Love your pits!! Armpits have a purpose, too you know!

Remember a few weeks ago I shared with you a bunch of weird armpit facts?  Well, my friends at Lunchbox apparently embraced my weird facts about armpits knowledge and asked if I’d share more armpit stuff with you… well, specifically, this video link which has letters to armpits and ends with a $2 coupon for Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture.

That’s right, Dove wants us all to love our pits.  They are kind of important!  Let’s hear it for our armpits!!

A-R-M… P-I-T-S!! Armpits, armpits, gooooooooooooo armpits!

Oh. Maybe you don’t know why the pits are important.

Or a lot about them. Truth be told, I didn’t either.

They keep your gnarly nodes from overheating.  Yea.  Those lymph nodes?  They can overheat.  And your pits house lots ‘o lymph nodes. The pits keep ’em cool.  Which is kind of interesting because your pits are usually the warmest part of your body.  I guess that’s why we tuck our hands into our pits when we get wicked cold and don’t have gloves?!

Got sweat? Your armpits are where your underarm sweat gland is located (I do actually hope you knew this one. I mean, that’s what inspires most of us to start using deodorant when puberty strikes…)

Without an armpit ,we’d have no underside to the joint that connects our shoulders to our bodies. How sad would that be?

The armpit is also called the axilla. So next time someone says you have stinky pits, feel free to correct them to say that you have odiferous axillae (in a snobby tone). Chances are, you’ll bowl them over with your linguistic prowess and not your um….


stinky pits.

So listen.  Go see what others have to say about their axillae and then print your coupon.  Your pits depend on it. You shave ’em, now take care of them.

dove love your armpits

The Best Care Ever for the Armpit

Did you know that 36% of what you remove while shaving is skin? Pretty crazy, right?!

That’s why Dove® has created the Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture™ technology.

Now you can care for your armpits by using Dove® and raise your arms with pride!  Happy pits!!

So, are you a shaver?  Or a leave-it-as-it-is kind of pit-ster?


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  • Wow. I’m speechless haha. I did not know all of this arm pit knowledge lol!

  • I’m a shaver…probably not as often as I should. But, definitely a shaver.

  • Hehe 🙂 How odd would we look with no armpits? I love my Dove deodorant! It’s by far the best I’ve tried.

  • It would be very sad if we had no under side to the join that holds our shoulders to our body. And quite odd if you try to picture it…. 🙂

  • LOL I love this post, I’m giggling over here! I love Dove deodorant, thanks for the coupon!

  • I’m a shaver. 🙂 LOL to your armpit cheer. That’s a cheer I can get behind, woot! 🙂

  • I guess the pits are do some attention. I guess the back of our knees is next up.

  • I shave every single day! I would feel ooky if I didn’t. I’m not picky about most things, but shaving, yes.

  • I love Dove deodorant, use it everyday. It’s the only kind that doesn’t irritate my skin. Love the scents too.

  • I shave my pits. But usually just once a week. When I get a steady boyfriend though, then I might twice a week.

    • I guess that’s when you know it’s true love? When you do it frequently?

  • Im A Shaver Love Dove!

  • I love how mild Dove is on my skin, whether I’ve just shaved or not. Still can’t love the pits, though. 😉

  • I’ll have to tell my hubby that he has odiferous axillae after a long day at work! 😀 lol, I’m sure I’ll get a crazy look from him! 


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