>I love me some Smartipants.

>I really, really do.  (I love gdiapers, and bumgenius as well but that’s not today’s post.  Watch for more on those later.)

My friend Amy introduced me to the wonderful world of Smartipants diapers.  They are cloth, and one size.  One size, you say?  How can a diaper be one size?  Easy!! Snaps allow you to make 4 different sizes from one diaper.  The waist closure on these is ALSO snap, instead of velcro like many other cloth diapers that are one size.  I just feel like for us, snaps work best.  And, the best feature of all with the smartipants, is………….drumroll………………..both ends of the pocket are open.  Which means you DO NOT HAVE TO TOUCH the inserts.  Kind of takes away the “ick” factor most people have about cloth diapers.  They agitate out in the washer.  All by themselves, folks.  That’s right.  You read that correctly.  They run around $15 per diaper, with one insert included, so you are going to make an investment to start.  But with the exception of some extra inserts, that diaper is going to last until your child is about 35 pounds (when, historically, most kids are not wearing diapers any longer).  I’ll wait right here while you do that math.  We right now have about 18 smartipants, and a few gdiapers in rotation, as well as a few BG flips (again, more on those another day).  This is about 3 days worth of diapers.  I will be adding a few more to my stash soon, I’ve been holding off in hopes of more colors being released.  (There’s an exclusive to Kelly’s Closet -Cocoa Bean (Brown) that I’m eyeing but I’m sort of waiting to see if any prints make an appearance). 

See, here’s the thing with cloth diapers.  If you go with basics, and not fun colors, covers, accessories, etc., you will save oodles of dollars and you will decrease your environmental impact from diaper disposal greatly.  If you don’t go with basics and enjoy the cuteness of the colors, prints, accessories, etc., well, you are still saving, for sure.  And you most definitely still have that decreased environmental impact (carbon footprint??).  But when you are like me and diapers become almost a fashion accessory for your little one, well, it becomes LESS a bargain.  Still a bargain, no worries, this mama doesn’t pay full price for things.  But maybe notsomuch of a bargain since the cuter patterns and designs and stuff usually cost a wee bit more. 

If you think you might cloth diaper, look into smartipants.  They aren’t perfect, I don’t think there is a diaper in existence that is a perfect match for every baby, but oh, are they wonderful.

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