Fighting Hunger Together Golden Spark Promotion

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In support of Hunger Action Month in September, Walmart worked with customers, suppliers and associates nationwide to donate up to 53 million meals to Feeding America and to give $2.5 million for hunger relief.  That's a lot of help for the hungry, especially since one in 6 Americans are living without knowing where their next meal may come from.  

Through October 12th, customers were able to generate meal donations for Feeding America by purchasing select products from participating food suppliers (General Mills, Kellogs, Unilever, Kraft Foods, and ConAgra Foods) at Walmart stores and following instructions on the packaging, engaging in the “Give Meals” section of, or using a mobile app to generate meal donations for Feeding America.

Participate in the Golden Spark promotion for a chance to win $50K for your community! Walmart will randomly award 40 “Golden Sparks” valued at $50,000 each to consumers who participate in the Fighting Hunger Together Golden Spark Promotion. The winners will choose a community to receive the funding to start or expand a backpack program that provides vital meals to food-insecure children during weekends when they do not have access to free- and reduced-price school meals. Walmart Associates will also have a chance to compete together for their store to win a Golden Spark by logging volunteer hours.  I'm sure we all know a community who could benefit from $50,000!  I know I do! 

3. Pick one of the suppliers donating meals (General Mills, Kellogs, Unilever, Kraft Foods, and ConAgra Foods). Write about how when you help this supplier fight hunger by going to Walmart and finding the “Fighting Hunger Together” signs OR going to the “Give Meals” section you can take one product and turn it into 7 meals.

Leave a comment and share a personal story about a time you ever experienced hunger, or helped someone else who has experienced hunger. By sharing these personal stories, we can all understand why helping those who are hungry is prevalent and important. 

Once you've commented- let's think- how can WE help provide hunger relief? Just because it isn't Hunger Month anymore doesn't mean there aren't others in need.  We can still help now, via the Jingit app, either by checking in at Walmart or by watching a video or taking a survey from one of the brands listed on Walmart's site.  That's about the easiest and quickest way we can help.  

There are so many other ways we can all help- those buy one, get one/two/three free sales at the store?  Donate one!  Just one!  When there are coupons and sales for items you don't typically use for your family for whatever reason, take advantage of the low pricing (and often, free! deals) and donate those items.  It doesn't have to cost a lot.  It just takes some time, and thinking outside the box.  We don't have a ton of extra money, but giving a little bit helps every single time.  

My family loves Cheerios.  My husband eats a bowl almost every single day for breakfast.  Just by going to Walmart and looking for the "Fighting Hunger Together" signs or by checking out the Give Meals section on, we can help fill others' bellies by buying Cheerios.  Not much work nor effort for us, and we'd not even have to buy something extra.  Kind of a win-win situation for us!

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  • Oh this is a great program! I know the free/reduced in school is good but never thought about after school and weekends when they aren’t there. Love this!!


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