Let Them Eat Vegan! Cookbook review

Dreena Burton’s newest cookbook Let Them Eat Vegan: 200 Deliciously Satisfying Plant-Powered Recipes for the Whole Family is loaded with healthy and tasty recipes.  This is Dreena’s fourth vegan (plant-based) cookbook.  She focuses on using fresh, whole ingredients rather than processed vegan substitutes or white flour.  Dreena is the mother of 3 young girls and keeps their taste buds in mind when developing recipes.let them eat vegan cook book Dreena Burton vegan recipes

Let Them Eat Vegan: 200 Deliciously Satisfying Plant-Powered Recipes for the Whole Family begins with a section titled Plant Power:Your time has come.  This section explains all the ingredients and tools used in the recipes.  It is written in easy to understand terms and she tells you where you can find all the ingredients.  Then she moves on to  Breakfast Bites and Smoothies.  This chapter includes her very popular Monsta Cookies.  Yes, cookies for breakfast!  She has the recipe up on her site, here.  Once you are there, check out her How-To videos, Going Vegan section and all of her helpful links.

I made a few recipes from Let Them Eat Vegan and they were all a hit.  The “Mac-oh-geez!” recipe was a favorite with the two adults and the one 7 year old in my house.  That recipe is bookmarked so I can return to it easily.  The final result is a rich, creamy sauce that is so delicious, it was hard to control my portion sizes!

Let Them Eat Vegan Dreen Burton vegan cookbook vegan mac and cheese

Let Them Eat Vegan is a great all around vegan cookbook and is a great place to start if you are transitioning or just trying to eat less dairy and meats.  It also would make a wonderful gift.  You can purchase Let Them Eat Vegan online and I have found it at all the local bookstores.

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What is your favorite meal that you would love to see get veganized?

 I received a sample of this product for review.  Opinions are my own.

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  • Looks like a good book! I’m going to get this one!

  • I can’t wait to try this cookbook! I don’t want to go vegan but I do want to make more vegan recipes! Thanks for the review! It’s nice to know this is a great book before I buy it!

  • This does look like a good vegan cookbook. My daughter-in-law is a vegan and I have been looking for new recipes. Thanks.

  • This recipe looks so yummy! I’d like to check out this cook book, looks great.

    • It is really worth checking out!

  • By the looks of the ” Mac oh geez” recipe I think I would love this cook book!

    • It is so hard to not eat too much of this dish!!!

  • It sounds like it would be a great cook book to add to my collection! The Monsta Cookies recie my husband would love!!

    • They are so tasty…not what people usually think of when they hear vegan!

  • Sounds like a great cook book.

    • It really is great and has recipes for the whole family!

  • It’s great to have another resource for adding variety to our plant based diet. I wish I could get everyone I know to take a look at this book and just try some of the recipes for just a day! Vegan/plant based diets often get a bad rap for just containing boring food. And that’s just not the case. You can enjoy so many different foods, feel better, drop those LDLs and prevent many diseases associated with the SAD (standard American diet)!


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