FREE $10 Cash from DailyDeelz

Just like Groupon- but when your friends and family take advantage of signing up for Daily Deelz when you share your deal, you get CASH instead of credits.  Sweet!!  *note from 8/13/11*You get $5 for signing up and when you “like” them on Facebook (look in their right sidebar) your account is credited an additional $5 (mine took a few days)

If you are local to me they need almost 3000 more people to sign up for this to be in Hartford so share share share!!

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  • NOT good. If you want credit for referrals, they want your SSN. Yeah. NO! I don’t think so. NO other site asks for that except maybe doctor’s, insurance, or some other medical related site. Maybe credit card, bank even and perhaps school. But for a site that’s really not yet available even in some of the larger market areas, no. They need another way to verify identity than SSN.

    • I see your point- although I know when my mom got debit cards as gifts for holiday gifts for my nieces and nephews she had to give their sSNs. I did see this this morning on some much larger blogs so I’m comfortable with this being legit. Don’t blame you for being hesitant!!


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