Huggies Slip-on Diapers and Walmart

I just watched the new Huggies® Little Movers Slip-On Diapers in action at the Diaper Dash – an adorable race between the squirmiest babies. Meet the Squirmers!  Aside from the video being full of adorable babies (and who doesn’t love adorable babies??) and the all-too-familiar story of babies who don’t stay put for diaper changes (I have had three such babies myself!!), I keep thinking to myself “why did they not make these sooner?”  It’s totally cute and worth watching at least once!

I have had three kids who #1 hate diaper changes and #2 are heavy wetters.  This means that at a young age, I either had to move to training pants (not as absorbent) or change more frequently (more costly)- neither option was one I liked.  Yes, I do use cloth (or did, Baby B is only in diapers at night and naps) but there are always occasions when having disposables is both handy or necessary (like last week when Irene was due to hit- I wasn’t sure when we’d lose/gain power back and didn’t want diapers sitting a week wet…so we opted to get a pack of ‘sposies instead).  Last week in anticipation of Irene’s arrival, I did decide to get some disposables to have on hand.  

I actually searched for the new Slip-On diapers, since I did have a coupon and my daughter LOVES Pooh and Tigger (and as you can see, Tigger is on the Slip-Ons!) but couldn’t find any size 3 nor 4 the 2 places we stopped and I decided that I wasn’t going to more stores for one pack of diapers.   I will be trying them shortly, I hope.  I want to see if they are truly as absorbent as promised- and the slip-on feature will make my little one feel like she’s a big girl still (which is her top priority these days, after getting bacon and pizza to eat) and also keep her sheets from getting wet at nap or at bedtime.  I think they’ll be true to the Huggies name and reputation of great absorbancy (and I’m so glad the designs are muted, thank you Huggies!!) – have any of you tried them?  Thoughts?  Reactions?  I think these will make MY life easier!!

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  • This is the first I’ve heard of these diapers. I’m curious to try them! Thanks for the post.

  • I really want to try these since we are nearly able to understand when baby is ready to “go”. Opening up diapers in a hurry doesn’t always work.


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