>I’ve got a decorating bug in my ear.

>Really.  I keep seeing things and I think “Oh! That would be great in this room, or on that wall!”  Of course, these are all things that aren’t going to happen, for the most part.  But the bug is there and it has a voice growing louder by the hour, it seems.  Let’s talk about our living room furniture- we were so excited almost exactly 5 years ago when we set a closing date on this house, we took all the measurements and went right out to order a leather set- couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman.  Which was awesome, until the furniture actually came and we realized in all our measuring glee we’d neglected to account for doorways (2), fireplace, and 2 large radiators.  So we’ve been hoping something would happen to magically switch this leather set to maybe 2 smaller sofas or possibly the set my mom had – which my dad still has but he’s downsizing- a smaller full sized sofa and 2 small club chairs.  That’s a bargain, right?  Free swapped furniture?  I told my dad he can have ours. I just want something smaller.

We all know, though, that once I have new furniture in there, I’m going to want some new accessories to match…although the fine folks at CSN said they’d send me a fun wall decal that I *think* will be going on a wall in my kitchen…but you’ll have to stay tuned for that.  This Mama needs to make dinner for the little Bargains. 

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