Field of Vision- Save the Date for Family Movie Night June 11th on NBC!

The premiere of Field of Vision is on Saturday, June 11 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT- so be ready to gather the kids around, pop some popcorn, and watch as a mysterious video camera teaches really important life lessons and see what happens as these lessons are learned.  The movie stars Tyler, a star quarterback on a high school football team, seeing footage on a mysterious video camera that shows his teammates bullying a new student in school, Cory, who’s had a very tough life.  Tyler is then faced with the difficult decision to do what is right and risk getting his teammates kicked off the team, which would mean losing chance to win the state championship game, or to speak up. 

Tyler’s younger sister, Lucy, another important character in this movie, was the one who first saw what was in the camera, and struggles to get others to believe that what she sees within the camera is not simply her imagination.  Through the vision of the camera, Lucy learns things about the new student, Cory, that he himself isn’t aware of, and we viewers are left to wonder who or what is making this odd, outdated and temperamental camera work, and why it shows what it does. 

This is  a sweet movie, and I enjoyed watching it.  I imagine that this would really open up some great dialogue for parents of children who are a bit older than mine, because tweens and teens can really relate to Lucy, Tyler and Cory.  I’m of the school of thought that anything that gets a dialogue going between parents and children is a good thing, and what a nice way to spend an evening watching a nice family friendly movie with a good story and good lessons learned and shared.   You can check out more about Family Movie Night here.


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