FREE Kindle Books for Kids: Lily Lemon Blossom, A to Z Animals and more

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What I love about ebooks is that they are always with you as long as you have your ebook compatible device (iPhone, Tablet, Kindle, Nook, etc)  Great for car trips or stuck waiting somewhere.    No more just carrying one book with you, now you can literally carry HUNDREDS!

Here are some to download for the kids!  And best of all these are FREE right now!

Lessons from the Lion, the Ox and their little friends (illustrated) (Four fables from Aesop)

Search for the Pirate’s Treasure

A to Z of Silly Animals – The Best Selling Illustrated Children’s Book for All Ages by Sprogling

The Ugly Duckling (Illustrated)

Little Caterpillar And Cricket (Noisy Farm – A Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Picture Book, Perfect Bedtime Story)

Lily Lemon Blossom Welcome to Lily’s Room

Don’t have a Kindle?  You can download a free application which enables you to read Kindle ebooks on your computer, iphoneAndroidBlackberry, iPad and more.

Amazon keeps a running list of Kindle books you can download for free, so check it out!

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