Gogo’s Crazy Bones Bonanza Party!!

We got to host a Gogo’s Crazy Bones Bonanza Party right before Easter, and we had so much fun!  Unfortunately many invitees weren’t able to attend but it worked out well because the kids really got a chance to play and explore the books that came with the toys, and try out some of the games- more kids might not have allowed for that to happen.  If you haven’t heard of Gogo’s Crazy Bones before, don’t worry- I hadn’t either, but I have a feeling we’ll all be hearing lots more about them in months to come.

Gogo’s are the hottest mini game toy–small colorful characters that come in hundreds of colors and designs, each one with a unique name, design, personality and special ability. Today’s Gogo’s are reminiscent of old school favorites such as marbles and jacks, with a modern twist! Each Gogo has a unique number for collecting and is designed so you can hold and throw them with one finger. Kids have a blast collecting, trading and playing with Gogo’s Crazy Bones!

I think of Gogo’s as jacks with personality or marbles with spunk.  They really are cute and a lot of fun- and one thing that’s always important to me as a mom is that they are not violent.  I think kids can have tons of fun without a single bit of violence involved and it makes me happy when companies work to stay true to that belief.

Once the kids got the snacky stuff out of the way, they tore into the Gogo’s to see what these little toys were all about.  I wasn’t sure what they’d think of them- I know I myself was pleasantly surprised at how much my 5 1/2 year old enjoyed these- and a friend’s niece who’s 12 was also at the party and she and my Busy girl were having so much fun doing some of the games in the book. 

The kids are already trading, hiding Gogo’s, storing them in pockets (just in case you are wondering- they DO wash well) and love looking through the collector’s books they each received at the party.  Lots of fun.  I really like that these are not just collectibles but that you can actually- and are encouraged to- play with the toys too!

I received samples of this product for the party- all opinions expressed within are my own.
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  • I had this party also, my kids are now obsessed with the gogos!


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