MyOwnersBox Storage Solutions [for the sports enthusiast!]: Review

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This time of year we inevitably find ourselves cleaning out the playroom, the kids’ bedrooms, purging, sorting and re-organizing. Because, try as we may to ‘keep it simple’ for the Holidays, we will end up with a whole lot of new toys, books, puzzles, art supplies and general kiddo must-haves.

It was almost serendipitous when we learned of this amazing company, My Owners Box and their customizable Major League Baseball storage solutions. Not only could we make organizing fun but we could do it in keeping with the Boston Red Sox theme of my 4 year old son’s bedroom. Score!

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We were sent three products from My Owners Box to check out and quickly decided that we’d keep raps on them until Christmas morning. (4 year old is going to flip!)

First up is the MLB White 6-Cube Vertical Storage Organizer with three of the Boston Red Sox MLB Fabric Storage Drawers, of course! And because my husband is an A’s fan (from New Hampshire, who knows?) we chose the Oakland Athletics MLB Stackable Fabric Storage Cubes.

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My husband was enlisted to put the Storage Organizer together – thirty minutes and not a single word of frustration or bead of sweat and it was done. Woowhoo!

photo 1-001 photo 2-001

He and I are both super happy, first and foremost, with the quality. Although it was easy to put together it is solid. This, in the world of storage organizers (and those often used by little ones) can be tough to come by.

The most tedious part of the process was assembling the backing (which goes behind the three cubbies not holding the fabric storage drawers). The nails were little! And it was somewhat cumbersome to get them lined up and nailed down – but he did it. And the overall finished product is beautiful!


My favorite parts of the Storage Organizer are the baseball field images along the sides and top; very unique and custom looking and I never would have guessed the glossy finish would make the images pop so much!


The Fabric Storage Drawers are awesome. They are made of very high quality fabric, have a hard plastic handle for pulling (again, small children – yay!) and the embroidery on the Red Sox applique is top notch. I am impressed. With a capital “I” :)


Like the Fabric Storage Drawers, the Stackable Fabric Storage Cubes did not disappoint. A larger version of the Fabric Storage Drawers with a heavy duty cover, the same embroidered applique and very high quality, STURDY, fabric; yes, please!

Each Cube can be easily folded up –and by inserting the bottom section it comes to life. I have yet to decide what to store in these cubes – but I can imagine they could easily hold anything from heavy binders and paperwork to toys or clothing.


Safe to say the products from My Owner’s Box are top notch; in quality, function and aesthetics.

My husband and I were chuckling that we’re pretty sure that our son’s Boston Red Sox Storage Organizer will be his most favorite gift this Christmas, and his parents’ too!

What are your fun storage solutions?

A sample was provided to facilitate my review- opinions are my own.

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  • I love this it would come in so handy and also wouldn’t take up a lot of space.

  • We definitely need one of these in my sons room for his toys and books! We also LOVE the baseball theme!

  • Wow a husband put it together without screaming! It;s gotta be easy to assemble! lol


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