>Frustration and computers

>I’m so frustrated.  My laptop stopped recognizing anything plugged into the USB thingies a month or 2 ago.  But the computer upstairs hates me and doesn’t like to cooperate.  I have a ton of photos and I can’t even upload them from the cameras, and I’m not able to post them here, because I can’t do the uploads.  I researched and totally thought I ordered a thing that would allow me to use USB’s but it came today and it is not- its the wrong thing.  The website description confused me.  I’m so sad.  Now I have to return this and pay a 15% restock fee and go back on a search yet again for this elusive part that makes my laptop read USB things again, so I can share photos.

I guess there isn’t a huge point to this except I wanted you to know I have all these great photos to go along with some of my posts and some are just great and I’m excited to see them myself and I can’t and I am FRUSTRATED.

The end.


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  • >I can certainly feel your pain on computer problems. I have a really old computer and any website with a lot of graphics it takes forever to open, if it will open at all. I am on a fixed income so a new computer has not been in my budget yet, but I'm saving for one, hopefully soon.

  • >If you have a camera on your phone, you could take your pictures and email them to yourself. Just another idea. Good luck and computer problems are apain in the b….. :))

  • >ah, NO….don'e take it to best buy! sorry, but…unless you have more money then you know what to do with. there prices have come down this year but as an example, they charge $50 just to set up email on your comp. like outlook, or the like. i could go on, but…look for a "small" computer repair shop in your area! that way you're supporting local small biz. and their prices are always better. find a geek who thinks it a no brainer to take apart your laptop. any teenager probably. "replacement USB port(s)" shouldn't run you more then a couple dollars a piece. strange though…if they all aren't working. might be a loose wire. first try a q-tip with a little rubbing alcohol to clean out the connectors. might be dusty or gummed up. i'm in the same boat. 2 months after buying my first laptop, there was a hell of a storm here in the south east. some might recall all the people that lost their homes? the roof leaked, yep….right on top of my laptop! i managed to save it, but lost the keyboard. thought i could take it off and dry it out. warning: don't take a laptop apart unless you plan to put it back together immediately!!! i didn't, and lost the black connector clip (which no one sells), and 1/2 the screws to put it back together. :?so, the vital parts are kinda exposed now. i can't keep the cat off it (cuz it's warm), and stuff has fallen inside….makes this horrid grinding sound. Arg. it's one of those quiet-stressors!! i can't afford to take it anywhere right now, so i'm still trying to convince myself that i can do it. the replacement keyboard is only $27 (ebay), and a new fan about $4.i know it's doable. i think ;)i would find a local repair. a quick fix where u won't be w/out it more then a day. i feel for you. i wonder how much does it cost to save all pics to a DVD at someplace like walmart?!? that way you can get them on your computer (by disc player), and have them backed up at the same time. :/ just a thought.best of luck. yes…we need pics! 🙂

  • >Thanks guys!! I won't go to Best Buy. I had a horrific experience with them last fall and won't give them any more of my money, ever. :o( I can't even call it customer service, what I experienced. We'd had it looked at and they said they can't just swap out the USB thingie I am going to call again today and see if they can order me the right part direct from their store. Thanks for the advice. I may have to do a few more giveaways sans my own photos and suck it up until this is sorted out. Some of them are just waiting to be posted for photos and I don't want the companies to have to wait, you know?

  • >Just take your laptop to best buy and they will tell you what you need for free. That's what I did when my other laptop broke down into convulsions like 4 months ago. Found out a spyware got in and fried the hard drive. But good luck with it all. Hope it turns out well. Can't wait to see the pics =P♥Jess

  • >It sounds like you have the same luck as me with anything computer related! I managed to break the AC Adapter on my husband's (work) laptop. Oops. I still have no idea what happened…Can you take your laptop to a computer store and get someone there to help you find what you need? It's worth a shot. Maybe just get them to tell you what you need, then you can research and find the best price online?Good luck, I know how frustrating computer issues can be! You'd think mine would be running great since I'm married to a computer nerd 🙂


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