Kid Summer Fun: Keep the boredom at bay with FREE Summer Crafts for Kids!!

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Since I’m sticking with my little to no planned activities for the kiddos this summer, I’m looking to keep them happily occupied and not at one another’s throats all day, every day. We have swim lessons this week and next, and Busy B has Vacation Bible School, but left to their own devices I’m not sure what would happen. A mutiny perhaps. Having an arsenal of crafts, games and activities to keep the fighting at bay and the boredom naughties away is definitely the way to go. I’ll be sharing things we do that I think you all may like- feel free to share your ideas too!!

  • 22 Craft Projects for Kids involving:
  • Homemade Toys Galore- Make yourself a fun frisbee (Page 16) for the Summer season. It will keep the kids entertained.
  • Fun Paper Crafts- Make a tissue paper frame (Page 21) for a friend. It’s easy to make and it’ll be something special.
  • Easy Crafts with Household Items- Silly putty (Page 31) is a great craft for the kids to make, they can play with it for hours.
  • Wearable Crafts for Kids- Save your money this season and make a flower t-shirt (Page 17). It’s sure to be your own unique style.
  • Great Recycling Crafts- Recycle your used products and make a cute cat bottle bank (Page 10) or a yogurt cup bud vase (Page 47).
  • Bugs, Penguins, Turtles and more Animal Crafts- These finger friends (Page 24) are really cute for little kids. The friendly penguin (Page 39) is also a cute one.
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