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My Job Chart is a free, online, customizable chore chart system that is revolutionizing the way parents run their homes. By combining cutting-edge technology and opportunities for positive reinforcement, children are motivated by the unique, interactive program to do their chores and better grasp the value of the dollar. The system is one of the most effective tools in teaching children how to save, share with worthwhile charities and spend on things they need and want.

My kids want “monies” all of the time.  We typically give all of our coins to the kids and they sit on the floor taking turns putting the coins into their piggy banks.  But as they are getting older, they are starting to ask questions about money and my 5.5 year old wants to buy “stuff” herself.  They all have chores they do (well, maybe not quite my 20 month old!) and I’m ok with giving them some allowance for helping out, but especially with the oldest, I want her to help keep track.  I want them to have their beloved “monies” but I also want them to understand that they have to earn their money and how to keep track of it.

We don’t have wall space for a traditional job chart.  That, and I’m not sure the idea of something on the wall you put stickers or markers or crayons on is the best idea with 3 little kids close in age.  Something just tells me there would be sticker or markers all over my walls…

Signing up for and using My Job Chart is REALLY simple and really quick. Sign up as the parent with your name and email, opt to get email or SMS notifications (or not) and then start adding family members. Adding and changing jobs and the point value of each job takes no time at all, and there’s a fairly long list of jobs already in the database to select from, although you can choose to add your own job. There are even ways to add “extra” jobs- and you can send messages back and forth to your child as you use the program – to ask a question or send some encouragement or praise.

There are family rewards (which I love- save up points and have a special mommy-daughter movie date or something) and retail rewards (through Amazon).  I think the retail rewards will work better as children get into grade school- at this point my kindergartener is so happy to have special things with mom or dad that we don’t even need the retail component although I certainly can see in 2-3 years that will definitely be an extra incentive.

With technology everywhere around us, kids are definitely curious about the internet and computers, and I’m OK with my 5 year old trying a site like this. I’m always in the room with her when she is doing something on the computer or my ipod but I can promise you sending her a message through My Job Chart will make her whole day. That’s like mail, and just for HER! Aside from the messaging, I do like this website- she’s learning a bit more about responsibility and by tracking her chores on her own, it won’t be such a surprise on Saturday when she gets her allowance (or not).

Want to see more how My Job Chart works? Watch this short video:

How Works! from Gregg Murset on Vimeo.

WHY use My Job Chart?
1. It’s FREE!
2. It’s ONLINE! Technology engages kids, not a chart on the wall anymore (-;
3. Easy to set up as the parent.
4. It’s incredibly simple for kids to use.
5. You can set up each child’s account with chores that are specific to their age and abilities.
6. Everything is customizable for each family. The specific chores, the prizes that will appeal to your children and even the amount of points that they will receive for each chore they complete.
7. It’s fun!
8. Teaches kids how to save, share and spend.
9. Parents can receive an email or text when their child’s chores are completed or rewards are earned. They can then reply to this message by posting on the child’s “post-it note” to positively reinforce good behavior and work ethic. MJC also has a fully integrated message board system to encourage communication between family members

* Currently there are almost 65,000 kids using My Job Chart and over 400 additional kids added each day.

Got kids? Got a computer? Check out My Job Chart. You might just like it- and they might, too!
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  • Thanks for sharing this. That’s so funny because my 5 1/2 yr old daughter also calls money “monies” she says, “Mommy will you give me some monies so I can buy me something?” This is so hiliarious and so funny your kids do the same. I guess it’s saying they want more than money they want some “monies!” more than one!! lol

  • I am definitely going to have to check this out! I need something that will work!


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