very fast. It leaves his nails very smooth and properly shaped. This is a great multi-purpose tool.

  • Dremels are great for all sorts of things… way back when I bred exotic birds, we even used them to grind beaks back into shape, my old dog used to love getting his claws ground down with it…

    there’s a zillions and one uses for them

  • I plan to get one soon!

  • Thanks for the good ideas. I need one of these for myself.

  • i had one and gave it to my baby brother after I gave him the rest of my tools….

  • I love the gift suggestions! I am all about shabby chic so that would totally come in handy :)

  • I have laid down my tools for awhile. I did have a dremel but think someone swiped it. It helped me with some tiling projects for the house. I know we need a bigger unit now. I am one who has asked for tools for gifts before. Don’t be skeeered girls. It’s FUN to DIY!

  • Wow……..one of these would be fantastic to have! :):) I didn’t realize it would do so many things….. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have been wanting one of these for years! It would make my crafting a lot easier!


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