Halloween Fun Despite Bad Weather

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Happy Halloween!  Halloween 2012 is proving to be an interesting year across the country.  The Frankenstorm, Sandy, has brought damage and despair to the northeast.  Many children are understandably sad that their Halloween plans are ruined because of the weather.  But don't let the storm ruin your Halloween this year!  One of the best things we can do is head back to normalcy as soon as possible.  Here are a few ideas of things you can do to have Halloween fun despite bad weather.

Take advantage of the daylight hours.  Decorate pumpkins with markers, paper scrap (using glue or tape), or carve them.

Trick-or-Treat during the day with your neighbors.  If it is too cold outside, bring the trick-or-treating inside to a garage or the house.  Just the act of going trick-or-treating will help lift kid's spirits!

Dress up.  Find the silliest clothes you have and dress up.

 Everyone, not just the kids!

Organize and impromptu parade in your neighborhood.  Send the kids door to door and have fun in your neighborhood.

Tell scary stories.  They don't have to be too scary!  Or you can learn some Halloween Jokes to lighten the mood.  My favorite is “Knock Knock.  Who's there?  Boo!  Boo Who?  Boo hoo, didn't mean to make you cry!”

Read or write a story.  Five Little Pumpkins is one of my favorites for the younger crowd.

Play a board game.  Blow the dust off an old game and have fun today!

Make a fun treat.  Cut an orange into a jack-0-lantern or make a jack-o-lantern quesadilla.  Mummy dogs are also a fun Halloween night dinner.

The best thing we can do on Halloween is to be silly and have fun.  Do you have any activities or traditions that you do on Halloween that makes it stand out for your family?

Have a great day and night everyone!

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About the author: Leandrea is a mom to two girls and she enjoys crafting, reading, and running. You can connect with Leandrea both here on This Mama Loves and CouponsAreGreat.net. Leandrea loves to show you how that you can do almost anything without paying full price!

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