National Milk Mustache got milk? campaign

 By using The National Milk Mustache got milk? campaign’s new interactive section on their Facebook page – you can  create your very own milk mustache picture, watch the video about Moms, and send an e-postcard to someone you love.  You can see my Baby B <— with her Milk Mustache that I made on their wall!   (Feel free to share a link to your mustache photo you make, I love seeing other people’s pictures). Its a cute app and a fun campaign with got milk? with a very important message behind it.

I am very lucky in that all three of my children like to drink milk.  I have friends who are not so lucky and I know that at times they get very stressed out about it.  There are some foods I cannot imagine eating without milk- and what would we dunk oreos into?  Pour into cereal?

My mom always taught us to do our best, be our best, and try our hardest.  She didn’t always set by example when it came to nutrition and eating, but with everything else she set such a wonderful example for us to follow.  I want to teach my kids to do their best, be their best and try their hardest but I try to include health and nutrition and self image along with that, because I have a hard time trying to teach them one thing and acting another.  Like, she’d tell us we had to eat vegetables, but would not take any for herself.  She also told us not to smoke, but was a heavy smoker.

These tips are shared on the Milk Mustache page on Facebook:

Eat (and Drink) Healthy Yourself: Kids will do as you do, so eat the foods and beverages that you want your children to have. Encourage lowfat or fat free milk instead of sugary drinks at every meal.

Make Meals Matter: Make family meals a positive time for you and your kids. Avoid criticism and enjoy your time (and your food) with your family.

Get Active: Be active to set a good example for your kids. Avoid unhealthy habits and find your family’s favorite ways to be active together.

Focus on the Positive: Avoid making negative comments about your food, your body or your child’s body. Boost your daughter’s self-esteem by complimenting qualities beyond just appearance.

These 4 tips are very important- but for me, the last is the one that really stands out.  Especially with me in the midst of a weight loss journey- this is a very very fine line to walk and while tempting to be excited that “Look! My pants are too big!” and shout it out for all the world to hear- I’ve also watched my 5 year old pull her waistband out and say “Look Mommy, my pants are too big!” and I realized right then that I need to STOP.  I used to work as an office manager for a psychology practice that specialized in treating people who lived with eating disorders- I KNOW about body image and what can happen when it is impaired.

My new resolution from here on out is to really work hard to not focus on my size, nor my weight, not as a number- but to focus on how I FEEL better, and feel healthy, and to continue to model healthy eating habits and choices for my children.  Sure, I’m excited that my the capris I wanted so much last summer but couldn’t get over my hips fit really well and are almost loose now- but my children don’t need to be involved in that.  Busy’s comment was a huge wake up call for me!!

I have seen many times over that my chidlren- any children, really, will do as their adults do.  When I drink more water, they drink more (and you can test this.  Every time I want to add ice to my water, the kids are suddenly asking for ice cubes for theirs, too- never fails!!).   If I make a point of drinking milk for each meal over the course of a day, I notice very quickly that they are also asking for milk with their meals.  I’m going to use this to THEIR advantage and try to work harder to make these choices a habit that gets ingrained in them so when they are older and not so interested in doing what mommy does, their hands will still reach for the milk or water instead of the sugary sweet things.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the National Milk Mustache got milk? Campaign and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”
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