Maty’s Natural Cold Remedies (Prize Pack Giveaway)

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Maty’s company is named after their daughter, Maty, who was born with severe heart defects. Due to her weakened immune system her parents were devoted to finding natural cures for her ailments, and thus was born Maty’s company. The products they offer are all natural cough syrup (both for little kids and adults), vapor rubs, and breathe better ointments.

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I’ve always looked for natural products to provide relief when my family is not feeling well. One of the first things I learned as a new mom was to but a baby vapor rub on my baby’s feet to help when she’s congested- and then about 20 seconds later I read to never use the vapor rubs sold in stores because it can harm the baby. I trusted my gut and went on the hunt for a natural, safe vapor product. I still used the foot technique, and obviously we made it through that cold, and dozens of others. I like being able to use products that are safe to use for my children. I want to give them relief when they are having a lot of coughing and cannot sleep at night…or so stuffed up they can’t really breathe. I want to give them the relief with the peace of mind that these remedies aren’t going to potentially harm them.

I discovered Maty’s over the summer, at the local grocery store, which in and of itself was exciting to me- there, right next to all of the medicines, was a natural product! Available right there! I was thrilled. I bought three. One for each bathroom and a backup. I was so glad to find an all natural product that had the ingredients that I know from researching to be effective in treating cold and flu symptoms. Products that offer relief but are free from menthol and petroleum in the ingredients.

I’m sure if you have small children like I do you are aware of the recommendations to not use any kind of cough syrup for children under the age of 6. That’s all well and good until your child under the age of 6 is coughing incessantly and the doctor says it’s just a virus, but your child is very uncomfortable and you’re sitting there arguing with yourself that kids aren’t supposed to have this stuff if they aren’t at least 6, but she’s so uncomfortable, and maybe if I just give her a half dose…but what if that’s still too much….all while your little one is just looking at you like mom (or dad) please just make me feel better. It’s a dilemma. Thankfully Maty’s offers natural cough remedies in addition to the vapor rub (which is available for adults and children over the age of 3 months) as well as a nasal ointment to help breathe better.

A gift basket with each of the Maty’s products would make a really wonderful (and thoughtful) gift for expectant or new parents- or anyone, really. Perhaps a little non traditional for a gift, but that’s always ok with me. When I find products like this that I truly believe can impact a family’s life, I do try to include it for a shower or holiday gift. If it’s helped me, it may help someone else!

Maty’s Healthy Products is also a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels. Your purchase of our products helps connect needy children worldwide with vital nutritional supplements. For more information on this organization, please go to

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One US reader will win a prize pack including one of each Maty’s Product including Vapor Rubs, Cough Syrups and the Breathe Better Nasal Ointment.

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