>M-Rock Camera Bags- #Blogmania Sponsor Review

>When I saw M-Rock Camera Bags, I knew I wanted to review them.  They have so.many.cool.features…and such amazing reviews from photographers of every variety!! They sent me the Glacier Bay in Black/Red.  I love it.

When I say these bags have features, I mean features.  Like most camera bags, M-Rocks have a nice adjustable strap.  And like some camera bag straps, there is padding.  M-Rock bags have mesh on their padding, so its breathable (am I the only one who gets super hot when I wear a strap with padding?).  Love this.

I like how each bag has a section with the description listing what cameras will fit in which bags.  This really takes the guesswork out for a lot of people (read: me) who aren’t sure what bag might be best!!

I’m going to share the features listed on the site (because I don’t know technical terms) and then share my thoughts.

Lid opens away from the back of the bag by means of zipper and quick release buckle to provide convenient unobstructed access  I love the buckle feature.  Remember, folks, I have 3 SMALL children. This means added safety for me.  I also love that its quick to undo the buckle, so when I need to grab my camera fast, I can.  

Useful mesh pocket inside the lid, deep front pocket with more pockets and sleeves and two side pockets which together provide ample storage of accessory items,  The mesh pocket holds my battery charger and extra battery.  Always in one spot, easy to access.  

Felt style lining with non abrasive interior Not a ton to say about this, its a nice feeling fabric that I trust to cushion my camera and lenses, etc. 

Two padded and dual adjustable shoulder straps included so the bag can be carried as a should bag or quickly converted to a backpack or tummy level bag This is awesome…not just because its adjustable but because it can accomodate me (short) and my husband (not short) without a huge process involved.  

Weather jacket that also functions as a lens changing sack included on a cord. Protects the guts of the camera from the elements while changing lenses, or wraps around the entire bag and draw string shut with just the handle or a strap poking though the top. It took me a few days to even realize this was on the bag.  There’s a ton of cool things the folks at M-Rock thought of and this is one of them!

Lens cloth on a cord inside mesh pocket in lid. What?  Seriously?  Genius, in my opinion.  I can’t LOSE this cord!! The kids can’t run off with it.  LOVE THIS. 

Adjustable Capacity to accommodate ones immediate needs by attaching or removing any one of M-ROCK’s eight modular bags. Adjustable is a good thing to hear when discussing photography equipment!!

Rear belt loop which holds M-ROCK’s Modular Belt for wearing bag as a comfortable fanny pack. Use one of the shoulder straps with the Belt for additional support. Well, I won’t be wearing a fanny pack until my mid to late 70’s at best but using it with the shoulder straps I can totally see, especially if there’s a bag full of equipment for a long period of time on my shoulder or back!!

Convert the bag into sling bag by attaching M-ROCK’s Sling Belt to the D-rings on the back of the bag. Again with the adjustable options.  I love this.  Some days are backpack days, and some are sling bag days.  

Wire port for the headphone wires of a MP3 player I had no idea this was really a functional thing for days.  DAYS, people.  This is because I haven’t entered the 21st century until very recently and haven’t ported my iTouch around much.  I thought it was decoration.  Silly me.  (I should read directions thoroughly but I got too excited to play with the bag).  I love love love LOVE that you can keep your mp3 safe and dry and cushioned and still hear your tunes- I can totally see going on a hike and chilling out to some favorite tunes snapping shots of beautiful vistas!!

Weather proof rubber zipper tape More attention to detail

Rubber bungee straps for stuffing a light jacket, umbrella or small tripod below the bag. My technical description of this was a “webby type thing on the bottom”- this is great.  When I get my Gorilla pod one day, it’ll be stowed right in this webby goodness!!

Comfortable, spongy neoprene handle. It really is a comfortable handle!!

Rock Solid Build! Water resistant 600d nylon fabric, dens closed cell foam, plastic panels and soft lining that provide excellent protection of the delicate contents. Great attention to details!!

Life time warranty against manufacturer defects. Love warranties!!

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      Head over to M-Rock and poke around.  You’ll want to, because they are one of my sponsors for my “Made by Mom, Loved by Kids” theme for Blogmania!!  We moms take so many pictures of our kids, and so many of us are investing in nicer cameras nowadays, to preserve the kids’ memories!!

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      • >great looking bag and full of details! love that the cloth is on a cord, I misplace everything, like lens caps, all the time. I like the bag I have but it isn't big enough to hold my extra lens.

      • >Wow! They even have a cute little bag that will fit my camera, and it comes in black & purple!! Only thing better could have been black & pink to match my pink camera but purple will have to do. I have been thinking about getting a bag for a while and this one looks perfect, thanks for the review!

      • >The lens cloth on a cord is brilliant! This really looks like a great bag.

      • >Holy Cow! Where have I been? Hiding under a rock? That is such a GREAT bag, I mean it has everything you need!

      • >What a great looking camera bag! I am camera shopping right now and it's nice to have a good review of a camera bag to have in mind as well. Thank for the review! Giveaway Blogdom

      • >I checked out this post when you first posted it and checked out M-Rock Camera Bags. Since then I have been daydreaming of owning my OWN M-Rock bag. Unfortunately at this time buying a new camera bag is out of our budget. But with Christmas coming up I'm thinking that M-Rock Camera Bag is going to take a seat on the top o the list.

      • >I love that! I really need to buy a camera bag, I've been using the formula diaper bag from the hospital for mine. I need to get something to really protect and store it.


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